Toland Destiny 2: Strategies, Lore and Secrets Revealed

Toland Destiny 2

If you’re a Destiny 2 player like me, you’ve likely heard of Toland. He’s a mysterious character, shrouded in enigma and lore. I’ve spent countless hours exploring the game’s vast universe, and I’ve always been intrigued by this elusive figure.

Toland is known as the Shattered, a once respected Warlock who delved too deep into the moon’s dark secrets. He’s an expert on Hive lore and their Sword Logic. His knowledge and obsession led him down a path that many Guardians fear to tread.

In Destiny 2, Toland’s role is more significant than ever. His cryptic messages and hints are vital to understanding the game’s complex narrative. So, whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, I’ll guide you through the captivating tale of Toland, the Shattered.

Lore of Toland in Destiny 2

Origin of Toland

Originally, Toland was an esteemed Warlock, renowned within the Guardian ranks. His reputation took a twist when his insatiable curiosity led him down a dark path. Obsessed with the moon’s secrets, Toland delved into the Hive lore. A pursuit others often perceived as fatal.

His journey marked a gradual transformation, molding him into the figure we now identify as “The Shattered”. Much of his life remains clouded in mystery, causing both fear and intrigue among fellow Guardians.

The lore portrays him as a critical figure who has a profound understanding of Hive’s dark magic. Toland’s obsession with this arcane knowledge was believed to have been his downfall, leading him to his apparent demise during an ill-fated raid.

Toland’s Actions in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, however, it appears that Toland is not as down for the count as we were led to believe. He re-emerged in the game’s Forsaken expansion, guiding players through the treacherous Ascendant realms. Throughout their journey, Toland shared tidbits of his vast knowledge – essential insights that helped players navigate through the vexing challenges in the Dreaming City.

Adding another layer of complexity, Toland played a vital role in the Shadowkeep expansion. He unveiled his in-depth understanding of the Lunar Pyramid and the Nightmares it housed. It is through his guidance that players were able to confront these sinister threats.

In the world of Destiny 2, Toland’s knowledge and influence are undeniable. He serves as an ally, guide, and informant – an indisputable key to the broader narrative. Despite being a complex and somewhat enigmatic character, Toland’s contributions to the plot are invaluable.

The legacy of Toland continues to weave its way through the Destiny 2 universe. His intricate connection with the Hive, his transformative journey, and his guiding presence in the game’s most mysterious expanses elevate his character to a next-level status in the game’s lore. Like a comet in an endless sky, Toland’s tale keeps burning, igniting the path of players brave enough to venture into the darkness.

Toland as a Crucible Map in Destiny 2

Description of the Map

Named in honor of our mysterious Warlock, the Toland map encapsulates his legacy in its design elements. It’s a mid-sized battlefield, perfect for strategic planning and sneak attacks. Strong themes of Hive aesthetics permeate the landscape, echoing the scholar’s obsession with Hive lore. The map is riddled with narrow passageways, large open areas and varying elevations, making it both a delight and challenge for players.

Artistic depictions of moons and Hive symbols can be spotted around the map, paying testament to Toland the Shattered’s obsession with the lunar bodies and the alien civilization. If one pays careful attention, they can see some Hive runes etched on the walls – reminiscent of Toland’s relentless pursuit of knowledge and the secrets he held.

Strategies for Playing on Toland

Upon setting foot on this map, understanding the layout and dynamic structure is instrumental to emerge victorious. I’ll impart some proven strategies that could give you the upper hand:

  • Wise use of the map’s verticality: The varied elevations in the Toland map create opportunities for surprise attacks. Taking the high ground can provide better views and sniping opportunities.
  • Flanking and stealth: Considering the map’s numerous narrow passages, players can wisely use these to flank an enemy or take them by surprise.
  • Staying mobile: It’s crucial not to remain stationary on this map. The large open areas can make you an easy target, so keep moving.
  • Map knowledge: As with any Crucible map, knowing the landscape intimately can provide an advantage over others.

Immerse yourself in every nook and corner of the battlefield, and remember, victory favors those who understand its intricate topography the most.

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