The 7 Best Games Like WoW Ranked Worst to Best (2021)

In the past decade, games like World of Warcraft have dominated the MMO genre, and many players have spent their entire lives playing it, but is it the most awarded game on the planet? Using data from GameRankings, we can see the best- and worst-performing games of all time, and how well they stack up against the top-selling games of today.

In the past several years, Blizzard Entertainment has released multiple MMOs, and many of them have become quite popular. With a number of different games of all different genres, it can be hard to choose the best.

Blizzard Entertainment’s massively successful MMORPG World of Warcraft is about to reach its fifth anniversary, and to mark that occasion, we thought it would be fun to rank the game’s best games like WoW.. Read more about best mmorpg 2021 and let us know what you think.

For almost two decades, World of Warcraft has been the quintessential MMORPG. However, no monarch reigns long, and in light of the current avalanche of critiques and issues surrounding World of Warcraft and its parent corporation Blizzard, many players have decided to seek out a new game.

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You may wonder how you can give up the comfort that comes with years of playing World of Warcraft. Of course, by playing one of the greatest games, such as World of Warcraft! If you’re searching for a new game to replace the hole left by World of Warcraft, this list will point you in the right direction. Let’s get this party started.

The 7 Best Games Like World of Warcraft

We’ll be concentrating on games that are completely published and not in the testing stage for the sake of this list, such as New World. We’ll make a separate post for those games and update this one when they’re released, so stay tuned!


EVE Online is an online role-playing game.

Eve Online Image courtesy of CCP Games

  • CCP Games is the game’s creator.
  • Date of Publication: May 2003
  • Cost: Free to try, but advancement requires a monthly membership (around $15).

If you like guild social dynamics, having an open universe where you can set your own objectives, and Machiavellian-level politics, EVE Online might be the game for you.

EVE is a game about choosing what you want early on and devoting all of your resources to attaining that objective. It’s effectively a spreadsheet simulator masquerading as an RTS (real-time strategy) game set in the distant future of space.

When you first start the game, you’ll be a nobody with nothing but a teeny-tiny space ship to your name. With no clear objective given by the game, you must learn to traverse the cosmos, acquire survival skills, and carve out a reputation for yourself… if that’s what you desire.

The game is extremely open-ended, allowing players to have as much fun as they want. Do you want to be a feared warlord, a baron at the helm of a trade empire, or simply a random pilot attempting to remain alive on their own? You create the story by choosing what you want to accomplish and acquiring the required abilities over time.

Oh, and each player is on a separate server, with their actions having the ability to impact the whole world. As companies (guilds) develop grudges and alliances with one another, I’m sure you can see the potential for mayhem.

You’ll have to select which areas to specialize in with over 400 abilities to choose from that need real-time leveling. The correct decisions may make you as good as a seasoned player at something like ship flying, but they’ll have more overall abilities.

While it is one of the finest games comparable to World of Warcraft, it is very slow-paced. It takes time to go to different places, level up your abilities, build up huge space wars, and so on. Learning how the game works takes even longer, with many players only comprehending the fundamentals after months of study.

Regardless, if you want to survive in this game, you’ll need money, power, and clout. Forming social relationships is the greatest method to do so. Having the support of a company is very important in EVE Online. Anything worth doing on a large scale requires the help of others, yet in a game as anarchic as EVE, anything goes. In the space sea, betrayal, backroom agreements, and systematic intimidation by larger species are frequent.

There are some absurd tales out there that have been produced as a result of player interactions. A noteworthy example is a player who spent a year infiltrating another company’s ranks in order to get to the top before leaving with the money and disbanding the whole business.

Moments like this, though, are what make EVE Online such a memorable game for those who put in the effort.


Skyblock by Hypixel

Hypixel’s Skyblock Image credit: Hypixel

  • Hypixel is the creator of this game.
  • June 2019 is the expected release date.
  • Server restrictions may be circumvented as a donor, although the game is free to play.

