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Gujarat Vidyapith is a public university established by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920. The university was established to promote education in the state of Gujarat, espousing the principles of self-reliance and service to the nation. The university has a long history of producing leaders and professionals who have made a difference.

In recent years, the Governing Council of Gujarat Vidyapith has invited State Governor Acharya Devvrat as the next Chancellor. As we explore the background of this prestigious university, let us also look at why this decision has been taken.


Mahatma Gandhi founded Gujarat Vidyapith in 1920 as an educational institution aimed at achieving Swaraj through the promotion of Indian culture, arts, and crafts, along with the study of modern science and technology.

The institution was envisioned as a centre of national education that would cater to the needs of the masses, regardless of caste, creed, or gender, and promote a deep sense of belongingness to the nation. Under Gandhi’s leadership, the Vidyapith aimed to create a community of learners who would focus on experiential learning and be deeply rooted in the Indian ethos.

Today, Gujarat Vidyapith continues to follow this vision and offers various courses and programs that promote social justice, organic living, and sustainable development. The decision of the governing council to invite Governor Acharya Devvrat as the next chancellor highlights the continued relevance of Gandhi’s philosophy in contemporary India.

Importance of Gujarat Vidyapith for the Independence Movement

Gujarat Vidyapith, founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920, played a crucial role in India’s independence movement.

The institution was established as a national university without government funding to promote Swadeshi, self-reliance, and the use of Indian languages. Gujarat Vidyapith provided an alternative to the British education system and was a platform for various social, cultural, and political movements.

It was a centre for non-violent resistance against British policies and played a significant role in the Salt Satyagraha, the Quit India Movement, and the Indian National Congress.

The recent decision of the Governing Council of Gujarat Vidyapith to invite the State Governor Acharya Devvrat as the next Chancellor is a testament to the institution’s legacy of autonomy and self-reliance.

Overview of Gujarat Vidyapith’s educational programs and achievements

Gujarat Vidyapith is a university founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920, to promote education and learn in India. Over the years, the university has developed several educational programs and achieved significant educational milestones.

Some educational programs offered by Gujarat Vidyapith include undergraduate and graduate courses in economics, social work, political science, and literature. The university also offers distance learning and adult education programs.

Gujarat Vidyapith has several notable achievements to its credit. It was one of the first Indian universities to be recognized by the University Grants Commission. In addition, the university has made significant contributions to the fields of rural development, non-violent communication, and Indian nationalism.

With its strong focus on social justice and community engagement, Gujarat Vidyapith continues to be a leading institution of higher learning in India, attracting students and scholars worldwide.

The Role of the Chancellor in Gujarat Vidyapith

On Tuesday, the governing council of Gujarat Vidyapith decided to invite State Governor Acharya Devvrat to be the next chancellor, in a move to bring in new levels of leadership and governance to the vidyapeeth, which was founded in 1920 by Mahatma Gandhi.

As the head of the university, the chancellor plays a vital role in helping guide the university’s strategic direction, and provides leadership and guidance to the university’s staff and students. In this article, we’ll discuss the role of the chancellor in Gujarat Vidyapith, and how it affects the university’s functioning.

The duties and responsibilities of the Chancellor

The chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapith has a crucial role in developing and overseeing this prestigious educational institution. As per the recent update, Governor Acharya Devvrat could be the next chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapith. Here are some of the duties and responsibilities of the Chancellor:

1. To preside over convocations, confer degrees, diplomas, and other academic distinctions.

2. To act as a figurehead and ambassador for the institution.

3. To serve as the institution’s ceremonial head and confer honours on distinguished members.

4. To have the power to remove any officer or staff member of the university as per the rules and regulations.

5. To perform any other duties assigned by the governing board from time to time.

Pro Tip: The role of a chancellor is more ceremonial than executive, but they can provide guidance and valuable support to the institution’s administration.

The selection process of the Chancellor in Gujarat Vidyapith

The selection process of the Chancellor in Gujarat Vidyapith is crucial as the Chancellor plays a significant role in the functioning of the University.

The selection process involves inviting potential candidates to apply for the position of Chancellor, followed by a thorough screening process and final selection by the Governing Council.

In the case of Gujarat Vidyapith, the Governing Council recently decided to invite the State Governor Acharya Devvrat to be the next Chancellor, bringing in his experience and expertise to lead the University towards its goals and objectives.

As the head of the University, the Chancellor plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the institution by providing guidance and support to the faculty and administration. They also represent the University and act as a liaison between the University and the government or other external bodies.

The selection of the right candidate for the position is important to maintain the integrity and reputation of the University, and to ensure that the University continues to grow and achieve its objectives.

Pro Tip: It is essential to have a transparent and objective selection process for such important positions to ensure that the right candidate is chosen.

