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The impact of web design on SEO and branding

SEO is one of the most critical areas to look at when helping your site in ranking. The SEO on your site is highly dependent on a variety of aspects.

From the content you are creating to how you are optimizing your site, that completely impacts the effectiveness of the SEO. Another essential aspect that you need to look at on your website is web design. According to founder and conversion design strategist Irwin Hau from Chromatix Web Design, after 13 years of web research, the web design you are using can bring about a drastic change in the SEO and branding of your site. Thus before you take any step to improve your SEO tactics and branding, you must know the proper connection between them. You can avail your service from web design Sydney to get the best web design for SEO. Here is what you need to know.

Impact of web design on your branding

Your website works as a brand that includes various kinds of elements. But one thing that you must keep in mind is that web design does not affect your online brand but on your branding as a whole. The web-design-proposal-template ensures that the target audience in the business is looking favorable enough. Here is how web design impacts the various web designing aspects.

–     Web experience: 

Branding is more about giving your website visitors the best sort of user experience. If you offer your user the best layout clarity, then it becomes an essential part of your branding. Using simple and easy navigation is also another fundamental part of creating a branding experience, and the page loads too quickly. The website design that you are using complements the branding as a whole.

–     Improves credibility

The branding on your site gets attributed with credibility when you follow the proper site design for it. Therefore, website design has a significant role in improving your online reputation. Working with a clean and uncluttered design can serve your brand message better.

The credibility on your site works as an outcome for the design that does not render the sense that you are trying too hard to create an impression. Instead, it makes all the effort very easy to understand.

–     Adds value to the logo

The logo might not be considered part of website design, but a relevant logo can significantly impact your site’s branding. A logo serves as the proper visual representation for your company. It delivers the mission and value of the site, which has a great connection with your website design.

How does web design impact your SEO?

Similar to branding, web design has a lot to do with your SEO. Here is how it impacts your SEO.

–     Page speed

Your site’s page speed is one of the bigger deals that you must work with to make sure that your site is getting the proper position and ranking on Google. A good and responsive website design ensures a faster page speed which has a very positive impact on the SEO of your site.

–     Navigation design

A good navigation design has a great role in impacting a sure visit to your site with ease. As a user visits your site, they will observe the navigation features right away. They will leave your site if the navigation is not good. At the same time, navigation also has a significant impact in commanding the value of your site to the crawlers. It helps the search engine crawlers have a great time over your site, ultimately improving your ranking on SERPs.

–     Parallax design

The parallax design in your site indicated the development of your site completely within one page. This works as a unique way of combining your site’s appearance with the background. At the same time, it also uses a very innovative and impressive structure or menu which highlights the particular points on your web pages. The design is also constructive for the content page or business home page. Thus if you are thinking of targeting better SEO on your site without any hassle, then looking at such designing aspects can serve you impressive growth.


Whether it is the SEO or the branding, both have a significant impact in leveraging your business in the right direction and give you the recognition you want. Thus, if you are thinking of improving the SEO and branding on your site, you must add proper value to your website design to give you the appropriate success at the right time.

Jeremy Edwards
Jeremy Edwards
On Chain Analysis Data Engineer. Lives in sunny Perth, Australia. Investing and writing about Crypto since 2014.

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