In terms of gaming mechanics, Hypixel’s Skyblock is more akin to a traditional RPG. In terms of design, I hope you like Minecraft since this is a highly modified version of the game.

Skyblock began as a Minecraft challenge map in which participants were given just a single floating island and few materials to work with. The aim was to make it through and create a flourishing atmosphere.

Hypixel decided to convert it into a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. 

The old skyblock island has been preserved, but a new floating island with a portal has been added. Entering the portal would transport users to a busy hub city where hundreds of people may interact with one another and engage in all of the usual MMO activities.

The game contains all of the characteristics that you’d expect from an MMORPG. There’s a skill leveling system, multi-tiered armor and weapons to acquire, missions and special events, distinct zones in the shape of islands with unique challenges and dungeons, and the constant grind that many MMORPG gamers are used to.

The crafting mechanism in the game is very comprehensive, as one would expect from a Minecraft mod. Enchantments, gear, and home upgrades may all be created by players. The caveat is that you can only construct permanent structures on your floating island, which essentially serves as player housing. Naturally, players will want to build the most beautiful homes possible, and they will be able to invite other players to visit them from the hub town.

The game offers a surprising amount of material and complexity as you go, and all of the classic Minecraft principles are maintained. The game’s moderators and development staff are very active, with special events taking place in response to user comments and actions. It even includes a mechanism for adding ons! 

Making an account to play Skyblock also gives you easy access to all of Hypixel’s other game modes/mods, essentially turning it into a central hub for minigames and battlegrounds to spice up your gaming.

There are also public leaderboards for different activities. As a result, a three-part epic tale about an event known simply as The Great Potato War has been created. Give the game a chance if you’re on the fence about it.


New Genesis is the sequel to Phantasy Star Online 2.

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Image: Online R&D and Sega

  • Developer: Online R&D and Sega
  • The film will be released in June 2021.
  • Cost: There are premium currency packs available for purchase, but the game is free to play.

Say hello to Phantasy Star Online: New Genesis if you’re searching for games like World of Warcraft for Xbox One or World of Warcraft for PS4.

New Genesis is a standalone game that serves as an expansion/continuation to Phantasy Star Online 2. It is one of the most recent MMORPGs to be released.

The game’s engine and aesthetics have been fully updated to meet current standards by New Genesis. It seems like the game might just be the third named game in the series, with enhancements to the UI, combat and traversal mechanics, and general flow.

Set a thousand years after the events of PSO2, you play as an ARKS agent sent to assist in the colonization of a new planet. The Meteorn, a benign extraterrestrial species, has formed an alliance with you in order to fight the Dolls, a race of gigantic mechanical robots.

Combat is quick and furious, with the ability to target different parts of an enemy’s body. It’s similar to Monster Hunter games in that avoiding opponent attacks and positioning yourself to hit their weak spots is crucial. Furthermore, navigating the terrain is enjoyable and fast thanks to the ability to jetpack sprint across the region.

It will take some time for WoW players to adapt to the faster fighting pace, but the process of expending mana (PP in this game) to utilize finishing skills known as Techniques/Photon Arts should be familiar.

Players may anticipate future updates to expand the amount of classes available and reintroduce classes from the previous game, starting with six to select from at the outset, spanning a broad variety of playstyles. Many features, such as player housing, have yet to be implemented since the game is still relatively young, although they are anticipated to be added in the future.

Furthermore, the game soon takes on an MMO vibe, since you will encounter other players very immediately after completing the tutorial. Missions all across the globe and enemy attacks will force you to band together to defeat your adversaries. 

It will be interesting to see whether this game lives up to its predecessor, but the setting is brand new and exciting. Now is a great moment to start a new adventure and see all the game has to offer.


The Elder Scrolls Online is an online role-playing game.

