MYTHIC+ DUNGEONS: Exploring the Service and How to Use It

In the ever-evolving world of online gaming, World of Warcraft (WoW) has remained a juggernaut, captivating millions of players with its vast virtual realms and thrilling adventures. One of the most engaging aspects of WoW is its dungeon system, where groups of players come together to conquer challenging encounters and obtain valuable rewards.

Among the various dungeon experiences available, Mythic+ Dungeons stand out as an exciting and rewarding option. In this article, we will delve into what Mythic+ Dungeons are, how they work, and how you can make the most of this thrilling service.

What Are Mythic+ Dungeons?

Mythic+ Dungeons are a special type of dungeon content introduced in WoW’s Legion expansion and further expanded upon in subsequent expansions. They offer a progressively difficult and time-based challenge for groups of five players. Unlike traditional dungeons, mythic+ boost have multiple difficulty levels and a time limit, making them an exhilarating and competitive activity.

How Do Mythic+ Dungeons work?

To participate in Mythic+ Dungeons, you need to form a group of five players, either through your guild or using the in-game Group Finder tool. Once your group is ready, you can enter a Mythic+ Dungeon of your choice.

Keystone and Affixes

Each Mythic+ Dungeon run starts with a Keystone, an item that determines the dungeon, difficulty level, and additional challenges known as Affixes. Keystones are obtained by completing a regular Mythic Dungeon or looting them from the final boss of an existing Mythic+ Dungeon run.

The Keystone you possess will specify the dungeon you’ll venture into, such as “The Necrotic Wake” or “Halls of Atonement,” and indicate the difficulty level, ranging from 2 to 30+. The higher the Keystone level, the tougher the enemies and mechanics you’ll face.


Additionally, each week, a set of Affixes is applied to all Mythic+ Dungeons, further enhancing the challenge. These Affixes introduce unique modifiers to the encounters, such as bolstering enemy forces, explosive orbs, or increased damage from specific sources. Being aware of the weekly Affixes and planning your strategies accordingly is crucial to success in Mythic+ Dungeons.

Time Limit and Key Upgrades

Once inside a Mythic+ Dungeon, your group will have a time limit to complete the run and defeat the final boss. The timer varies depending on the dungeon and the Keystone level. The faster you clear the dungeon, the more time you’ll have to tackle subsequent levels.

If your group manages to finish the dungeon within the time limit, you will receive rewards, including a new Keystone at a higher level. This upgraded Keystone can then be used to access more challenging Mythic+ Dungeons, providing an opportunity for even greater rewards.

However, if you fail to complete the dungeon within the allotted time, your Keystone will be depleted, and you will receive a reward appropriate for the level you reached. It’s important to strike a balance between speed and efficiency to maximize your chances of success.

How to Use Mythic+ Dungeon services

While it’s possible to assemble your own group and venture into Mythic+ Dungeons with friends or guildmates, some players prefer to utilize Mythic+ Dungeon services provided by external parties.


These services offer various benefits, such as experienced players, specific Keystone levels, and guaranteed completion within the time limit.

To Use Mythic+ Dungeon Services, You Can Follow These Steps:

Research reputable service providers: Look for well-established organizations or groups that offer Mythic+ Dungeon services. Check their reputation, customer reviews, and pricing.

Select the desired Keystone level and dungeon: Determine the Keystone level you wish.

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