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No Man’s Sky’s Next Update, Frontiers, Teased in 5th

Hi everyone. This is earthandstars, and I’m here to talk about No Man’s Sky, an upcoming update that’s launching tomorrow. It’s called Frontiers, and it’s a huge content update that includes a number of new systems, new gameplay, and a whole lot more.

Hello everyone! In the last few weeks, we have been very busy at Hello Games working on the next update for No Man’s Sky. Our update process is very iterative, and we always find that we are a few iterations away from what we think will make stuff fun, and what players want. We thought we were a long way from that with the Atlas Rises update, but since the feedback from Early Access has been so good, we’ve decided to push ahead with the next update. We’ve just released a video of an early prototype of the update we are working on, and of course you can all watch it here:

If you’ve been keeping up with the game’s development, you’ll know that No Man’s Sky’s Next Update is called Frontiers , and it’s due out in a few weeks time. Today, the developers have teased the update by posting a cryptic new video on YouTube:

No Man's Sky's Next Update, Frontiers, Teased in 5th Anniversary Video

This month marks the fifth anniversary of No Man’s Sky, and to commemorate the event, publisher and developer Hello Games has produced a film that takes you through the game’s history while also announcing the game’s upcoming free update, Frontiers.

After a disappointing start, No Man’s Sky managed to pull off one of the most amazing comebacks. The game’s world was extended with a continuous stream of free post-release updates that included lots of new features including base construction and the ability to tame animals, as well as overhauling current game types and expanding the game’s universe. This persuaded a sizable portion of the playerbase to stay with the game, and Frontiers seems to be on the same track.

No Man's Sky's Next Update, Frontiers, Teased in 5th Anniversary Video

No Man's Sky's Next Update, Frontiers, Teased in 5th Anniversary Video

“In some ways, it’s simply another update,” Hello Games Founder Sean Murray said on the PlayStation blog. “In other ways, it’s a missing piece of the sci-fi fantasy that we’ve always wanted to include, and very appropriate for our fifth anniversary.”

He also described the No Man’s Sky Frontiers update as “simply another step on our journey” that would be released “soon,” although he didn’t go into detail about what improvements we may anticipate.

Hopefully, we’ll learn more about the game’s 17th update later this month. Meanwhile, watch the trailer for No Man Sky’s 5th Anniversary below.

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Hello everyone! Welcome to a new blog post! This time we’re going to talk about a new update coming to No Man’s Sky. It’s called “Frontiers”, and it’s coming tomorrow! We’ve… well, we’ve been working on that update for a while, and it’s finally time to show you.. Read more about no man’s sky 2020 review and let us know what you think.

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