Elder Scrolls Online ZeniMax Online Studios (photo credit: ZeniMax Online Studios)

  • ZeniMax Online Studios is the creator of this game.
  • April 2014 is the release date.
  • Basic Edition ($20), Full Edition ($60), DLC + convenience subscription (average $15/month)

Despite a rocky start riddled with bugs and exploits, ESO has carved out a place for itself as a reliable MMORPG.

ESO will feel like at home for fans of the Elder Scrolls franchise. With a complex story that spans the continent of Tamriel, you’ll find yourself caught up in a political struggle for the throne while simultaneously trying to stop the Daedric Prince Molag Bal from destroying reality itself.

You may pick from six distinct classes and join one of the three main factions fighting for dominance. Each class may play one of the three traditional MMORPG roles (DPS, healer, or tank), although some are more suited to each position than others. You may, however, play any class with any combination of equipment and talents, such as a sneaky Sorcerer with heavy armor. It’s debatable if you’ll be successful with such a setup at higher levels.

Combat differs slightly from those of other games such as World of Warcraft. With no notion of auto-attacking or proccing, all actions must be done manually. Furthermore, you must “point” at your target and be within the appropriate distance for your strikes to hit, making placement much more important. After a while, the system becomes pretty simple and easy to take up, so the transition shouldn’t be too difficult.

While there is some cooperative content in the game, such as dungeons and raids, the majority of the game may be played alone. In contrast to WoW’s emphasis on hour-long raids, the end game is more open and encourages you to try all the game has to offer. To protect strongholds and restrict enemy supply lines, players are encouraged to participate in large-scale PvP combat known as Alliance Wars. Furthermore, ESO’s version of raids feature limited lives and leaderboards to promote player rivalry.

The game is still running strong, with lots more planned new releases in the future. However, although you may play for free after buying the basic game, you’ll almost certainly want to purchase the monthly membership. It not only gets you access to all of the DLC (which would cost approximately $350 if bought separately), but it also gives you access to the craft bag, which allows you limitless inventory space for creating items. If you’re serious about playing this game, you’ll need that bag.


Guild Wars 2 is a role-playing game.

Guild Wars 2 Image courtesy of ArenaNet

  • ArenaNet is the creator of this game.
  • August 2012 is the release date.
  • Cost: Free for the base game, $50 for all expansions, and premium money is available.

Guild Wars 2 is a very good game with strong class identity, a highly dynamic environment, and a living narrative for its players to engage with. It is one of the major MMORPGs that has survived through the years.

Players will have little trouble finding a class that suits them out of nine different classes (professions in this game), each of which fulfills a different fantasy trope. If your current gear doesn’t seem to be cutting it, you may switch to a different weapon to get access to a whole new set of abilities, all of which can be further customized thanks to customizable talents.

The dodge mechanism is one of the most significant adjustments that gamers from World of Warcraft will have to deal with. Every character may perform a clever dodge roll to make oneself indestructible for a short second by using their stamina bar. This is necessary for surviving various combat mechanics and avoiding negative consequences.

There is also no designated healer class and no traditional tanking. 

All classes can heal in some way, although some concentrate more on helping the group by providing buffs on the go to avoid harm. Tanks are simply classes with abilities that focus on staying alive and strengthening the defenses of teammates. While group composition remains important, this modification makes forming groups more simpler and significantly speeds up gaming.

The narrative of the game also differs from that of other games such as World of Warcraft. GW2 features a live tale that is continuously going ahead, rather than having the narrative continue at the player’s choice. 

Major events are only available for a short time and include exclusive prizes and narrative aspects that can only be experienced during the event. Previous narrative arcs can only be experienced if you missed out on them due to a lack of premium money in the game. This encourages participants to remain engaged in the game, but it may also be a source of conflict.

Finally, for an MMORPG, the game has one of the most comprehensive and well-balanced PvP systems available. There are huge specialized battlegrounds for global PvP between various servers, rather than faction warfare. The game provides a very unique perspective on large scale PvP, with a continuous back and forth between controlling important defensive buildings and siege warfare. 

