TikTok Growth Stalled? Understanding Why my TikTok is Not Getting Views Within The SMM

TikTok has become one of the world’s biggest social media platforms. It is now a very conducive space for content creators to showcase what they’ve got and make a sizeable income. TikTok content creators have found ways to explore and exploit the features TikTok has to offer, and some of these creators are currently enjoying these features to the absolute maximum.

In social media marketing, the main secret to running a successful TikTok account is “views.” The number of views you amass on the TikTok app will determine your engagements and how fast your TikTok account grows. The problem of having “0 views on TikTok” has faced several beginners on TikTok. So, how do you solve this problem of how to get more views on TikTok? We will discuss the probable reasons for having zero views on your videos and explain what can be done better to boost your popularity with TikTok views.

Why Am I Not Getting Any Views?

The question many struggling creators ask the most is, “Why is my TikTok not getting views?” Your videos are not getting views because;

Your Account Is New

 As a new user, TikTok would sometimes push your first video to let people know that a fresh content creator is around, but that has yet to happen. So, If you’re a new creator and have filled out the necessary details in your bio, do not post a video first. This is because TikTok is trying to filter real users from fake accounts, so you need to ensure you have engaged posts from other users by liking and commenting, and even sharing the posts before posting your first few videos. This will confirm you own a real account, and you can start creating whatever content you have decided on.

Bad Timing

If you want to know how to get many views on TikTok, Time is a construct that TikTok users must understand. Your views may be low because you posted at the “wrong” Time. The right time to post is when people are online, and you can know this “right” time by using TikTok analytics, or you could make a quick study yourself by putting out trial videos at different times of the day. You can then assess when users are most active to engage your views and adjust your schedule to fit.

Your Content

Something called TikTok Community Guidelines can block your video from getting views if it violates any of the guidelines. Your account might get shadow banned, or Your Content can be stopped if:

  •  It is a stolen content.
  • It promotes violence.
  • it displays nudity.
  • it’s unethical or promotes hate.
  • it encourages terrorism or has a strong political undertone.

In short, do not post what is considered inappropriate content.


You need to put out quality content as a creator because TikTok recommends videos to users. If your content requires more quality, you won’t get enough views, and TikTok checks previous interactions and impressions. If opinions on your last videos are low, your new video will not be recommended to users. So, strive to put out high-quality videos and ensure that they are filled with originality.


How To Get A Lot Of Views On TikTok?

After you answered the question, “Why is my TikTok not getting views?” The next question is, ” How do you get a lot of views on TikTok?”. There is no secret ingredient to getting a lot of views, but evidence suggests that following some steps will lead to considerable success. Some of these steps will be discussed in this article. Once you drop a video, you automatically get a few views because the TikTok algorithm suggests your video to users in your community, but what do you do to ensure that TikTok’s algorithm keeps on offering your videos to your community and beyond?

Find the right target audience

The first step to begin your successful content creator story is to find your target audience. Once your video gets a few views as a new creator, go through TikTok analytics and see people’s reactions to your post. It will help you to figure out what your community is interested in the most. You do not want to post cute cat videos for a community that hates cats. Finding your target audience allows you to build consistency with your community, and you can also find similar communities within your niche.


The TikTok algorithm uses hashtags to identify which category your videos belong to and place them accordingly. It is essential to have a good use of hashtags. You can find hashtags related to your content or curate your content according to the trending conversations and use the hashtags. The right hashtags will send your TikTok videos to a broader audience, which automatically means more views; if your content appeals to them, they become a part of your community and look forward to more videos from you.

Trending Sounds

Apart from hashtags, we also have trending sounds on TikTok. Many musicians and record labels have used TikTok to get their music to a broader audience, and their songs go through stages where they are trendy on TikTok. Adding a trending sound to your content is a smart way of getting your video out there. The TikTok algorithm identifies trending sounds based on plays and shares, and you can find trending songs on the TikTok Discover Page.


