Strategies For Achieving Unprecedented Business Growth on Instagram: Beyond Basic Posting

Instagram, the once humble photo-sharing app, has undergone a radical transformation in recent years. What was once a platform for posting filtered snapshots of your avocado toast has evolved into a multifaceted social hub. Unsurprisingly, everyone is trying to improve activity on their accounts. Many purchase Instagram likes with reliable services. Note that it is “reliable”. What gives such paid activity? Dynamics and engagement. This significantly reduces time and effort.

Understanding The Instagram Algorithm

Ah, the Instagram algorithm – that mysterious digital puppeteer deciding what shows up on your feed. Let’s dive into it without getting lost in the tech-speak.

First things first, Instagram’s algorithm is all about showing you stuff you’ll like. It’s like a personal shopper for your content. Instead of showing posts in chronological order, it uses a few key factors to figure out what deserves your eyeballs.

Engagement is the name of the game. When you like, comment, and share posts, Instagram takes notes. The more you interact with an account, the more its content will pop up on your feed. So, if you’re crushing on someone’s cat pics, keep those likes coming.

Now, let’s talk about the Explore page. It’s like Instagram’s version of “If you like this, you might also like…” This page uses your past behavior and interests to suggest new content. It’s like an endless rabbit hole of discovery.

Hashtags still matter, but don’t go overboard. Use ’em wisely – the algorithm looks at the ones you follow and interact with. So if you’re into #foodporn, you’ll see more of that.

Stories aren’t just for keeping tabs on your ex. They also influence what you see. When you regularly watch someone’s Stories, their posts are more likely to grace your feed.

Relevance is the golden rule. Instagram tries to predict how much you’ll engage with a post, so it shows you what it thinks you’ll love. It’s like having a psychic friend who knows your taste in memes.

Timing isn’t everything, but it’s something. Instagram looks at when you’re most active. So, if you’re a night owl, you’ll see more posts from other night owls. It’s like the algorithm has a built-in sleep schedule.

Now, the freshest updates aren’t always at the top. Instagram wants you to linger, so it shows you content it thinks will keep you scrolling. Sometimes that means older posts get more airtime.

Remember, Instagram’s algorithm isn’t perfect. Sometimes it’ll throw a curveball and show you something unexpected. That’s just its way of keeping things interesting.

In a nutshell, the Instagram algorithm is like a digital concierge, curating your feed to keep you entertained. Engage with what you love, and Instagram will keep the good stuff coming. And if it ever feels like it’s playing hard to get, don’t sweat it – just keep scrolling.

Content Strategy For Instagram

So, you want to rock Instagram with a killer content strategy? Well, you’re in the right place, and we’re keeping it simple and practical.

First off, know your audience like a best friend. Who are your followers? What do they like, and what problems can your content solve for them? The better you know them, the more you can deliver what they want.

  • Let’s talk about consistency. Post regularly, but don’t stress about daily posts. Quality over quantity is the name of the game. It’s like making a good sandwich – nobody wants soggy bread.
  • Diversify your content. Instagram Isn’t just for photos anymore. You’ve got Stories, Reels, IGTV, and regular posts to play with. Mix it up to keep your feed fresh and exciting.
  • Hashtags are your buddies. They help people find your content. Use ones that are relevant to your post, but don’t go crazy with a gazillion of them. A few well-chosen hashtags are better than a wall of words.
  • Engagement is key. Reply to comments, ask questions, and encourage interaction. It’s like having a conversation at a party. Nobody likes a wallflower.
  • Tell a story with your captions. Your caption shouldn’t just describe the pic; it should add value or create intrigue. Be witty, informative, or inspirational – whatever fits your style.
  • Timing matters, but don’t stress about it too much. Post when your audience is most active. You can find this in your Instagram Insights. But hey, if Tuesday at 3 AM is your creative peak, go for it.
  • Consolidate your bio. Your Instagram bio is like a dating profile. Make it short, sweet, and to the point. Tell people who you are, what you do, and why they should care.
  • Collaborate like a champ. Partner with influencers or other accounts in your niche. It’s like having a buddy in the sandbox to build a bigger castle.
  • Plan ahead with a content calendar. This keeps you organized and prevents last-minute panic posts. Plus, it helps you maintain a consistent vibe.
  • Analyze and adjust. Use Instagram Insights to see what’s working and what’s not. If a certain type of post gets more likes and comments, do more of it.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy. Experiment, learn, and adapt. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a killer Instagram feed.

In a nutshell, your Instagram content strategy is all about knowing your audience, keeping it fresh, and being real. So, go ahead, make your Insta game strong, and let your creativity shine!

Leveraging Hashtags And Geotags

Hashtags and geotags – they’re like the secret sauce of Instagram. These nifty little tools can boost your visibility and help you connect with the right crowd. Let’s keep it simple and break it down.

Hashtags are like magnets for your content. They help people discover your posts, even if they don’t follow you. Use relevant ones that match your content. If you’re posting about a cute puppy, toss in #PuppyLove or #DogsofInstagram. But don’t overdo it – quality over quantity is the rule here.

Geotags are like a map to your content. When you tag a location, your post shows up in that place’s feed. It’s handy for local businesses or anyone wanting to target a specific area. If you’re at a coffee shop, tag the spot, and coffee enthusiasts nearby might find you.

