Neverwinter’s new Bard is accompanied by a massive level squish from 80 to 20

The newly-announced Bard class for Neverwinter is coming with a hefty level hit from 80 to 20, a new class feature called Song of Silence, and a potent Bard spell called Song of Battle. The class’s Song of Silence ability is a powerful defensive ability that can prevent the Bard from taking damage.

Bard is the newest class in Neverwinter, and the community is happy about this addition. However, many players have voiced concerns about the size changes this class has received. Of course, I think that the changes are reasonable, but I have two problems with this level squish.

word-image-1906 Earlier this week, Neverwinter announced that it is working on a brand new class, its first since 2016: Bards are described as elegant warriors who use the power of song to empower their allies and defeat their enemies, and as brave heroes who can weave magic into their swords and use music to inspire their allies, manipulate spirits, and even heal wounds, depending on the path they choose – Singer or Minstrel. Perhaps the most exciting news is that players won’t have to wait long for it: It should arrive on the test server soon, and then be released next week, along with Sharandar’s third episode, The Odious Court. But what we didn’t know at the time was that the M21 patch, which arrives next week, not only adds a new class and the final part of the plot, but also completely overhauls the leveling system, which is essentially a major leveling overhaul, with a new level cap of 20 (up from 80) and a faster way to reach it. The levels in Neverwinter take up a lot of space in the beginning of the game, but towards the end of the game the focus is on the item levels. For many players, it was a difficult transition where they felt lost and didn’t know what to do next. Additionally, over the years, levels have expanded to continue the journey with new advancements, moving the game away from the basics of D&D. When we wanted to improve the leveling experience, we thought it was the right time to better tie the game to D&D and help players understand what they should focus on to improve their character. This led to the decision to bring back the 20 levels and make them milestones that mark the progression of your journey, which better fits the core gameplay of D&D. These milestones now form a linear path with new tutorials, gear changes, and better experiences for new players who master Neverwinter. While players don’t have to do anything to prepare for leveling up, it seems that some of the old leveling adventures have been temporarily closed, presumably until they are redesigned for the new leveling curve. We will discuss the adventure in more detail in a future blog, the studio said in a post. The Odious Court comes out on June 8 for PC and June 6 for Mac. July for consoles.

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