Smålån På Dagen: What You Should Know About Small Same-Day Loans

There are various reasons people need to take out loans. Some are necessary and even a smart move. However, the necessity of a loan should not be the only reason you should take out a loan. There are other factors to be considered.

One such is the implication of having that line of credit. For starters, you need to be aware of the terms and conditions and be certain it is not a financial trap. You can start by knowing the various kinds of loans available to you and their conditions.

Our discussion in this article will be focused on smålån på dagen (small same-day loans). You should keep reading to find out about this line of credit and if it is something you should consider.

What Is a Same-Day Loan?

A same-day loan is also known as an emergency loan. Some of its features include:

Quick Access

The ability to get the required funds on time is one of the reasons for its name. This is considering how it does not take any longer than a day to secure the funds. All that is required to access the loan can even be sorted out in a matter of hours or even minutes. So, it offers quick access for those that need a line of credit.

Furthermore, these loans can even be obtained online or offline. Pawnshops are common places where these loans can be obtained offline. Many Fintech companies act as lenders in this financial system.

It Is Usually Small Loans

These loans are usually small amounts for the most part. One of the ideas of offering such to borrowers is ensuring that they can execute minor projects even before getting paid their salaries. So, the amount borrowed is supposed to be something that can be covered by the borrower’s earnings.

The maximum amount that you can get using this credit line depends on your location. For instance, with such smålån norge (small loans in Norway), you can get as much as 20,000 Norwegian Krone. That is a little over 1,800 dollars.

On the other hand, you cannot get up to this amount using this line of credit in the United States. The maximum in most places is no more than a thousand dollars. This goes to prove how much location matters.

There Are Secured and Unsecured Loan Options

There is the secured and unsecured loan. The former means that a lender has something to hold onto if the borrower defaults. On the contrary, collateral is not needed to obtain an unsecured loan.

A same-day loan can either be secured or unsecured, depending on the type secured. A payday loan, which is the most popular, does not require collateral. The borrower would just need to submit a check in advance or valid bank account details with some sort of authorization. A credit card cash advance is another unsecured type of same-day loan.

However, pawnshop and title loans are secured because collateral is required. Things like electronics or your jewelry may be used to get a same-day loan at a pawn shop. In the same vein, the lender will often accept the borrower’s vehicle as collateral before granting a title loan.

It Is for the Short-Term

It is supposed to be repaid within a short timeframe. The expected time of repayment depends on the type that you get. For instance, it is usually no more than a month for payday loans. It could even be as soon as 2 weeks in some cases.

Usually Comes with a High-Interest Rate and/or APR

Some lenders are more demanding with their interest rates than others. This is why borrowers need to be aware of the terms. This is particularly as it concerns the interest rate.

One of the reasons many lenders can charge this much is because of the credit profile of their borrowers. A lot of people that use this line of credit have poor credit scores. As a result, it is extremely hard or sometimes impossible for them to get other kinds of loans. As a result, they have to settle for the outrageous fees that come with the same-day loans they obtain.

How Common Are Same-Day Loans?

A same-day loan is quite a common type of consumer loan obtained by borrowers. The reason for the huge patronage across the country and the world at large is not surprising. Some of the reasons for this massive patronage have been identified and explained above.

They include the ease of getting this line of credit and the possibility of getting it even without a good credit score. However, there has been a decline in the activities of lenders that offer this line of credit in some places.

The USA is a good example, as operations in certain states have been shut down because of unfavorable fiscal policies. This is because of the introduction of caps on interest rates. This simply means that there is a limit to how much lenders can demand from borrowers in the form of interest rates.

But in places like Norway and many parts of the world where regulatory bodies are not too involved, it is used a lot. Some of the people who often use this line of credit include:

Low-Income Earners

People who earn around the minimum wage or even less than the minimum wage are highly likely to obtain these loans. The truth is that some of them end up defaulting and even needing other loans to clear out the outstanding ones. This turns out to be an endless and increasing cycle of interest rates.

Unbanked or Underbanked

An unbanked person does not have access to the financial services of a traditional financial institution. This could be because the person is not eligible to have access. Some immigrants fall under this category.

On the other hand, an underbanked person has access to the financial services of a traditional financial institution. However, such people, for several possible reasons, choose to use alternatives. Alternatives could also mean this kind of loan.

A lot of unbanked and underbanked people are known to use this line of credit a lot. It is possible to get a same-day loan at a pawnshop by offering your jewelry as collateral.


Very little is required to obtain this loan. So, it makes it the ideal line of credit for immigrants. These are especially immigrants who do not have access to traditional banking services.


As a result of their financial peculiarities, students are well known for taking out this quick and easy-to-obtain line of credit. These are especially students who have taken out student loans as well.

Single Parents

These are often divorced or separated parents burdened by the financial implications of raising a kid or kids. These parents, in their search for financial assistance, end up obtaining a same-day loan.

Disadvantages of Same-Day Loans

They are easy to obtain. However, they can be a bad idea for some people. Some of the reasons you may want to avoid this kind of consumer loan include the following:

The Expense

The credit rate in these loans can be outrageous. The reason why many people do not pay attention to its outrageous interest rate is because the amount borrowed is usually small. On the whole, the interest rate on these loans is a lot higher than interest rates on traditional loans.

There Is no Right to Rescission

This is granted under federal law as established by the Truth in Lending Act (TILA). It allows borrowers to cancel certain kinds of loans within a timeframe of three days.

However, same-day loans happen so fast, and it is practically impossible to evoke this right. As a result, borrowers are bound by the terms and conditions till they have paid up all they are expected to.

You Can Get into an Endless Cycle of Debts

A good number of borrowers are unable to make payments when due. As a result, they are forced to ask for an extension, and this leads to endless and massive cycles of debt. A study revealed that many borrowers with payment issues could end up repaying way more than they borrowed from the lender.

Ruthless Ways of Collecting Debts

Some lenders are very insensitive or even inconsiderate in the way they go about ensuring that debt is repaid. For instance, some borrowers have had to deal with annoying late-night phone calls from their lenders.

It Can Badly Affect Your Credit

This can happen when the postdated check that is supposed to repay your debt bounces. Considering that many people who use this line of credit already have bad credit scores, things only get worse if they cannot pay their same-day loans on time. In more severe situations, defaulters can be taken to court with the judge not ruling in their favor.

How to Get the Same-Day Loans

Here are some tips to help out if you must or decide to get a same-day loan:

Compare Lenders

Do not just get a loan from a lender because the process is quick and easy. You should compare lenders. The aim is to select options that are reasonable with their demands.

Calculate the Loan Cost

You should find out how much you would have to pay in the form of interest rate and APR. This information will help you figure out if taking out this loan is a good or terrible idea.

Ask Others

They are quite popular. You should ask people who have taken out these loans about their experience. This can help you identify and choose the right lender.


Your decision to take out a loan is supposed to be informed. This is why you should start by knowing the kind of loan and the implication of using its line of credit. Against this backdrop, we have discussed certain things you should know about same-day loans, and it is hoped that you will make educated financial decisions from now on.

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