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RuneScape updates familiar behaviors in latest patch, OSRS announces testing for new game client features

RuneScape is one of the most popular browser-based MMORPG games in the world, and there are millions of players globally. But when is it right to take out the trash? And why isn’t the desktop client running at 60 fps, like the mobile app is? If you’re a RuneScape fan, you’re probably wondering this and other questions about this popular browser-based game.

RuneScape has just announced a new major feature, called Skilling Pets, which are basically small, very hard to kill pets for the purpose of training skills. These pets will also give their trainer a chance to earn “Skilling XP”, which will go towards that player’s skilling level. While this feature sounds interesting, it was previously released in RuneScape Classic, and the last major update to OSRS was back in 2009. This seems like a horrible way to introduce a new feature.

word-image-9099 We begin a new week with news of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. That’s it. That’s the headline. That’s all I have to say at this point. As of RuneScape, the weekly Ninja Strike patch changed the behavior of various pets, including reputation setting in battle mode with different options, pet duration was normalized to 16 minutes, and various UI and quality of life updates were made for pets. In the rest of this week’s newsletter, we remind players of the upcoming launch of RuneScape Mobile, talk briefly about the improved cubemaps on avatars that make their shiny clothes even shinier, and promise an epic denouement of the battle for Monolith, with a story-driven battle report. As for OSRS, the developers at Jagex have made some changes and responded to player feedback regarding the proposed updates to the meta system. There will be a series of updates in the game’s client that will be tested first on Steam and eventually on mobile devices. Features include a HUD bar for enemies, fish location indicators, and land tile markers. Sources: Page RuneScape (1, 2), Page Old School RuneScape (1, 2) View

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