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Remember the game “Punishing” from the 80s? You know, the one where you take a piece of paper, write the word “Punishing” in the middle of it, fold it up, and then throw it at a wall? That’s exactly what I did when I first discovered this game, and I’ve been playing it ever since.

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In the classic game of Puyo Puyo, the player must eliminate all of the colored jewels from the game board by forming chains of connected puyos. There is only one rule to the game: the player must not form a chain of two or more identical puyos. If they choose to break this one rule, they are penalized with the gray puyos, the trash pile of the game. This is the one rule that the player must enforce in order to win the game.

Gray Raven is the subject of yet another Punishing Handbook. In this game, I’ll be talking about Memories today. Constructs and Compositers utilize Memories as a kind of equipment. They’re also called consciousness chips, and they’re utilized to store the thoughts of dead historical people as data. They offer different stats and effects, and a Construct’s effectiveness on the battlefield is greatly enhanced when outfitted with Memories. The following subjects are addressed and may be found in the Table of Contents:

For Punishing Gray Raven, A Complete Guide To Memories

Memories: A General Overview

Memories of a Construct has a 6-slot grid setup. Every memory contains six different copies of itself, each with a different number. These can only be equipped in their designated grid spaces. The top row of the grid (slots 1-3) is designated for health (HP) and critical hit (CH) memory (CRIT). On the other hand, memories on the bottom row (slots 4-6) provide attack and defensive power (DEF).

The Construct additionally receives set benefits if a grid contains several memories that are comparable. There are two extra effects for each memory type. These may be triggered by equipping the numbers 2 and 4 of the same memory. Memories can be strengthened, overclocked, and reverberated in the same way as weapons can. The stats of a memory can only be improved by enhancing it, while the bonus values stay the same. We’ll go over this in more detail later in the book.

Construct and Compositor memories are mutually exclusive. Compositors will not work with the one that works with Constructs. On 4-star or lower memory, you should always avoid needless upgrading and overclocking. Focus on 5- and 6-star memories for better utilization of upgrade materials and greater power spikes. Overall, they are more strong.

In the remaining slots for Constructs, opt for a four-piece set bonus and a two-piece secondary set bonus. Six-piece set bonuses are granted by compositer memories. As a result, they prefer to use the same memory type in all six slots. Because memories have various stats, their placement may be adjusted to increase the damage output of a Construct. In the bottom slots of the grid, equip memories with higher ATK values for improved battle effectiveness. A Construct’s DPS may be increased by around 0.5 percent with good memory placement.

List of Memory Tiers

6★Memories5★Memories4★Memories3★Memories2★Memories6 Reminiscences of a Compositor5 Reminiscences of a Compositor4 Memories of a Compositer
CondelinaEiffuEdisonHerman Wu Anjun  
ShakespeareEkkoAlice  Lucrezia  
DarwinGrodaEternal Adolphe     
Da VinciLiv-Reindeer      
KatherineGathering of Lanterns      
Phillip II was a king who reignedFireworks for the New Year      
GuineaKFC is an acronym for Kentucky Fried Chicken.      
FrederickLucia, KFC      
PattonLee. Festival of the Moonlight      
Zu Wen       

Requirements for enhancement/overclocking

Stage of Overclocking 0-11-22-33-44(Max)0-11-22-33-44(Max)
Experience is required (total) 1.660 pts2.730 pts4.050 pts6.140 pts8.590 pts1.180 pts1.860 pts3.030 pts4.580 pts6.390 pts
Cogs that are requiredImprovement (total)17.00027.50040.50061.50086.00012.00019.00030.50046.00064.000
Materials Needed* 4 CL4 CL and 4 ALThree CLs, three ALs, three CHs, and three AHs 3 CL, 3 AL, 5 CH, 5 AH, CL 3 AL, CL 3 AL, CL 3 AL, CL 3 AL, CL3 CL CL 3, 3 AL2 CL, 2 AL, 2 CH, 2 AH, 2 CL, 2 AL, 2 AL, 2 AL, 2 AL, 2 AL,4 CH, 4 AH, 2 CL, 2 AL, 2 CL, 2 AL, 2 CL, 2 AL, 2 CL, 2 AL,
  • CL stands for Circuit Low (Memory Overclock Circuit I)
  • AL stands for Alloy Low (Minor Overclock Alloy)
  • CH stands for Circuit High (Memory Overclock Circuit II)
  • AH stands for Alloy High (Major Overclock Alloy)

Overclocking Memory

Overclocking refers to the ability to raise your character’s memory or weapon level limit. It can only be obtained when the character’s memory has been completely improved to the maximum degree. When you’re done, a notice displays on your screen indicating that overclocking has been enabled. In addition, the enhance screen transforms into an overclock screen, which displays a variety of data. Character memories with four stars can only be overclocked three times, whereas those with five and six stars may be overclocked four times.

Increase in Statistics:

  • Increase in HP per level
  • Increase in CRIT Growth Per Level


  • Increase in ATK each level
  • Increase in DEF per level

Resonance of Memory

Using duplicate weapons or memories to enhance a certain item is known as resonating. 4-star memories cannot be relived, and memories can only be relived twice in general. Apart from utilizing duplicate memories, memory resonance material may also be used to resonate. When resonating, the memory slot makes no difference.

How to Make Memories Resonate

  • You’ll need the same part of the memory to resurface.
  • Go to the section on Resonance.
  • Select Add(+) from the drop-down menu.
  • On the following screen, press the Plus button once again.
  • You’re done after you’ve chosen the Memory you wish to resonate with.
  • Use the pictures below as a guide.



This brings the Memories in Punishing: Gray Raven guide to a close. I hope that wasn’t too tedious. Let us know what you think in the comments area below. I’ll be returning with more gaming material for you in the near future. Take care till then, and I’ll see you soon!

Punishing: Gray Raven is a video game developed by Gray Raven. It was released on the 26th of September 2016 and features Gray Raven as the main character. The game is a point and click adventure game and is similar to other point and click games.. Read more about punishing gray raven overclock 5 star equipment * 2 and let us know what you think.

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