Signs You Need New Chairs For Your Restaurant

As a restaurant owner or manager, your foremost priority is to improve the standards of your eatery. You want to set the bar so high that no other competitor can come up to your level. Of course, this is a very enthusiastic passion that, if achieved, can take your restaurant to the heights of success.

Generally, the most valued aspect of a restaurant is the flavor and quality of the food that it provides. This is why many owners tend to put their maximum focus on the food when trying to enhance their eatery’s standards. While this is a good thing to do, you might be missing out on other aspects of your eatery that can affect a visitor’s opinions about it.

One of these important, yet often ignored, aspects that define a restaurant for many visitors is how well the restaurant’s furniture looks and how nice it has been maintained. While you may never have noticed this, a single glimpse of your restaurant chairs can define how much attention has been given to them. You’d never want your café’s chairs to be the reason people stop visiting you. That’s why you need to look out for the following signs that will show you when it’s time to change these chairs or arrange for their revamp. So, read on till the end:

You Can Spot Discoloration Easily

Sometimes, excessive usage can cause discoloration to your restaurant’s chairs and tables even when you have not exposed them to a strong detergent or intense sunlight. This discoloration can develop either on the wooden or metal structure of the chair or on its clothed part. No matter where it develops, the light and discolored patches don’t only make your furniture look unpleasant but also reflect how excessively it has been used.

Many conscious visitors might not even want to be seated on these discolored and old chairs, considering how these could be weakened over time too. A single discolored patch on even one or two chairs is the sign that you need to consider investing in a seating revamp. Make sure you take this sign seriously and make arrangements for its correction ASAP.

The Seats Make Weird Screeching Noises

No, we are not talking about the annoying noise that every heavy object makes when you move it across the floor. Here, we are referring to the noise that comes out of nowhere from the chair whenever someone sits, moves, or gets up from it.

These noises are an indicator of the fact that the chair is getting weaker in its structure and needs good repair. In case the chair is purely raw material and metal made, the repair is hardly ever possible, and you have no option but to get new ones before a customer falls and gets hurt by being seated on such old and lowly chairs.

There Are Obvious Cracks And Dents

A major sign that indicates the end of any furniture is it is cracking and denting. This mostly happens to metal or steel chairs, but wooden and plastic seating is also not immune to such damages. Dents and cracks on chairs are hardly visible but are still very dangerous.

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Mostly, a dent or crack gets bigger and results in the collapse of the chair. This is usually bound to happen when someone with heavy body weight sits on such a chair with a jerk or keeps sitting on it for so long. Not only can this ruin the customer’s experience, but it can also bring them embarrassment, and a good restaurant owner would never want such a scenario to be created ever.

The Chairs Have Developed Rust

This is a very common problem that your chairs and tables can face, especially if you keep them outside and under the open sky. Extreme weather and low-quality build are also the reasons your chairs might easily rust.

No matter how little or unnoticeable you think the rust is; you can never ignore it. The best response to spotting a rusty chair is to immediately move it out and discard it before it touches other chairs and affects them too. Rust is hardly ever removable, and even if you can paint the structure to hide the rust damage, its strength is lost, and it is of no use.

The Chairs Look Dirty

Of course, your restaurant chairs need proper cleaning for them to look neat and fresh. However, sometimes, the chairs cannot look like their original self despite you trying the best detergents and cleaning methods.

If this happens, it is time for you to accept that the chairs are old, and you need new ones. Dirty chairs not only look unpleasant but also carry a lot of unhygienic potential in them. Therefore, it is best to replace them as soon as you can before a customer points out the issue and embarrasses you.

There Are Missing Parts

Sometimes, restaurant chairs are made of removable parts that some unethical customers either remove and throw here and there or simply take along. These parts can be buttons, ribbons, and other embellishments on the seats that might serve no purpose but add to the visual appeal of the chairs.

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If multiple chairs seem to have been devoid of these parts, it is time for you to either get new parts installed or simply change the chairs. This way, you can keep the restaurant from looking old and weary and can also provide a premium experience to your visitors.

Other than these issues, you can also consider changing the chairs when their foam or padding seems to have seated down or when they start giving off a peculiarly weak but bad odor. Even if nothing has happened to an old chair, we suggest you consider replacing it no matter how you feel about such a change. An expired or very old chair can collapse suddenly without any warning signs, and it’s best not to wait for such an event.

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