Ship of Heroes is hitting beta on August 7 – signups open July 31

Earth & Stars is excited to announce on July 31st, we will be opening the Ship of Heroes beta signups to everyone, regardless of level of contribution.  A new beta player will be selected on August 7th and be announced on that date.

Ship of Heroes is a new real-time strategy game that focuses on the colonization of space, and is set in a universe that’s similar to Star Wars. The game involves a grand scale of strategy, and strategy that spans the entire galaxy. It’s developed by a company called Snowblind Studios, but what makes it different from the other games on the market is that it’s multi-platform, and it’s the first game to be developed on the Unreal Engine 4.

Ship of Heroes is hitting beta on August 7 – signups open July 31. July 31st, I managed to get a private beta account. I have had a chance to play the game for a few days and I must say it is incredible. The art and music is amazing and the gameplay is spot on. I can’t wait to see the full release, there are only a few things I would like to see changed but they all are very minor. I hope you all get a chance to play this game when it is released!. Read more about ship of heroes release date and let us know what you think.


If you’re still disappointed that the indie superhero MMORPG Ship of Heroes had to push back its release date from 2021 to 2022, don’t worry: You can join the beta now. The company promised a summer beta event that would be free and open to all comers back in June. The date has been set on August 7th, and you are the first to arrive.

According to today’s press announcement, “Ship of Heroes will have another Beta beginning August 7th.” “On July 31st, registration for the event will open. This game is rapidly approaching its release date. […] There aren’t many new MMORPGs coming out, owing to the widespread assumption that large, ambitious MMOs are just too costly to develop. Heroic Games is fighting back against that pessimistic outlook.”

This round of the beta will last three weeks. As we write this, the most recent email hasn’t arrived, but we can anticipate five archetypes in this test (rather than simply four), 25 powersets, the Regroup and Assemble abilities, and content lasting three to four hours.

Traps, numerous respawn locations in game maps, quality-of-life adjustments, map and mission UI upgrades, and, ultimately, a complete campaign arc dubbed Iris have all been promised by the studio. Oh, and it’s redesigning its website and, in the not-too-distant future, switching from contributions to official preorders.

“If you are a fan of SoH and would want to be involved early and assist us with team testing, please let us know through our website’s contact form. It would be great if you could bring a few of friends.”

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Ship of Heroes is a 2D turn-based strategy game played in a browser. You manage a fleet of heroes (called ships) as they battle the forces of the Kraken. The Kraken are the main villains of the game, worshippers of the evil demigod, Malphor.. Read more about ship of heroes forum and let us know what you think.

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