Create your own unique hashtag. It’s like branding your content. If you’re a travel junkie, maybe you’ll use #WanderingWonders. Encourage your followers to use it too, and you’ll have a mini-community of your own.

Explore trending hashtags, but only if they make sense for your content. It’s like joining a conversation at a party – be relevant or risk awkwardness.

Check out your competitors. See what hashtags they’re using. It’s like taking notes from the cool kids at school. Don’t copy, but get inspired.

Instagram limits you to 30 hashtags per post, but you don’t have to use all of them. A handful of relevant ones can work wonders. It’s like adding spice to your food – a pinch is often enough.

Change up your hashtags from time to time. Instagram might think you’re spamming if you use the same ones repeatedly. It’s like wearing a different outfit to the office every day – keeps things fresh.

Now, geotags can be personal or broad. You can tag your exact location, like a restaurant, or be more general, like a city. Experiment and see what works for your audience.

Remember, Instagram is all about discovery. Hashtags and geotags are your compasses to navigate the Insta-verse. So, don’t be shy – tag it, hashtag it, and watch your content travel far and wide.

Analyzing Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights – your window into the world of data behind your posts. It’s like having a backstage pass to your Instagram party. Let’s dive in without the techy talk.

First, find your Insights. If you have a business or creator account (which you can switch to in settings), you’ll see the magic “View Insights” button under each of your posts. Tap it, and voila – data galore.

Your top card is all about your profile. It tells you how many accounts you reached and how many people visited your profile. Think of it as your digital handshake – how many folks are checking you out.

Next up, content. See which posts are getting the most love. It’s like having a scoreboard for your content. The more likes, comments, and shares, the higher you’re winning.

Discover when your followers are most active. It’s like knowing the best time to throw a party. Post during those peak times to increase engagement.

Flick over to the Audience tab. This is where you’ll find out who’s following you. It’s like looking at your guest list. Learn their age, gender, location, and when they’re most active.

Check out the “Follow You” section. It’s a list of other accounts your followers are following. It’s like a treasure map to potential collaborations and partnerships.

Find out where your followers are coming from. Did they discover you through hashtags, the Explore page, or a direct search? It’s like tracking the breadcrumbs of your Instagram journey.

Watch your Stories metrics. See how many people are watching, tapping, and swiping through your Stories. It’s like seeing who’s reading your mini-novel.

Understand your audience’s activity. See what they’re into – are they scrolling, clicking links, or sending messages? It’s like having a crystal ball into their interests.

Use Insights to adapt your strategy. If you see certain posts or times are more popular, give the people what they want. It’s like fine-tuning your recipe based on feedback.

Instagram Insights is your cheat sheet to better content. It helps you understand your audience, what they like, and when they’re around. So, tap into this data goldmine and keep the Insta-party going strong.


Instagram Advertising And Promotions

Instagram advertising and promotions, let’s demystify these tools in simple terms. It’s like boosting your Instagram game to reach a wider audience and give your content a little extra push.

Advertising on Instagram means paying to have your content shown to people who don’t follow you. Think of it as renting a billboard in a busy city – you’re getting your message out there to potential new fans.

Promotions, on the other hand, are like a spotlight for your existing posts. You can take a post you’ve already created and give it a little boost. It’s like putting your best outfit on display in the store window.

Here’s how it works:

Pick Your Goal

When setting up an ad or promotion, Instagram will ask you what you want to achieve. Whether it’s more website visits, profile visits, or engagement, choose what matters most to you.

Target Your Audience

Instagram lets you choose who sees your ad or promoted post. You can narrow it down by location, age, interests, and more. It’s like inviting the right people to your party.

Set Your Budget

Decide how much you want to spend daily or for the entire promotion. You won’t break the bank – you can start small and adjust as you go. Think of it like budgeting for a nice meal out.

Design Your Ad

Create an eye-catching image or video, write a compelling caption, and include a call-to-action. Make it so good that people can’t resist clicking. It’s like making a delicious meal – presentation matters.


Track Your Performance

Instagram provides insights into how your ad or promotion is doing. You can see how many people it reached, the engagement it received, and whether it achieved your goal. It’s like checking the scoreboard after a game.

Experiment And Learn

Don’t be afraid to try different ads and promotions. See what works best for your audience and adjust your strategy accordingly. It’s like fine-tuning your recipe until it’s perfect.

Remember, Instagram advertising and promotions are tools to help you get your content in front of the right people. Whether you’re aiming to grow your following, drive traffic to your website, or simply get more likes, these tools can give your posts that extra boost they need. So, give it a shot and watch your Instagram presence flourish.


Mastering Instagram is an art. From building your community to decoding the enigmatic algorithm, it’s all about being genuine and engaged. Hashtags and geotags are your allies, while Insights help you fine-tune your strategy. And when you’re ready to go big, advertising and promotions are your boosters. So, remember, Instagram is not just about pretty pictures; it’s about connection, creativity, and community. Keep it real, keep it engaging, and watch your Insta-story unfold. Happy scrolling!

Jeremy Edwards
Jeremy Edwards
On Chain Analysis Data Engineer. Lives in sunny Perth, Australia. Investing and writing about Crypto since 2014.

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