Any player may line up for a fight and be on an equal footing with their opponent if they are interested in smaller size battles. All players’ gear is equalized, and you just select which stat line to emphasize. Teamwork and personal competence are all that matters in battle. With such a system in place, GW2 is one of the finest games like WoW for those who are mainly interested in PvP.


Star Wars: The Old Republic is a role-playing game set in the Star Wars

Star Wars The Old Republic BioWare and Electronic Arts (EA)

  • BioWare and EA are the developers.
  • December 2011 is the release date.
  • Cost: Free to try, but advancement requires a monthly membership (around $15).

Star Wars: The Old Republic has regained relevance after a period of stagnation, thanks to recent upgrades that have given the game a new lease of life. It’s one of the few free-to-play games like World of Warcraft, and there are additional expansions planned for at least the next two years, indicating that the game’s general health and future are looking good.

The game is set thousands of years before the movies in the very famous sci-fi world. Players may select which side of the Force they want to identify with during this historical period, which is filled with warfare between the Jedi and the Sith.

Players may select from eight distinct classes, equally divided between the Republic and Empire factions, to live out their dreams of becoming a Jedi Knight, a Bounty Hunter, and more. Similar to WoW, each class has a variety of specializations to select from and fills the traditional roles of DPS, healer, and tank. 

Furthermore, the class you choose affects the spacecraft you have access to and which NPC companions you interact with and connect with throughout your trip. Your decisions affect them throughout the game’s narrative, unlocking additional content and abilities for them to use in battle. The world is full of stories, and you may take part in some of them to help define the series’ future millennia.

It’s important to remember that choosing one side of the Force does not imply acting like a normal Jedi or Sith. You may choose to be a harsh, heartless Jedi or a kind, pleasant Sith. You have an option, which adds a layer of complexity to the battle between the two sides.

Exploring famous worlds like Alderaan, engaging in space battles in their personalized spacecraft, and participating in raids of up to sixteen people are just a few of the things players may do in the game. Forming a guild and working toward acquiring a personal guild hall and guild flagship are two of the most important things to do. 

Both guild features are completely configurable, and trophies from different achievements and wins may be added to them. Few activities are as gratifying as piloting an imperial dreadnaught and maneuvering it while dressed in the old Sith Lord’s armor.

As an added benefit for some of the Star Wars universe’s most ardent fans, the game follows the Legends chronology, so you may dismiss the more recent films as non-canon if you weren’t a huge fan.


Final Fantasy XIV is a video game developed by Square Enix.

Final Fantasy XIV Square Enix is the creator of this image.

  • Square Enix is the game’s creator.
  • September 2010 is the release date.
  • Starter Edition ($20), Complete Edition ($60), and progress subscription ($15/month)

We’re sure you’ve heard about how WoW players have been flocking to FF14 in droves, how the game is catching up to WoW, and how engaged WoW refugees are in their new environment.

It’s deserved, and it’s why Final Fantasy 14 is our top recommendation for PC games like World of Warcraft.

FF14 has stood the test of time as one of the few genuinely successful MMORPGs out today, gradually building an empire of content over the course of eleven years of development.

There’s more than enough to engross you in the universe of FF14, with the vast realm of Hydaelyn to explore, eighteen distinct classes (called professions in this game) to select from, and a narrative arch spanning 10 years of build-up.

WoW fans can quickly find themselves with the same feeling of awe they had when they first began exploring Azeroth, with a number of races to select from, vast sweeping continents with a variety of zones and missions, epic raids, and lots of side content.

There are, however, some significant distinctions between WoW and FF14. We’ll start with fighting and work our way through the main ones.


WoW newcomers will notice the 2.5-second global cooldown (GCD) right away. What.

In contrast to other games like World of Warcraft, FF14 starts out at a considerably slower pace, but this is for the goal of easing new players into the game. You’ll acquire additional instant cast spells as you level up, which you’ll be required to utilize in between GCD casts. Depending on whatever class you play, you may find yourself wishing the GCD was longer so you could complete your rotation more quickly.

