Path of Exile’s Expedition League Sets off Next Week

The Path of Exile team has announced the first major update for the game’s upcoming The Fall of Oriath expansion. The update, which takes the game into its second year, will introduce a new dark-themed end-game experience for players, called the Expedition League.

The Path of Exile’s Infernal Machine  league is about to kick off, which means that the final boss VuhDoz has been pushed out of the way, allowing players to finally take on the real challenge.

The show is over, my friends, but the journey has just begun! Grinding Gear Games has just held a live stream session to announce the Path of Exile 3.15 expansion and challenge league, which launches on the 23rd. The month of July is beginning. And in this one, the players go on an expedition! GGG CEO Chris Wilson not only introduced the new shipping league and the introduction of a whole new Kalguuran culture, but also talked about GGG’s efforts to change the metagame and increase the difficulty of POE in general.

The stream introduced new mechanics, a host of new skill gems, and a brand new protective gear called Ward. Players use explosives at the dig site to uncover treasures and monsters and help the Calgurians discover the fate of their lost ancestors. You can also discover new ways to do business with NPCs, for example. B. Bargaining, gambling and up-selling. As for gems, 19 new gems have been added, inspired by each Ascension class (as opposed to the usual handful aimed at specific builds).

Path of Exile’s Expedition League Sets off Next Week

Many systems will be revamped in this expansion; changes to the bottle system will eliminate the royal bottle spammer, and the redistribution of supporting gems will reduce damage by 20-40%. In addition, movement and descent skills are refined.

Stay tuned for our next Wraeclast, where we’ll take an in-depth look at the Path of Exile Expedition League!

In Path of Exile: Expedition: Join a Calgurian expedition, dig up their lost relics and undead with explosive chains, then trade these relics with their traders, make deals and play.

Published on 23. July for PC and Mac // 28. July for Console

– Path of Exile (@pathofexile) 15. July 2021


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