Duet is a TikTok feature that allows you to share a split screen with another video. It will enable you to combine two videos to enrich the quality of your content further. Duet will enable you to be on half of the screen, and you can put another video on the other half. Many creators use this feature to review products or even recap a concert they went to.

The best part of a duet is that you can use an already viral video without worrying about copyright infringement. Using an already viral video will get you more views because TikTok will suggest it to more users.

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As mentioned above, Time is an essential feature that a creator must learn to make good use of if you want to run a successful TikTok account. After you have gone through the analytics and discovered when your community is the most active, you should ensure you deliver your content on Time. To make it easy and comfortable, you can produce your TikTok videos at any time of the day. You can then wait to upload your videos at the scheduled time you have discovered to be the “right” Time for posting videos.


High-quality video is a sure way to arouse your audience’s interest. There are different editing features to help with putting out high-quality videos without taking away the originality of the video. Your videos should be curated appropriately with cropping, lighting, etc., because the TikTok algorithm prioritizes high-quality videos in the For You section. You should always find a way to distinguish yourself from other users.

Replay Value

A lot of people watch a video they like more than once. If a user watches your video 10 times, it is counted as 10 views for the Creator. Try to make your videos concise so that viewers do not abandon them midway, and ensure that their interest is sustained to the end so that they want to re-watch the video. A little humor is advisable to create a good replay value.

Also, the length of your videos will determine if viewers are willing to watch them again, so make them brief. A viewer is more likely to re-watch short videos of about 15-25 seconds than a 4-minute video. You can put out longer videos, but you have to ensure they are well-curated so viewers stay interested before the end.


The strength of your caption goes a long way in piquing your viewers’ interest, which can also determine how well your video performs by bettering your TikTok search engine optimization (SEO). The correct caption gives your video more visibility, and TikTok allows creators to be flexible and creative with captions with its over 3500-character length limit.

Your caption is a perfect way to make your TikTok video content interactive, where viewers feel like they are being carried along and part of the community. For instance, you can make a post and end your caption with “What do you think? Let me know in the comments”. A lot of engagement is a very effective means to more visibility, and TikTok pushes posts with lots more engagements. More visibility directly influences your views. You can also create videos by hopping on trending challenges.

Other Social Media Accounts

TikTok is one of many available social media platforms; other platforms could benefit TikTok creators directly. As a creator of TikTok, you can promote your account or videos on your other social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly known as Twitter), etc. TikTok users on these other platforms that come across your content and like it might come to your TikTok profile to check out what other content you have in stock, thereby expanding your community and bringing more engagements.


As with any venture one dabbles into in life, consistency is critical to keep floating. You need to be consistent with your uploads to improve the growth of your account. It is advisable to post multiple times a day because the more videos you have, the more content your community can consume. When a new viewer comes across any of your TikTok videos and goes to your page for similar content, finding none is disastrous for a content creator.

Consistency is not about the volume of videos you put out alone. It also involves you putting out content along the same lines. For example, If a new viewer sees a video of you giving a review about a restaurant you went to, they go to your page hoping to see more reviews about restaurants. Still, if such a viewer sees cat videos or fitness videos on your page, such a viewer will not return for restaurant reviews.

Final Thoughts

Getting a lot of views on TikTok is different from the work of a miracle worker, and it is that of an astrologer. It is down to how much effort and commitment the Creator is ready to put into the craft. Studies have shown that following some or all of the steps discussed in this article will lead to remarkable success in getting views on TikTok within the SMM. Having many followers may or may not directly translate to having more views because sustaining those followers’ interest in your content is down to your efforts.

Influencer Marketing is another method TikTok users have found successful in solving the problem of “Why is my TikTok not getting views?”. Influencers always have a large community, and they always amass more views, so if you can pay an influencer to promote your profile or your video, it brings your content to a broader audience Thu, increasing visibility. Working with influencers brings more engagement to your posts, and TikTok prioritizes posts with high engagement for the TikTok Discover page.

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