Revival: Recolonization Shows Off Terraforming, Cyborg

The Sol system is often considered the single most important location in the galaxy, and a major point of contention between the UEE and the Banu. The UEE came to the system through a long process of colonization and terraforming, while the Banu arrived through a more rapid process of terraforming and colonization. The Banu were able to quickly settle on Mars, while the UEE had to deal with the rocky first generation systems of Ceres and Ganymede. However, the Banu and UEE have managed to forge an uneasy peace in the system, and now share a single government.

The Revival: Recolonization  (R:R) was a series of games that ran from 2009-10, and was developed by Chris Roberts and Origin. The first game was released in 2009 and was followed by two sequels in 2010 and 2011. The games were set in a dystopian future where a worldwide economic collapse left the world in ruins to be rebuilt by a corporation called the Terran Confederacy (TC). The games put the player in the shoes of a member of the TC’s most elite military force, the ‘Revolt  Foundation’, or R:F as they are also known.

Imagine life in the year 2133, colonizing the moon and beyond. Imagine a world where we have conquered space, but not our planet. You have already invested in agricultural colonies, but you are still looking for the next big thing. An international team of scientists have just successfully tested a new form of terraforming, a method that used antimatter to shape the lunar landscape. This kind of terraforming has a big potential to expand humanity’s horizons, but it also poses some very real environmental risks.

Revival: Recolonization Shows Off Terraforming, Cyborg Killers, and More in New Gameplay Trailer

The forthcoming post-apocalyptic 4x strategy game Revival: Recolonization has received a new gameplay video, showing the powerful Edicts that players may employ to terraform the world, the mindless cyborg murderers who attempt to stop you from achieving your objectives, and more.

In Revival: Recolonization, you play as an Emissary, one of the only individuals who remembers what life was like on Earth before a mysterious catastrophe wiped out centuries of development. You awoke from cryosleep with the goal of restoring Earth to its former glory.

Revival: Recolonization Shows Off Terraforming, Cyborg Killers, and More in New Gameplay Trailer

Revival: Recolonization Shows Off Terraforming, Cyborg Killers, and More in New Gameplay Trailer

However, one man cannot determine the destiny of a whole planet, which is why you will head a tribe, each with its own set of characteristics, benefits, and favorite environment. Expanding into regions with less appropriate temperatures progressively depletes your tribe’s health and, as you would expect, makes them dislike you even more.

The Edicts of Revival: Recolonization come into play here. They’re strong instruments that Emissaries may use to terraform multiple tiles on the map, as well as raze structures and take control of troops that don’t belong to your faction. Other Emissaries may utilize them in the same way as you can.

The Allmind – AI responsible for the catastrophe that permanently scarred Earth – will dispatch its cyborg assassins to carry out one of its own Edicts when you do more and more acts. If successful, they may trigger zombie invasions or create a spreading wall of fire that covers the whole globe.

Exploiting uncommon resources and equipping your troops with new gear seems to be key to defeating these opponents and, more importantly, conflicts in general. You may also choose to settle your differences politely with fellow Emissaries.

Watch the video below to discover more about Revival: Recolonization. A demo is also available till July 31 on Steam. Later this year, the complete edition of the game will be released for PC.

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