The significance of appointing Governor Acharya Devvrat as the next Chancellor

The appointment of Governor Acharya Devvrat as the next Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapith marks a significant step in the institution’s administration and development.

As the Chancellor, Governor Devvrat’s role will be to oversee and guide the institution’s governance, academic policies, research programs, and development initiatives. With his extensive experience and expertise in the field of education, he is well-equipped to lead and mentor the university’s faculty, staff, and students.

Governor Devvrat’s appointment reflects the trust and confidence the institution’s governing council and stakeholders have in his leadership abilities and vision for the university’s growth and prosperity. In addition, it is an acknowledgement of his commitment to promoting excellence and innovation in the field of education and his willingness to serve the community and the nation.

Under his guidance, Gujarat Vidyapith is expected to achieve greater heights of academic and research excellence and contribute to the nation’s development in multifarious ways.

Acharya Devvrat – Life and Career

Acharya Devvrat is a prominent figure in Indian politics, hailing from the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. He has been actively involved in politics since college and rose to prominence with his appointment as an MLA in the Himachal Pradesh Assembly. He has also served as the Minister of Education for the state, and is now the 22nd Governor of Gujarat.

This article will provide a detailed overview of Acharya Devvrat’s life and career.

Insight into the previous positions held by Acharya Devvrat

Acharya Devvrat, the current Governor of Gujarat, has had a long and illustrious career, holding several important positions in various organisations.

Before his tenure as the Governor of Himachal Pradesh and later Gujarat, he served as the Principal of a Gurukul in Kurukshetra, Haryana.

In 2009, he was appointed the Director General of the Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS) and National Service Scheme (NSS), where he led the organisation towards a greater emphasis on community service and skill development.

In 2015, he was appointed as the Governor of Himachal Pradesh and served in this capacity for five years, during which he focused on promoting organic farming, education, and skill development.

In 2019, he was appointed the Governor of Gujarat and has since been involved in promoting education, healthcare, and spiritual tourism in the state.

Acharya Devvrat has also authored several books on education and spirituality, including ‘Sanskrit Sahitya Mein Ram Janmabhoomi’.

Overview of the achievements in his previous positions

As the newly appointed Chancellor for Gujarat Vidyapith, Acharya Devvrat brings a wealth of experience in his previous positions that position him to take on this new role. Before his appointment, he served as the Governor of Himachal Pradesh and worked in various administrative capacities in Haryana.

During his tenure as Governor, the state launched several initiatives related to sustainable development, education, and healthcare. He was appointed to this position after a distinguished educator and social worker career.

Acharya Devvrat has been recognized with several awards for his contribution to society, including the Mahatma Gandhi Samman, a prestigious award for promoting Gandhian values. His achievements and experience make him an excellent choice for the Chancellor position at Gujarat Vidyapith, and we can expect to see positive developments under his leadership.

Acharya Devvrat’s vision for Gujarat Vidyapith

Acharya Devvrat is all set to bring his vision to Gujarat Vidyapith as the next Chancellor, continuing his lengthy career in education and administration.

Acharya Devvrat has been a leader in the field of education, serving as an educator in various capacities for over 3 decades. In addition, he has been the Governor of Himachal Pradesh and held several other administrative positions.

As Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapith, he aims to improve the university’s academic standards, promote research and innovation, and create a vibrant and inclusive learning environment for students. Acharya Devvrat’s vision aligns with the core values and principles of Gujarat Vidyapith, which was established by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920 to promote national education and self-sufficiency.

With Acharya Devvrat at the helm, Gujarat Vidyapith is poised to continue its legacy of excellence and contribute to the growth and development of the nation.

Challenges and Opportunities for Gujarat Vidyapith

Founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920, Gujarat Vidyapith is one of the oldest universities in India. On Tuesday, the Governing Council of Gujarat Vidyapith decided to invite state Governor Acharya Devvrat to be the next Chancellor, introducing yet another challenge and opportunity for the university.

This section will explore the challenges and opportunities of this move and what it will mean for Gujarat Vidyapith.

The challenges faced by Gujarat Vidyapith in the current times

The challenges faced by Gujarat Vidyapith in the current times are multifaceted, and require a collaborative effort to be overcome.

One of the primary challenges is adapting to the changing educational landscape in the wake of the pandemic, which has forced a shift towards online learning and raised concerns about accessibility and quality of education.

Another challenge is maintaining the legacy and ethos of the university, as it faces pressure to adapt to modern educational models while staying true to the vision of its founder, Mahatma Gandhi.

Additionally, financial and administrative challenges need to be addressed to ensure the institution’s long-term sustainability.

However, there are also opportunities for growth and expansion, such as building stronger partnerships with industry and other educational institutions, leveraging technology to enhance the learning experience, and fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

By addressing these challenges and capitalising on these opportunities, Gujarat Vidyapith can continue to build upon its legacy and ensure its educational offerings remain relevant and impactful for future generations.

