Mixing the Perfect Martini: A Bond’s Guide to Casino Drinks

James Bond is an enduring cultural icon. He’s a timeless symbol of suave elegance and bold audacity, a gentleman spy with a taste for the finer things in life. Central to this persona is his association with classic cocktails, especially martinis. There’s something about the way he orders his drink—confident and specific—that perfectly encapsulates his charm.

Yet, the world of Bond is not restricted to the martini glass alone. Through his cinematic journey, we’ve been introduced to a variety of casino beverages that mirror his adventurous spirit. Emulating Bond’s drink choices add a touch of elegance to any casino night, whether you’re placing bets at the high-roller tables or enjoying pay by phone casinos not on Gamstop.

Unraveling the Mystery: The Classic Bond Martini

The “Vesper” Martini:
Arguably the most famous cocktail associated with Bond is the Vesper Martini, named after the femme fatale Vesper Lynd. First introduced in Ian Fleming’s inaugural Bond novel, ‘Casino Royale,’ it has since set the bar (pun intended) for sophisticated casino drinks.

Creating a Vesper martini involves combining three measures of Gordon’s gin, one measure of vodka, and a half measure of Kina Lillet, an aromatic French aperitif wine. Bond then instructs it to be shaken until it’s ice-cold before a thin slice of lemon peel is added for garnish. This drink is a harmonious blend of strength and elegance, a metaphor for Bond himself.

The “Shaken, Not Stirred” Controversy:

Bond’s directive to have his martini ‘shaken, not stirred’ has been a point of contention among cocktail enthusiasts. Purists argue that shaking a martini would “bruise” the spirit while stirring allows for a smoother blending of flavors. However, Bond’s approach, beyond being an essential aspect of his character, might serve a practical purpose. Shaking the cocktail with ice chills it more quickly and adds a slightly diluted, mellow character, which may be preferable in high-stakes scenarios.

Other Notable Bond Casino Drinks

The Black Velvet:
In the diamond-encrusted spectacle of ‘Diamonds Are Forever,’ Bond deviates from his regular martini to order a Black Velvet. This cocktail is a curious blend of equal parts stout beer and champagne—a drink as enigmatic and captivating as Bond himself. The Black Velvet is said to have been invented in the 19th century to mourn the death of Prince Albert, making it a fitting drink for Bond, a man always flirting with danger.

The Old-Fashioned:
While ‘Live and Let Die features Bond tackling the world of voodoo and tarot cards, it also sees him enjoying an Old-Fashioned. This cocktail is a mix of whiskey, bitters, a sugar cube, and a few dashes of water. Garnished with a cocktail cherry and an orange slice, it’s a classic drink that suits Bond’s refined palate.

Recreating Bond’s Drinks at Home

Creating your own Bond-inspired bar at home can be a thrilling endeavor. From sourcing the right spirits to mastering the perfect shake or stir, here’s a step-by-step guide to bringing the Bond mystique to your own mixology.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Making the Perfect Martini

  1. Choose the Right Spirits: Bond’s signature martini demands high-quality gin and vodka. We recommend Gordon’s Gin and Absolut Vodka for their balanced, superior flavors.
  2. Chill Your Glass: Place your martini glass in the freezer about an hour before you plan to mix your cocktail. This ensures the glass is frosty cold, keeping your drink at the perfect temperature for longer.
  3. Mix the Ingredients: In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, pour three parts gin, one part vodka, and a half part Kina Lillet.
  4. Shake It Up: Shake the cocktail shaker vigorously until the outside of the shaker becomes frosty. This is where Bond’s iconic “shaken, not stirred” comes into play.
  5. Strain and Garnish: Strain the contents into your chilled martini glass. Finish it off with a twist of lemon for the garnish. Congratulations, you’ve just made a Bond-approved Vesper Martini.

