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Should Your Business Invest In A Dedicated Server?

Everything on the internet is on one server or another, and your business’s website is no different. Whenever you started your business, you probably ended up using one of those hosting websites like WordPress to get your website out to the public. It was cheap and very easy for you to get up and running, and it worked well enough for what you needed.

However, if your business is growing and you find that your website isn’t doing as much for you as you need it to, then you might need to abandon the hosted server and instead focus on using a dedicated server for your business.

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A dedicated server is just what it sounds like, a server for your internet that is 100% yours and no one else. It is expensive to get your own dedicated server rather than choosing to have a website host your site on their own servers, but they do come with some dedicated advantages. If your business is considering investing in a dedicated server, then you might want to take a look at all the pros and cons of getting one.

Why Would Your Business Need A Dedicated Server?

Before we delve into the pros and cons of your business having a dedicated server, let’s look at some of the reasons why your business might need one. For one reason, you could be outgrowing your basic hosting plan. You might be getting more traffic on your business than your business can handle or might need more control over how your website works. Plus, some free website plans display advertising on your website for their company, so you might have ‘powered by WordPress on every single page of your website.

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If you’ve noticed things getting slow or laggy on your website during peak high traffic hours, then you might also want to upgrade to a dedicated server where you can better control the way your website works. Additionally, you will be able to know that your server can handle the increased load of traffic and won’t have any limits on the amount of traffic that can be put on the website at any one time.

A Dedicated Server Can Also Increase Security

If your business is starting to see security as a concern, especially if you handle things like emails, credit card numbers, and other confidential information, then you might need to invest in a dedicated server. Having your own server means that you are in total control of your website’s security rather than relying on a managed maintenance plan, and you can increase your security levels, firewalls, and other measures as you see fit.

Of course, being in control of your own security also means that you have to spend time optimizing it and keeping your website and server up to date. This means that you probably need some IT team members and people in your business who can respond to security threats because you won’t have your host server only working for you. But if a little extra security gives you peace of mind, then it is one of the best reasons to invest in your own server.

Better Flexibility and Control

If you need to ensure that your business website grows with you, then you need your own server because you won’t have any limits. If you like having certain applications on your website, then you can use them. If you need more RAM or more CPU space, then you can also make those changes as your business grows.

Plus, there’s also a lot of control as well. You can have more bandwidth because you aren’t sharing the tone of your space with neighbors on your server, and you can also have your own IP address that can increase your SEO.

If your business is starting to see security as a concern, especially if you handle things like emails, credit card numbers, and other confidential information, then you might need to invest in a dedicated server.

Get Your Own Server; It’s A Wise Investment

Whether you need private dedicated servers because your website is growing or because you are starting to feel restricted by the pre-hosted server on your website, your business is only going to grow bigger, and having your own server will allow you to grow your website with no limits. It is a bit of an investment, but it is a worthy one that will only continue to aid your business.

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Plus, once you make the investment to get your own server, then you don’t need to change servers again! Get the process started and watch your website grow and your business. Thank you!

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