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With the Masters of the Sky, a mobile game that mixes soccer and Flying Fortress, developers Red alert games have created a game that is more than just a soccer game: it’s a football game, a war game, and an arcade game all in one.

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The term “AAA” has become a marketing buzzword in recent years, usually to indicate an overhyped product. It can be found on the back of the box, on the sides of the box, or even in the description itself. But what does it really mean? Is a game like this AAA, despite being only a mediocre game? To help answer that, I will look at three key areas, and let you decide for yourself.

Red Wings Aces of the Sky is a beautifully detailed, yet simple, fun and addictive aerial combat game. While it’s not the fastest or most action-packed air combat game I’ve ever played, there’s something about it that keeps me coming back.

Red Wings Aces of the Sky Gameplay Preview

For people like me, who don’t often play flight games, getting used to the controls can be a nightmare. Many of these games have mechanisms that are too complicated for my simple mind to understand.

Fortunately, the Red Wings Aces of the Sky game is pretty easy to use. He has a few abilities like rolling and a cool death move where the player uses a weapon to push the other pilot out of his plane.

Red Wings: The sky’s the limit

But even with these extra mechanics, the game is easy to control, keeping it fun throughout.

Red Wings conducts day and night operations. Personally, I found the night missions more exciting, and luckily you have the option to do your first night air combat early in the campaign.


There are two campaigns in Red Wings Aces of the Sky: Triple Alliance and Triple Entente, both offer unique stories and unique aircraft to choose from.

Like the other game modes, the campaign can be played solo or with two players.

There are 50 missions in total, divided between the two factions. The overall gameplay and story are not entirely true to the story, but are more reminiscent of an arcade game in the dogfighting genre. So if you’re looking for a super realistic tribute to the first world war. World War II, you have to keep looking.

But if you’re willing to accept the game for what it is – a fun arcade dogfighting game – then it’s definitely worth playing.

Red Wing Manual

As I’ve said before, I’m not a veteran of air combat and frankly I’ve never been a fan. In Red Wings Aces of the Sky, however, you’re immediately taken through an extensive tutorial that helps you master basic movement and combat.

You can dive into the game pretty quickly and figure everything out, but for those like me who are new to the genre, it’s nice to have a brief introduction to the game mechanics.

A detailed but concise guide will also take you through the skill system, showing you how to acquire new skills and assign them to your keys for use in combat.

Skill TreeRed Wings Sky Ace

Aircraft and modifications

Once you progress through the game, you can choose between different levels, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

But at the beginning of the game, you only have two planes for each faction to choose from, and you can’t customize the planes until you unlock them.

Red Wings Aces of the Sky

Red Wings: Aces of the Sky Edition Baron

For those who like to collect box editions of games, Red Wings: Aces of the Sky Baron Edition comes with some great additions that will be a worthy addition to your collection.

  • Easy to learn operation
  • A good skill system
  • Lots of room for individual adjustments
Bad (and ugly)
  • Can become repetitive
  • The story could have been better.

6.7 3.3375

Review of Unboxed ReviewsThe Red Wings Aces of the Sky are an elite squadron of jet aircraft that are used by the United States Air Force. The squadron was first activated in 1942 as a light bombardment unit and was renamed the Red Wings in 1953. The squadron re-equipped with the Boeing B-47 Stratojet in 1955 and was redesignated the Red Wings Aces of the Sky in 1966.. Read more about red wings: aces of the sky walkthrough and let us know what you think.

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