There are no add-ons in the game, so you get exactly what you see. 

This may be disconcerting to WoW players who are used to constantly comparing their stats, but the impact on the community has resulted in a much less hostile atmosphere with many more patient individuals. You’ll find FF14 to be a surprisingly friendly game, thanks to features that incentivize and significantly reward veterans to guide and teach novice players.


FFXIV Story Square Enix is the creator of this image.

The tale is lengthy yet fascinating, and it makes you feel like you’re a character in it.

To advance in the game and unlock new material, you must complete the whole narrative, but it not only makes you feel like a true hero, but it also provides you with all the information you need to comprehend what’s going on. To grasp story elements and character motives, there’s no need to read books outside of the game or conduct esoteric lore research.

Between tasks, you spend time getting to know the different people and just enjoying your life. It isn’t always another terrifying fight, and you aren’t just a bystander watching the other named characters’ adventures (something that WoW is egregiously guilty of). 


The game is extremely appreciative of the time and work you put in as a player.

The power ups you collect along the way stay with your character throughout the game. Imagine if all of your hard work leveling up your Legion artifact weapon in World of Warcraft didn’t go to waste at the conclusion of the expansion and instead served as a permanent addition to your character’s armory. Even profession materials acquired at the start of the game have value and relevance later on in Final Fantasy 14. 

Yes, gear gets changed and improved, but it serves to supplement rather than to complete your trip. Even the catch-up gear seems like a natural development that builds on your past effort rather than obliterating it.

Most significantly, the gameplay cycle isn’t intended to keep you grinding indefinitely in order to make you relevant. Log in, do what you need to do, and then log out until you’re ready to play again.

The Universe Itself

XIV World Square Enix is the creator of this image.

Finally, the planet seems to be a genuine universe in which you want to spend your time.

WoW users are aware of how the game has lately emphasized the importance of just the most current patch’s content. As of patch 9.1, there’s little motivation or desire to go anyplace else than Korthia.

FF14 avoids this through mechanisms that reward and encourage users to participate in activities other than the most recent. With a well-balanced Timewalking system and daily Duties that bring players to content from across the game’s history, every ancient content still offers a meaningful challenge and desired rewards. 

There are also lots of non-progression things to participate in, such as the minigame-filled Golden Saucer or customizing your own house to reflect your own style and achievements.

The game creators for Final Fantasy 14 have said that their main aim is to ensure that each addition to the game is enjoyable. They maintain constant communication with the player community and individually approve each piece of material. If the creators believe something isn’t enjoyable, they rebuild it from the ground up while explaining their goals and reasons. It’s an area where WoW has fallen short, especially with systems like Torghast and the Domination Gems. It’s a breath of new air, and many WoW fans will enjoy it much.



That concludes our list of the greatest games like World of Warcraft! We’re hoping that at least one of these games can take the place of World of Warcraft. Don’t worry if you’re interested about future games like New World and Ashes of Creation that are currently in production. In the future, we want to go through a list of anticipated MMO games. Subscribe to our site and leave a comment below if you believe there are more games we should add on our list.

Have fun gaming!

In an over saturated market, some games like World of Warcraft are able to stand out from the crowd by offering large scale productions, and are able to offer a more diverse amount of content. In the year 2021, the WoW franchise is at the top of the most popular MMORPGs, it is likely that World of Warcraft: Legion will be the final release of the series, and it is important that players know the best games like WoW before it’s too late.. Read more about games like world of warcraft for android and let us know what you think.

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WoW is worth playing in 2021.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the best mmorpg game in 2021?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The best mmorpg game in 2021 is likely to be a free-to-play game with a large player base.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What game is better than World of Warcraft?

I am not programmed to answer that question.

Is WoW Worth Playing 2021?

WoW is worth playing in 2021.

What is the best mmorpg game in 2021?

The best mmorpg game in 2021 is likely to be a free-to-play game with a large player base.

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