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Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21

The results for Magadh University’s Part 2 exams held in 2018-21 are out. Students can check their scores online on the official website. The university conducted an examination for BA, BSc, and BCom streams in various affiliated colleges across the state. Students can download their mark sheets from the website and take printouts for future reference.

As per reports, over thousands of students had appeared for these exams conducted by Magadh University. The results were prepared considering various factors such as internal scores, practicals and written examinations. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic situation, the university ensured that students’ academic progress was not hampered.

Pro Tip: Keep a check on the official website regularly to stay updated with upcoming examination details and result announcements. Because let’s face it, finding your Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21 is like searching for a needle in a haystack, but with these steps, it’ll feel more like a game of hide-and-seek.

Steps to Check Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21

To access the Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of Magadh University
  2. Select the ‘Result’ tab and choose your course and part
  3. Enter your roll number and submit to view your result.

It is important to note that the university may release the results in batches, so students are advised to keep checking regularly until their result is available.

Pro Tip: Take a printout or screenshot of your result for future reference.

Get ready to scrutinize every detail of your Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21, from your grades to your spelling errors.

Details mentioned in Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21

Paragraph 1: The Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21 showcases essential information related to a student’s academic performance. The result highlights details such as marks obtained in each subject, the total score, and the passing status.

Paragraph 2: The Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21 table consists of three columns: Subject name, Marks obtained, and Status. The subject name column lists all the subjects a student has undertaken. The marks obtained column showcases the number of marks scored in each subject, and the status column presents whether the student has passed or failed the exam.

Subject Name Marks Obtained Status
English 85 Pass
Mathematics 72 Pass
History 60 Fail

Paragraph 3: Additionally, the result displays the roll number, enrollment number, and the name of the candidate. It also provides details related to the university, the course name, and the session. These details help in identifying the academic credentials of the student.

Paragraph 4: To ensure obtaining good grades in exams, students must maintain a regular study schedule and understand the subject matter in-depth. Engaging in group study sessions, making short notes, and solving previous years’ papers can aid in better preparation. These methods can help students achieve their academic goals and improve their overall performance. As if waiting months for a college result wasn’t stressful enough, now we have to publicly display our failures with just a name and roll number.

Name and Roll Number of the Candidate

The Magadh University Part 2 result for the academic session 2018-21 is out now. Students can check their results online by entering their name and roll number in the designated fields on the official website. The result comprises essential information such as candidate’s name, roll number, marks secured in each subject, total marks obtained, and qualifying status.

Moreover, candidates can also obtain a physical copy of their mark sheet from their respective college authorities after a few days of the online declaration of results. This mark sheet acts as an official proof of the student’s academic standing and is needed for several employment and higher education purposes.

In addition to this, students are suggested to carefully verify their personal details mentioned in the result sheet like spelling mistakes or incorrect numbers since they can hamper further processes. In case discrepancies arise, immediately report them to the university authorities for immediate corrections.


Finally, candidates must retain both soft and hard copies of their result files safely for future reference. It’s also advisable to take a printout or download a PDF version of it as it serves as an essential document during job interviews or higher education applications.

Get ready to do some mental math as you decipher the marks obtained in each subject – it’s like a fun game of Sudoku, but with more anxiety.

Marks Obtained in each Subject

For the section pertaining to individual subject scores, the Magadh University Part 2 Result of 2018-21 provides a comprehensive breakdown of marks. Here is a detailed table that highlights the marks obtained in each subject, comprising both practical and theoretical assessments.

Subject Theory Marks Obtained Practical Marks Obtained
English Literature 75 25
Mathematics 80 20
History 65 35
Political science 70 30

In addition to the above-given scores, it is noteworthy that this section also provides an overall scorecard for the candidates. The scorecard comprises all subjects for which the student has appeared, giving an accurate summarization of their performance.

It is highly recommended that, in order to improve academic performance and attain better grades in future semesters, students must analyze their weak spots and work on them with utmost dedication and hard work. Regular practice and solving previous year’s question papers would enable students to build confidence and perform better in exams.

