Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Trends in 2024

The last couple of years have really changed how things work in workplaces. More and more companies started offering more flexibility and were hiring a lot, and the last year has seen some major layoffs in major corporations. Even though that was a tough year for many, all those changes have introduced new and improved trends in HR departments this year. Today, new things are happening in recruitment and talent acquisition areas, and people love it. So, let’s explore some upcoming trends in recruitment in 2024.

International Hybrid Work

Since 2020, companies have really adopted flexibility and remote work. However, all that flexibility and remote work applied on national levels, but this year, things might change. Many companies have adopted automation in their HR departments (among many other things), and HR professionals are not only looking for talent locally. This search is slowly expanding as more and more companies now hire internationally (not to mention how outsourcing is still a huge trend).


As mentioned, recruitment and talent acquisition processes are slowly being automated. With the ever-evolving workforce and workplaces, human resource departments have gotten help with keeping up with personal information, performance management, education, and many other aspects of daily tasks. This is all due to many amazing HRIS software that have made transparency and adaptability their top priority. Now, HR professionals can easily rely on finding performance management software for free and truly save time and increase accuracy during evaluation, talent retention and relocation.


This, and many similar software, has made mundane tasks easier (as they are not automated) and has helped all departments stay up-to-date on their goals, productivity, performance, career development, and so much more.

Early Career Hiring

There are jobs that are still going to require a college degree in the future, but there are positions that might not! In 2024, recruiters are going to search even wider for new talent, and they will start earlier. Some larger companies will start to look for candidates while they are still in high school, while others may even start looking for talent in non-traditional higher education institutions. This will create many amazing opportunities for students, while it will help companies acquire talent early on and mold them towards their company’s needs.

However, it shouldn’t go unnoticed that young hires expect a lot from employees today – inclusion, compassion, and balance being some of the top expectations.

Higher Priority for Skills

With everything changing, your CV and what’s on it is going to be different now (but not physically). Back in the day, companies used to prioritize candidates and their CVs based on past experience in companies and pedigree, but now, that’s about to change. Your skills are going to be the top priority and the biggest thing that counts on your resume (as it should be). This is a huge step forward for inclusion, diversity, and equity, which majorly widens the talent pool, too.


 Such a big step is bound to bring advantages to both the talent and the company.

However, technical skills are not the only ones that are going to matter – leadership skills have become a major player, too. Such skills will be highlighted in job postings, and there might be more reassignment of roles to unleash the hidden potential among many talents.

AI for Candidates

There has been a lot of talk about AI and how it helps companies, but it can now help people looking for a job. Today, it is much easier to tailor your resume and cover letter with AI, so you don’t have to waste hours on that while looking for a job at the same time.

Another benefit that AI brings is looking for fairer pay with ease. AI can easily compare salary ranges, and it will be easier for candidates to negotiate better pay or position or simply walk away if they are not getting what they are looking for.

Plus, AI will help automate the onboarding process (as well as recruitment), which makes things a bit easier and removes human error.

Every year brings something new to the job market. And this year is no exception, as companies are going to change how they acquire talent. Automation, wider search for talent, and inclusion are going to be major new trends in 2024. This will create many great opportunities for career development and using your skills to their fullest potential.

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