Pros and Cons of Using AI Tools to Write Academic Essays

Since the pandemic hit the shores of the human world, education has been about technology. However, the ecosystem is starting to lose the human touch, especially with AI and Chat GPT. Today, there are more than 20 AI tools that help students write essays.  

Some people see it positively, and some see it as a blot on the academic world. However, we are not here to judge anyone; we are good citizens. Yet, as students of Max Weber, we will present the facts as they are.

In other words, we will showcase the pros and cons of using AI tools to write essays. That way, you can decide whether AI is good, bad, or ugly for the academic world. (Mr. Eastwood ain’t coming).  

Pros of Using AI Tools to Write Academic Essays  

The act of science is to help humans improve their livelihoods. From fans to aid against the scorching to robots to help you to do the hard things, science has evolved a lot during these years. Similarly, in the present it is the Chat GPT taking over the world, especially the academic world.  

Students copy texts left and right and paste them into their essay template. Obviously, it is a great help, so here are a few pros of using AI tools in essay writing, as per the best paper writing service –  

Language Efficiency  

One of the greatest pros of using AI is that it is an absolute grammar nazi and brilliant at writing essays with no typo errors or grammatical issues. Therefore, you can easily trust them. Moreover, the choice of words is exactly like humans, which is one of the reasons why students prefer AI over themselves.  

Hence, students who use AI as their machine learning can put citations and references from the sources it has taken. So, with brilliant choices and usage of literary devices, you can easily put your faith in the AI.  

Time Management

If you are at the eleventh hour and looking for a solution, you should go for AI. They can produce no sooner than you give the essay prompt. Therefore, you won’t have to spend hours thinking about how to craft the perfect essay.  

No matter the topic, they have the answers for all solutions. That way, you can save yourself from being the elephant in the room when you go to school. Hence, you can go to work and submit your essay on time. So, having a mate like AI is an answer to all academic prayers.  

Idea Creations  

When you are going through writer’s block, AI can be of great help. They can generate brilliant ideas and topics to use in your academic writing. It is a brilliant way to write seamlessly without any major hassle and issues.  


Therefore, if you get stuck at anything without fear, ask your AI mate. The system hears your calling more than god and offers a faster solution. So, put forth the issues and ideas you need for your essay and simply write them with ease.  

Cons of Using AI Tools to Write Essays  

However, just like the moon, AI also has a darker side, which academic experts deem a hazard to the academic world. They see it as more of a bane rather than a boon. This is because when you depend on technology, you limit your thinking capability and creativity.  

Moreover, it is seen that students have stopped working hard, especially with the rise of AI issues in writing. Here are a few other reasons why they think so –  

No Space for Originality  

When you are in academia, you get known for your creativity and critical thinking. Therefore, when you use AI, you limit your thinking power and ability to think out of the box. There will be no more people identifying little issues and problems that can have a major issue in the future.  

Similarly, it will affect science, as it thrives on solving equations and creating magic out of nothing. Imagine students’ issues with Astro physics without using the laws and theories given by Chandrasekhar. Moreover, because of originality, people won Noble by creating new discoveries on the Boson particles. Hence, it’s a con to the academic world and keeps students within a closed shell.  

Ethical Issues  

The academic world tries to be as ethical as it can. It likes to offer the value of hard work and the benefits of free thinking and thinking for themselves. Hence, when you use AI, you develop those, and similarly, other students get influenced and use it. That way, it destroys the whole academic ecosystem.  


Therefore, all the academic institutions in the world have put a ban on the usage of AI to write essays. Students get expelled for using AI to write their papers. So, it is better to write your own papers and develop their thinking and writing skills.  

Unable to Create Great Arguments  

Certainly, there is a limitation of every scientific product. Similarly, the Chat GPT and AI have the same thing. They can’t create great arguments to help them write arguments. This is because they have little understanding of different contexts.  

That’s where your thinking process comes in. You need to create great, coherent arguments and rebuttals to create the best essays and enhance the quality of the essay. So, don’t depend on the AI too much to write your essays. Use your skills to write brilliantly crafted essays.  

The Argument is Present for You to Decide  

In the end, it is up to you to decide whether to use AI or not to write essays. Even if you are lazy, you should have great editing skills to add your touch to the essay and state your views. Otherwise, it’s quicksand for you. Once you land in the sand, there is no going away.  

So, experts advise students to depend on professors and friends for help writing essays rather than technology. This will make them better students and give them a working knowledge full of theoretical and practical knowledge.  

The assumptions are here, so judge it yourself and find a difference between the good, bad and ugly!!

Brett Shapiro
Brett Shapiro
Brett Shapiro is a co-owner of GovDocFiling. He had an entrepreneurial spirit since he was young. He started GovDocFiling, a simple resource center that takes care of the mundane, yet critical, formation documentation for any new business entity.

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