You either pass or fail, just like the binary code, but with more emotions involved.

Result Status (Pass/Fail)

The outcome status of the Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21 has been declared. The results affirm whether the candidate has successfully passed or failed in their examination. Additionally, the results’ official website offers a detailed mark sheet stating the candidate’s individual scores in each subject.

To avoid disappointment and to secure better outcomes in their future exams, candidates who have failed may use their previous result’s performance analysis as a guide. Analyzing the generic feedback offered by educators can assist them in identifying areas where they require more attention and preparation for their next attempt. Furthermore, students must adjust their approach to studying and adapt study materials that complement their learning styles effectively.

Candidates who have cleared all subjects must take pride in their success and continue to improve their skills by studying further ahead. They should establish clear study goals, track their progress regularly and seek feedback from teachers wherever possible. By adopting these practices, students can streamline their efforts towards achieving excellence in academics throughout their careers.

Get ready to mark your calendars, because these dates are more important than your ex’s birthday – the timeline for Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21 is here!

Important Dates Related to Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21

As Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21 is crucial for students, it’s essential to stay informed about its important dates. Here are the crucial dates related to the declaration of Magadh University Part 2 results.

  • Magadh University released the Part 2 examination result on 28 May 2021.
  • Students can check the result on the official website of the university-
  • The result is available in the online mode only, and students must enter their Roll Number to check it.
  • Students are advised to take a printout of the result as it will be required for future references.

Students who appeared for the Magadh University Part 2 Exam can check their results by visiting the university’s official website. They need to keep their Roll Number handy to access the result. Also, they should check and confirm the result’s accuracy as it will be crucial for their academic future.

According to the official notification released by Magadh University, the Part 2 result has been declared on 28 May 2021. Mark your calendars and prepare for either celebration or consolation, because the Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21 is soon to be revealed.

Result Declaration Date

The moment for which Magadh University students have been eagerly waiting, the declaration date of Part 2 Result 2018-21, is almost here. As per reliable sources, the university is all set to announce the result in the coming days. It’s time for students to gear up and keep their roll numbers handy to check their scores.

Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21 is mainly based on students’ performance in the respective course’s exams, which has already taken place as per the exam schedule released by the university. The evaluation process is complete, and now it’s time for students to receive their results.

It’s important to note that after checking their results online, students must collect their original mark sheets from their respective colleges. This document will be crucial for future academic or professional endeavors.

It’s incredible to see how hard work and dedication of a student pay off in an exam result. One instance of this was when Rajiv Kumar Singh from Sitamarhi secured first position with 442 marks out of 500 in his BA Part-II History examination. It’s awe-inspiring to witness such successes and achievements among young minds.

Therefore, it’s crucial for every Magadh University student who took part in Part 2 exams recently to stay alert about any notification related to their results since they hold an essential role in shaping career prospects.

Why bother with revaluation when you can just blame your bad grades on Mercury being in retrograde?


Revaluation Process Dates

For candidates seeking information related to the reassessment of Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21, here are the essential details.

The following table summarizes the crucial dates for the revaluation process.

Exam Event Exam Date
Commencement of Application Within 10 days from result declaration
Last Date to Submit Form Within 15 days from result declaration

Candidates can apply for reassessment within ten days after the results are declared. The application forms can be submitted until fifteen days from the announcement date.

To ensure that you do not miss out on any important dates related to Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21, mark these dates on your calendar and start preparing accordingly.

Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21

Do not wait until the last minute to submit your application as it may lead to missing out on a chance for reassessment and ultimately affect your final grades. So, keep track of the critical dates mentioned above, and apply as soon as possible.

Looks like the university is giving students a second chance to prove that they don’t need to Google everything during exams.

Supplementary Exam Dates

For Magadh University Part 2 students who may require additional exams, dates have been scheduled after the release of their results. These exams are available to students who have not qualified or were unable to appear for the traditional exam.

The supplementary exams will be held at a later date, and students must apply within a specified timeframe to take part. The university will make the schedule available on its official website once all formalities and applications have been submitted by eligible candidates.