Making Other Bond Casino Drinks


The Black Velvet:

  1. Prepare Your Glass: Ensure your champagne flute is clean and chilled.
  2. Measure Your Ingredients: Pour equal parts Guinness Stout and champagne into the flute. These two contrasting flavors combine to create a drink as enigmatic as Bond himself.
  3. Serve Immediately: The Black Velvet is best enjoyed fresh, so make sure to serve it immediately.

The Old-Fashioned:

  1. Muddle Your Ingredients: Start by placing a sugar cube in an Old-Fashioned glass. Add a splash of water and two dashes of bitters, then muddle these together until the sugar is dissolved.
  2. Add Ice and Whiskey: Fill the glass with ice cubes, then pour over your preferred whiskey. Bond’s choice would likely be a fine bourbon.
  3. Stir Gently: Stir the drink gently to combine the flavors without bruising the whiskey.
    Garnish and Serve: Add a cocktail cherry and an orange slice for garnish. Your Bond-style Old-Fashioned is ready to enjoy.

Remember, the secret to a great cocktail is not just the ingredients but also the care and attention you put into creating it. Bond wouldn’t rush his drink, and neither should you. Here’s to a night of casino games and exquisite cocktails.

The symbolism of Bond’s Drinks

Each drink Bond selects is symbolic, enhancing his persona and the plot. The martini, his go-to choice, exudes class and sophistication, much like Bond himself. His ‘shaken, not stirred’ directive underscores his uniqueness and style.

The Vesper Martini, named after Bond’s tragic love, Vesper Lynd, reflects the enchantment and danger inherent in Bond’s life. Its strong, smooth, and slightly bitter profile can be seen as a metaphor for Bond’s tumultuous romances.

The Black Velvet, a mix of stout and champagne, represents contrast. It’s a nod to Bond’s ability to move seamlessly between glamorous casinos and perilous underworlds, embodying both the luxury and peril in his life.

Lastly, the Old-Fashioned, a timeless, sturdy drink, mirrors Bond’s enduring and resilient character. Like Bond, it stands the test of time, never losing its essence.

Tables and Lists

Bond’s Drinks:



Vesper Martini

Casino Royale

Black Velvet

Diamonds Are Forever


Live and Let Die

Checklist for Making Bond’s Drinks at Home:

  • High-quality gin and vodka (for the Vesper Martini)
  • Kina Lillet (for the Vesper Martini)
  • Guinness Stout and Champagne (for the Black Velvet)
  • Bourbon and bitters (for the Old-Fashioned)
  • Sugar cubes
  • Lemons, for zest
  • A good cocktail shaker
  • Martini glasses
  • Champagne flutes
  • Old-Fashioned glasses
  • Ice

Final Thoughts

James Bond lives in a world with high stakes, risky tasks, and, of course, great drinks, whether it’s a classic martini or the mysterious Black Velvet, each drink he makes shows off his sophisticated taste.


Mixing these drinks gives you the feeling of being a part of James Bond’s exciting world. So why not give these well-known drinks a try? After all, Bond would agree that a well-made drink makes life a little more interesting.


What is the Significance of James Bond’s “Shaken, Not Stirred” Martini?

The ‘shaken, not stirred’ directive shows Bond’s preference for how his martini is prepared. It’s not just about the drink; it’s a reflection of his personality – unique, stylish, and particular about details.

What is a Vesper Martini?

A Vesper Martini, named after Bond’s love interest in ‘Casino Royale,’ Vesper Lynd, is a cocktail made with gin, vodka, and Kina Lillet. It’s known for its strong, smooth, and slightly bitter profile.

What does the Black Velvet Cocktail Symbolize in Bond’s Universe?

The Black Velvet, a mix of stout and champagne, symbolizes the contrasts in Bond’s life. It represents his ability to navigate both high-class casinos and dangerous underworlds with equal ease.

Why is the Old Fashioned Considered a Reflection of Bond’s Character?

The Old-Fashioned, a classic and enduring cocktail, mirrors Bond’s own resilience and timeless appeal. Like this cocktail, Bond remains a relevant and compelling figure, irrespective of changing times.

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