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Where Can I Buy a Verizon Fios Remote Control

Looking to buy a Verizon FiOS remote control? Well, you’re in luck! I’ve got all the information you need to find the perfect replacement or extra remote for your FiOS TV setup. Whether you’ve lost your remote, it’s not functioning properly, or you simply want an additional one, there are several options available to purchase a Verizon FiOS remote control.

One convenient option is to visit the official Verizon website. They have a dedicated section where you can browse and order various accessories for your FiOS service, including remotes. Simply head over to their website and navigate to the “Accessories” or “Support” section. From there, search for “remote control” or specifically look for the Verizon FiOS remote model that suits your needs. You can add it to your cart and proceed with the checkout process.

If online shopping isn’t your cup of tea, you can also try visiting retail stores that specialize in electronics or home appliances. Common retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, or Target often carry a range of universal remotes that are compatible with different brands and models, including Verizon FiOS. Check their electronics department or use their online store locators to find a nearby branch that stocks these remotes.

Remember, when buying a Verizon FiOS remote control from any source other than the official Verizon website, ensure that it is compatible with your specific model of FiOS TV box. Reading customer reviews and checking product descriptions can help you make an informed decision before making a purchase.

Electronics Stores Offering Verizon Fios Remote Controls

Brick-and-Mortar Electronics Stores

When it comes to purchasing a Verizon Fios remote control, one option is to visit brick-and-mortar electronics stores. These physical retail locations offer a wide range of electronic devices and accessories, including remote controls for various systems. Some popular examples of brick-and-mortar electronics stores where you can find Verizon Fios remote controls include:

  • Best Buy: With numerous locations across the country, Best Buy is known for its extensive selection of electronics. They typically carry a variety of remote controls, including those compatible with Verizon Fios.
  • Walmart: As a well-known retailer offering everything from groceries to electronics, Walmart often has a section dedicated to electronic accessories such as remotes. You may find Verizon Fios remote controls available at your local Walmart store.
  • Target: Another popular retail chain, Target offers a range of consumer electronics and accessories. It’s worth checking out their electronic department for Verizon Fios remote controls.

Authorized Verizon Retailers

If you prefer to buy directly from an authorized seller, you might consider visiting an official Verizon store or checking out retailers that are authorized by Verizon to sell their products. These retailers have the advantage of being specifically approved by the company and can offer expert advice on finding the right remote control for your needs. Here are some options:

  • Verizon Wireless Stores: These stores are owned and operated by Verizon itself and specialize in providing customers with all things related to their services, including equipment like remote controls.
  • RadioShack: Although not solely focused on telecommunications, RadioShack is an authorized retailer for various brands and products in the electronics industry. They often carry items like Verizon Fios remote controls.

Specialty Electronic Stores

In addition to general-purpose retailers, there are specialty electronic stores that cater specifically to tech enthusiasts and professionals seeking high-quality equipment. While these stores may have limited locations compared to larger chains, they can offer a more specialized and curated selection. Some examples include:

  • B&H Photo Video: Known for its extensive inventory of photography and video equipment, B&H also offers a wide range of electronic accessories. You may find Verizon Fios remote controls among their offerings.
  • Fry’s Electronics: With multiple locations primarily in the western United States, Fry’s Electronics is a go-to destination for all things tech-related. They carry an array of electronics and accessories, including remote controls.

When looking to purchase a Verizon Fios remote control, be sure to check the availability at these stores either online or by visiting their physical locations. Keep in mind that availability may vary based on your location and current stock levels.

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