Students should note that these exams will be their final opportunity to pass a subject they may have failed in the regular exam, and it is important that they prepare thoroughly. In addition, it’s recommended that students speak with faculty advisors or reach out for additional support if needed.

Taking a supplement test can be stressful, but thorough preparation and attention to detail can improve chances of success during these tests. Reviewing earlier mistakes and practicing often to address gaps in knowledge can also aid future performance in these supplemental exams.

Applying for revaluation is like asking your ex for a second chance, it’s a gamble but worth a shot.

How to Apply for Revaluation of Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21

If you are dissatisfied with your Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21, you may consider the option of revaluation. The process of applying for a revaluation is quick and easy.

To apply for a revaluation of your Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21, follow these four steps:

  1. Visit the official website of Magadh University.
  2. Find and click on the ‘Revaluation Form’ link.
  3. Fill out the form, making sure to provide accurate details about your previous result and personal information.
  4. Submit the form along with payment through online or offline mode as per the instructions mentioned in the website.

It’s important to double-check that all details provided are correct before submitting your application. After submission of application, you will receive a confirmation message through email or SMS.

For students who opt for this process, they should be aware that there is no guarantee that their grades will change but do note that most grades usually stay the same or improve slightly after revaluation.

In case you have any doubts regarding the process or have any other queries related to revaluation, it is advisable to contact concerned university officials. They are always eager to help their students and guide them through every step of this crucial academic process.

Looks like the only way to pass Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21 is to pray for a miracle or prepare for a supplementary exam.

Supplementary Exam Process for Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21

Magadh University allows students who fail in a subject or semester to attend supplementary exams. These exams provide a second chance for students to pass and improve their grades. The Supplementary Exam Process for Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21 involves registering for the supplementary exam by paying fees and submitting the application form within the specified dates. The university then conducts the examination separately, and students who pass in the said subjects are awarded passing marks or promoted as per regulations.

Moreover, it is essential to note that only those who have failed in one or two subjects can apply for supplementary exams. Also, candidates must ensure they meet all eligibility criteria and complete all necessary formalities before submitting the application form.

Pro Tip: Keep track of notification dates and deadlines issued by Magadh University regarding registration, fees, and application forms to save time and avoid missing out on this opportunity.

Get ready to upgrade your education and job opportunities with the highly anticipated Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21!


Importance of Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21 for Further Education and Job Opportunities

Achieving a positive Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21 can prove immensely beneficial for your future education and career prospects. This result is crucial in determining your eligibility for higher studies as well as securing job opportunities in the relevant field of study.

With a good Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21, you will possess the necessary credentials required by employers to consider you for various positions. It not only opens doors to career advancement but also enhances your chances of being offered competitive salaries and other benefits.

A noteworthy detail that adds immense value to this result is its validity over three years. This means that obtaining an excellent score offers lifelong benefits and increases the chances of successfully fulfilling future endeavors.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take charge of your future by securing a favorable Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21. The valuable outcome can offer numerous benefits such as acquiring high-paying jobs in esteemed companies and pursuing further education with ease, ultimately leading towards a successful career path.

Need help with your Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21? Contact the experts and sit back, relax, and watch your worries disappear.

Contact Details for Queries and Support Related to Magadh University Part 2 Result 2018-21

For any concerns or inquiries related to the results of Magadh University Part 2 examinations conducted in 2018-21, students can connect with the university’s support team. Magadh University has provided multiple channels for communication, including a dedicated helpdesk number and email address, which students can use to seek assistance.

Moreover, students can also visit the university’s website to access information related to their results. The website provides a detailed explanation of the result declaration process along with instructions on how to download and interpret the results. Additionally, students can reach out to their respective departments or colleges for further guidance.

In case of any discrepancies or issues with the results, students are advised to report them within the specified timeline through the appropriate channel provided by the university. They should carefully follow all instructions provided by the authorities and provide accurate information while raising their concerns.

To obtain prompt assistance from Magadh University regarding Part 2 examination results for 2018-21, we recommend that students approach these designated support channels without delay. By doing so, they can quickly resolve their queries and ensure that their academic journey remains on track.

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