Opportunities available for Gujarat Vidyapith in the future

The future of Gujarat Vidyapith has a great potential for growth and development, with significant opportunities to establish itself as a leading institution in the area of Gandhian philosophy and rural development.

Here are some opportunities that Gujarat Vidyapith can leverage in the future:

1. Promote Gandhian philosophy:With its strong association with Mahatma Gandhi, Gujarat Vidyapith has a unique opportunity to promote and propagate the principles of non-violence, self-reliance, and rural development Gandhi espoused.

2. Expand its outreach:Gujarat Vidyapith can leverage its rural network and community-based approach to reach out to more people, especially those in underprivileged communities.

3. Collaborate with other institutions:        Gujarat Vidyapith can collaborate with other like-minded institutions and organisations to promote Gandhian principles and rural development initiatives.

With the appointment of Acharya Devvrat as the next chancellor, Gujarat Vidyapith can leverage his experience and expertise in rural development initiatives to further its mission and vision. However, the institution will face several challenges, including financial sustainability, improving academic quality, and attracting and retaining talented faculty members.

Pro tip: Embracing new technologies and pedagogical approaches can help Gujarat Vidyapith stay relevant and attract new students and faculty members.

The role of the Chancellor in addressing the challenges and seizing the opportunities

As the ceremonial head of Gujarat Vidyapith, the Chancellor has a crucial role in addressing the challenges and seizing the opportunities that present themselves to the institution.

Responsibilities of the Chancellor

Providing guidance and oversight to the university’s governing council.

Ensuring that the university’s mission and values are upheld and promoted.

Encouraging cooperation and collaboration between different departments and faculties.

Establishing partnerships with other organisations and institutions to further the university’s goals.

Serving as a figurehead and representative of Gujarat Vidyapith at public events and functions.

Pro Tip: The Chancellor can play a vital role in shaping the future of an institution, but it is important for them to work cooperatively with other leaders and stakeholders to achieve their objectives.


The Governing Council of Gujarat Vidyapith unanimously invited the Governor of Gujarat, Acharya Devvrat, to be the next Chancellor of the institution. This decision has been taken to honour the vision of Mahatma Gandhi who founded the university in 1920.

This concludes the discussion about the Governing Council of Gujarat Vidyapith and their decision to invite the governor as the next chancellor.

Summary of the role of Chancellor in Gujarat Vidyapith

The Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapith plays a crucial role in the university’s functioning. As per the governing council’s decision, the State Governor Acharya Devvrat is to be invited to be the next Chancellor.

The role of the Chancellor includes presiding over convocations, conferring degrees, and appointing key administrative positions in the university. They also serve as a mediator between the university, its governing bodies, and the government. The current Chancellor, Ela Bhatt, is a renowned social activist and founder of the Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), who has made significant contributions to the university.

With the invitation of Governor Acharya Devvrat as the next Chancellor, the university aims to continue its vision of promoting Gandhian principles and providing quality education to its students.

Importance of Governor Acharya Devvrat’s appointment as the Chancellor

The appointment of Governor Acharya Devvrat as the Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapith holds tremendous significance for both the institution and the state of Gujarat. With his vast knowledge, wisdom, and experience, he can guide and mentor the university towards excellence and growth.

Being a follower of Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy, Acharya Devvrat is a perfect fit for this role, as Gujarat Vidyapith was founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920. His appointment emphasises the university’s commitment to Gandhian principles and its mission to promote higher education and research that aligns with Mahatma Gandhi’s vision.

As an accomplished academician and administrator, Governor Devvrat can offer valuable insights to the university’s governing council and faculty members, making Gujarat Vidyapith an exceptional educational institution in the country.

The appointment of Governor Acharya Devvrat is a positive step towards steering the institution’s growth and development towards greater heights.

Prospects of Gujarat Vidyapith under Governor Acharya Devvrat’s leadership

The appointment of Governor Acharya Devvrat as the next Chancellor of Gujarat Vidyapith is expected to bring in a wave of positive changes and development for the institution.

With years of administrative experience and an illustrious academic background, Governor Acharya Devvrat is expected to lead the institution towards progress and reshape the prospects of Gujarat Vidyapith.

As envisioned by Mahatma Gandhi, the institution’s founding father, Gujarat Vidyapith is committed to providing an education rooted in Indian culture and values. Governor Acharya Devvrat is expected to carry forward this legacy and foster an environment of academic excellence and social responsibility.

With his appointment as the next Chancellor, the institution can look forward to a dynamic and visionary leadership that is dedicated to the growth and development of Gujarat Vidyapith.

Pro tip: The students and faculty members of Gujarat Vidyapith can take advantage of the new leadership and work towards creating a brighter future for the institution.

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