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How To Get The Riftborn Regalia In Genshin Impact

The Riftborn Regalia is a set of armor available in Genshin Impact. This guide will show you how to get the Riftborn Regalia in Genshin Impact.


MiHoYo created and released Genshin Impact, an action RPG game. The Riftborn Regalia is one of the most powerful weapons in Genshin Impact. This weapon is not accessible at the start of the game and needs some grinding to earn. To get it, players must first accomplish certain objectives, acquire specified ingredients, and battle a number of bosses.

Obtaining the Riftborn Regalia in Genshin Impact is a difficult task, but it is doable with patience and devotion. This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about obtaining the Riftborn Regalia in Genshin Impact. It covers everything from acquiring crafting materials to achieving different hidden accomplishments linked with this weapon. With the help of this tutorial, you’ll be able to get one of the most powerful weapons presently available in Genshin Impact:

  • Acquiring crafting materials
  • Achieving different hidden accomplishments

Step-by-Step Guide

This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through the process of obtaining the Riftborn Regalia in Genshin Impact.

Players must initially obtain Adventure Rank 40 to begin. After reaching this level of adventurership, players should go to Mondstadt and explore the region around Jean’s monocle shop. After then, players must complete a sequence of narrative missions unlocked by speaking with Jean in order to earn the Riftborn Regalia quest.

After fulfilling all of the quest line’s demands, players will be granted access to a unique location with tough opponents and treasure essential for unlocking the Riftborn Regalia. Once all treasure has been collected, it should be returned to Jean’s monocle shop and merged to form the ultimate product, The Riftborn Regalia.

Unlock the “Riftborn Regalia” quest

There are several missions and tasks to perform in Genshin Impact. The Riftborn Regalia quest is one such challenge, and completing it grants players access to the formidable Riftborn Regalia weapon set.

To access the quest, players must first complete a few additional chores. First, they must battle Stormterror, the last monster in Genshin Impact’s primary plot. Then, on Stormterror Island, they must accomplish all of the side Quests to earn the “Rift Artifacts” required for the following level. Finally, players must unite these relics with a rare item known as “Frostbearer’s Bond” at an altar on Stormterror Island. This will start a cutscene and the Riftborn Regalia quest.

Complete the “Riftborn Regalia” quest

The Riftborn Regalia quest is essential to the plot of Genshin Impact. To get it, players must first finish the Archon Quest: Prologue. This quest requires the completion of multiple sub-quests as well as several boss fights. After fulfilling all components, players will get a Vision of Geruda and the opportunity to enter the following Archon Quest Act III: Chapter 2, which includes the Riftborn Regalia” quest.

This quest will need you to defeat five enemies in two dungeons and gather many components to build your own Regalia outfit. Defeating each monster will provide you unique goodies such as crafting materials and primogems that can be used to buy additional gear or ascension materials. In order to proceed farther in this mission, you must also solve a number of riddles. Completing this procedure will get you the Riftborn Regalia set, which grants players better stats and defensive benefits when traversing Teyvat.

Unlock the “Riftborn Regalia” achievement

The Riftborn Regalia is a one-of-a-kind collection of equipment available in Genshin Impact that can only be obtained by completing a special milestone. To get the achievement, players must spend 325 Fate Points in Mondstadt and Liyue. Fate Points may be obtained through completing daily commissions and events such as Stand By Me and Elemental Crucible, or by purchasing them with Acquaint Fate or Intertwined Fate.

Players will get the whole set after the accomplishment is achieved, which includes:

  • The Unforged a Sword
  • The Unforged Thundering Fury a Catalyst weapon
  • The Sealed Turbulence a Claymore weapon
  • Parable of the Trickster a Bow

When characters are fully healed, all parts provide specific boosts to damage done. Furthermore, all of the set’s components have very high base stats and general bonuses that may be highly useful for end-game content.


The Riftborn Regalia in Genshin Impact is a one-of-a-kind set of equipment that may be obtained by completing certain game missions. To get the Riftborn Regalia, players must first obtain Mora and Primordial Jade Crystals, which can then be traded for set goods. Players may also finish certain quest lines to gain the required equipment.

Furthermore, if players achieve Adventure Rank 20 or above, they will be able to buy certain parts of the set from special dealers in Liyue Harbor. Finally, with a little patience and effort, any player who wishes to possess a piece of Genshin Impact’s fashion history should be able to get the Riftborn Regalia in no time.

How To Get Riftborn Regalia In Genshin Impact

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