The Ultimate Guide To Roku’s New Four-Screen Measurement For Ad Campaigns

Roku and Nielsen have recently announced that they have joined forces in a partnership to provide four-screen measurements across cable TV, connected TV, desktop, and mobile in Nielsen Total Ad Ratings for the first time ever.

Advertisers running Roku ads will be able to deduplicate campaign frequency and reach across all four types of home screens thanks to this announcement. This is huge news for advertisers and marketers who feature TV advertising trends like addressable tv in their marketing strategies. That’s why we’ve put together this useful guide to Roku’s new four-screen measurement for ad campaigns.

Easier and more accurate measurements across all four screens

When Nielsen ONE launches in December 2022, audience deduplication in Nielsen ONE will be supported by Nielsen Four-Screen Ad Deduplication, which will first be made accessible in Nielsen Total Ad Ratings. This will enable advertisers using Roku to deduplicate campaign reach and frequency on all four home screens: traditional TV, connected TV, desktop, and mobile.

Since Nielsen’s measurement system is directly connected with OneView, Roku’s ad platform designed for TV streaming, it is possible to monitor advertising campaigns on the Roku platform at a personal level with consistency. This partnership, which builds on Roku and Nielsen’s long-standing partnership, will make measurements easier to understand and far more accurate as advertisers transition to television streaming.

Deduplicating audiences across devices and platforms in Nielsen ONE is fundamental for creating a uniform, consistent, and deduplicated overview of the channels and platforms that audiences use on each of their screens.

Roku’s history in television

Roku was a pioneer in TV streaming. It links consumers to their favorite streaming content, allows media companies to grow and monetize sizable audiences, and gives marketers distinctive tools for customer engagement. It is a TV streaming device that is favored by many for a myriad of reasons.

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Roku has a huge selection of streaming channels and is extremely simple to use and navigate. It doesn’t have striking or flashy displays, but what they do provide is exactly what everyone needs in a TV streaming device: speedy and easy-to-use direct access to their chosen streaming providers and much more. Now partnered with Nielsen, it can empower marketers and give them access to more accurate measurements across four different home screens.

More about Nielsen

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Nielsen, a leader in TV audience measurement, statistics, and analytics, drives the media and content of today. It provides customers with impartial and useful knowledge so that they can better communicate and interact with their audiences through Nielsen’s insight into people and their viewing habits across a range of channels, platforms, and devices.

Nielsen set to enhance their audience measurement tools.

Many TV networks have been dissatisfied with Nielsen in recent years due to its unreliable and inconsistent audience-measuring methods – but partnering with Roku could allow them to improve this substantially. With the upcoming tool from Nielsen, the business asserts that it is on schedule to deliver a uniform and comparable cross-media, four-screen measurement solution that will leave TV networks and marketers satisfied

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