The Ultimate 7 Tips to Help New Entrepreneurs Manage Business Finances Better

Building a business is challenging, especially if you aim to build a sustainable and successful business. One of the best things you can do to ensure your business’s success is to improve your finance management. Below, we have curated the ultimate 7 tips that can help you manage your business finances better.

Create an Income Plan

It is natural that you need good and thorough planning to start a successful business. On the other hand, inadequate planning could lead to suboptimal outcomes and potential losses. Therefore, a thorough plan to manage income is crucial to better-managing finances.

To create an income plan, you should first think about which products or strategies you can use to garner income. Look at the market segment and confirm your sales target. Another thing you should remember is to arrange your marketing strategy more maturely to achieve the target according to what has been planned.

Separate Between Personal and Company Finances

A common reason for most entrepreneurs to achieve business failure is because they treat company profits as their funds. This condition can interfere with the audit process, tax calculations, and other financial calculations. If you don’t change this habit, the impact can lead to bankruptcy.


For example, funds intended for daily operational expenses are diverted to fulfill personal needs instead. This will affect the balance in the financial statements and the budget planning that management made at the beginning of the period.

A great strategy is to maintain a bookkeeping system to help you see the company’s financial cash flow as a whole. In addition, you should separate personal finance and business finance using a bank by creating a business account and a personal account. This will ensure that all transactions from your business have clearer documentation.

Prioritize the Company’s Needs

You should remember the fundamental principle that income should exceed expenditure. Thus, every entrepreneur must exercise caution in discerning between necessary and unnecessary expenses to mitigate excessive spending, which can disrupt cash flow.

Manage Cash Flow

Business operations will require funds to sustain various needs such as employee salaries, production expenses, and other operational costs. However, more than relying on income in the form of receivables can lead to operational challenges over time. This underscores the significance of effectively managing cash flow within a business.

Meticulous financial management entails recording all expenses related to business operations and overhead costs. It’s crucial to document expenses accurately, referencing purchase receipts or other forms of expense proof. Additionally, documenting income is equally important. These detailed records will serve as the foundation for creating a balance sheet, offering insight into the company’s financial health.

Understand Basic Accounting

Even though you might not have expert knowledge of accounting as the founder of the business, it is still important to understand the basics. Comprehending basic accounting principles will empower business owners to implement sound financial strategies and make informed decisions. Ultimately, this understanding can facilitate better financial management, ensuring the company’s fiscal health and sustainability.


Effective financial management within a company necessitates the presence of individuals with an understanding of finance. Hence, a business owner should possess basic knowledge and principles of accounting. Additionally, you should also hire a qualified accountant to help you out.

Prepare an Emergency Fund

Smooth sailing is rarely the case when building any kind of business. Challenges will inevitably arise, such as declining turnover due to increased competition or other unforeseen issues that demand careful consideration to resolve.

One of the best strategies for addressing such challenges is establishing an emergency fund. This fund serves as a financial buffer, set aside for urgent needs or unforeseen circumstances. In the event of significant losses or hardships, tapping into this emergency fund can help stabilize the company and enable continued business operations.

Make an Appointment with a Professional Accountant

Whatever your type of business, managing finance taxes can be tricky. Thus, as a new entrepreneur, hiring a professional accountant from a corporate service provider might be the best solution. They can help assess your tax situation in the past year and estimate the taxes to be issued in the following year. Professional accountants can also help you avoid paying excessive taxes.

If you’re considering hiring one, you should check out They are one of Singapore’s best and most reliable service providers and can help you tackle your business needs!

These are the seven ultimate tips for creating a healthy financial culture in your company. Hopefully, these tips can help you avoid severe financial problems and eventually achieve business success.

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