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Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Social Casino Account

Social casinos are popular since they allow players to access top games for free. You don’t need to make any initial purchases to start playing on these sites. Instead, you’ll receive free Gold Coins and Sweepstakes Coins from free bonuses to play all featured games. With Sweepstakes Coins, you can obtain real gifts after meeting specific requirements.

Before you can leverage the offerings at any social casino, you must be a registered player. How do you register an account? It’s very simple, and we’ll explain everything in this step-by-step guide. 

Social Casino Registration Methods 

You’ll generally find a Sign-Up, Register, Create an Account, or Join Now button when you visit any social casino. For example, Fortune Coins Casino features a Sign-up button, and clicking it navigates you to the registration page. You can expect two methods to sign up and create your social casino login, including: 

Manual Sign Up

This is the traditional method of creating an account, which involves manually filling out a form. In other words, you type in all requested details and submit. Using the manual option can be time-consuming if the social casino registration form has many steps. Thankfully, most sites keep it simple, requesting only a few details. 

Third-Party Sign Up

Third-party signup methods are the best if you want a faster registration process. With this option, you don’t need to fill out a form manually. Instead, you create your account using third-party sites like Google and Facebook. All you have to do is authorize the social casino to access your details on the third-party platforms and use them to create your account.

Who Can Register at a Social Casino

In the United States and Canada, you can usually register at a social casino if you’re 18 years old or older. That’s the general legal age for online gaming, although it may differ from state to state. For this reason, most social gaming sites require players to be up to the minimum legal age in their jurisdiction. 

Besides the age requirement, it’s also essential not to be in a restricted state if you want to sign up at a social casino. Considering the US, Washington is the only location where social casinos are generally prohibited. However, other states still have varying online gaming laws, so a social gaming site allowed in one state may be restricted in another. 

Let’s take an example with Fortune Coins Casino. The site is available for players in all US states and Canadian provinces, except:

  • Idaho
  • Michigan
  • Washington
  • Ontario 
  • Quebec

As long as you’re not a resident in any of the above locations, you can visit the Fortune Coins website and register a social casino account. 

How Do the Registration Stages Occur

Now, you know the different registration methods and the factors that make you eligible. Using Fortune Coins Casino, here is a step-by-step guide to completing the registration stages: 

  • Visit the official social casino website and click the “Sign Up” button
  • Choose to sign up manually or via a third-party site 
  • Enter all necessary details if you choose the manual method, including first name, last name, email, and password.
  • Authorize the social casino to access your information if you choose a third-party site. 
  • Accept the terms and conditions and submit your registration 

Once done, you’re officially a player and can start enjoying your favorite games.

Bottom Line

Social casinos in the US and Canada have very simple registration processes. If you follow the instructions in this guide, you’ll have no issues creating your account.

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