Pantheon Rise of the Fallen’s latest producer’s letter recounts development updates, outlines its next test objectives

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen has had a lot of development updates in the past few weeks. We are closer than ever to its release on the PC and consoles. However, our goal is not to release a finished game, but a game that can create a great experience. That’s why we are still working hard to improve the game, to make it even more fun and gorgeous, because we are not only developers, but gamers too.

The latest developer’s letter from the deep-water studio reveals that Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has been delayed roughly two months, from its original target date in July to the end of September. The letter also details the studio’s progress on the VR version of the game, which is going to be a separate project rather than an encore of the PC version of the original game.

In the past few months, we’ve witnessed Pantheon Rise of the Fallen develop in a way that we couldn’t even have anticipated.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Producer and Creative Director Chris Joppa Perkins notes great progress on the evolving PvE sandbox, as he reveals in his latest Producer Brief, where he talks about recruitment updates, development progress, and a few words from the testing front.

Perkins began by praising two new members of the -Pantheon at team – a new production artist and a new environment artist – and finalized the position of assistant content creator, which he said is critical to strengthening our marketing efforts and is an essential part of our new approach to promotional content. Expect the word influencer to be dropped a lot.

The letter then moves on to development updates, mentioning the game’s recent development stream in which enemy combat tactics were shown off, with a few words about the ongoing work on the monk, lurker, and summoner classes, and describing other updates to the game, such as a new spell line for mages, the addition of the Shaman’s Gaze combat tool, and the nearly completed full pipeline for procedural terrain generation tools in the game, among other things.

The last notable bit of text is about testing, as Perkins talks about a recent 30-hour testing session with increased XP ratios for character testers to ten and twenty. In this regard, Perkins notes that the duration of the test provided invaluable technical and server data, as well as the opportunity to observe player development and migration more naturally. The next challenge is integrating the new combat awareness AI for the NPC and monk classes, which coincidentally means there will be a wipe. The test times will be announced shortly™.

ViewIf you’re reading this, then you likely know about Pantheon’s upcoming action-RPG, Rise of the Fallen. We’ve been teasing its development since it was first announced at E3 2008, and now we’re happy to finally bring you the latest news from its development.. Read more about pantheon: rise of the fallen release date and let us know what you think.

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