Swords of Legends Online touts 200K units sold as Gameforge insists NA server can handle player load

The Gameforge’s “new” strategy is to “ignore” the EU server, which is fair enough, given that it was never intended to be a full-time game. That said, the NA server was designed to handle multiple players, and with the increase in players, the game developer has touted the fact that the game has not crashed yet, and that the online community has been able to keep the servers up.

Swords of Legends is an online multiplayer role-playing game in which players can choose from a variety of different classes and team up with friends to defeat dragons, other players, and a wide variety of other opponents. The game is set within a medieval fantasy world and is played on the Gameforge network. Gameforge has provided support to the game since 2009, in order to meet the growing demand for the game. The game has notable popularity in North America, with Gameforge selling more than 200,000 units in the region in the last three months.

As previously reported, the NA Swords of Legends Online server has had a poor start to the MMORPG’s western launch, with technical issues leading to delays, connection problems and other issues. Nonetheless, Gameforge is pleased with the debut of SOLO on , reporting in a statement to the MMORPG that it has already sold 200,000 copies in its first few days.

We are very humbled and grateful for the amazing response the game has received from the media, gamers and content creators, reads the statement, which also promises that Gameforge will continue to work hard with partners like Microsoft to ensure an exciting and immersive gaming experience for our players.

Gameforge’s vice president of product, Noemi Feller, gave more information about the problems with the game’s NA server and promised that the server is now functioning normally and can continue to serve players as they come.

As our global player base continues to grow rapidly, we have the infrastructure to continue to support them. Additional servers are not a solution to the problem and could not solve the problems reported on the NA server last weekend. The servers are equipped with everything we need to maintain our player base, even as it continues to grow. This is confirmed by the performance of the SOLO servers on EU, which have been running quite well since launch. The reason was network problems that required the intervention of Microsoft.

Feller also noted that latency issues are a separate problem that Gameforge cannot immediately fix, especially for players from other regions trying to connect to the NA server. While we currently have no plans to offer additional servers, this may change in the future depending on the number of community members playing from designated areas, she says.

After checking the game’s official Twitter, we discovered that the NA and EU servers were down last Wednesday, July 14, repaired and back online the next morning, although some players suggested in their responses to the announcement that latency issues are still a factor.


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