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LOTRO devs talk housing improvements and hook consolidation

While the official game still doesn’t have a home feature, a recent feature article on the official site hints at new housing options coming soon. The authors of the article also mention the removal of a feature that had been in the works for some time: the removal of the old housing system and the ability to earn one’s own house.

Long ago, we’d have a nice post with the epic title, “LOTRO devs talk housing improvements and hook consolidation”. But, with (blogging) kids, you miss out on the epic title! So, we’ll just have to make do with the still epic title, “LOTRO devs talk housing improvements and hook consolidation”.

If you’ve played LOTRO recently, chances are you’ve already noticed the massive changes that went into the housing system this year, and the new housing plot system still has plenty of room to grow. I recently sat down to chat with two of the team members behind this massive overhaul to the housing system, and we chatted about the size of housing plots, the nature of the system, and what’s coming in 2017.


Housing may not be at the forefront of Lord of the Rings Online’s feature set, but believe it or not, there are some very dedicated people working on constructing homes in Middle-earth – both on SSG’s side and in the community. The devs handled several concerns concerning the present and future of LOTRO’s housing in a new interview at Deco du Milieu, and it’s absolutely worth reading if you’ve been advocating for better player housing.

The good news is that SSG has a “15-page document full of ideas” for this system. Some ideas that have been floated include a second slot for standard housing, weather effects, smaller premium residences, numerous music tracks, and adding new rooms to your house.

Hook consolidation is coming soon: “We’re drastically lowering the number of distinct hooks available in favor of a more universal type of hook for interiors and exteriors.” There will be wall hooks, furniture hooks, and floor hooks after the hook consolidation, although some distinctions will remain, such as the one between wall hooks and furniture hooks. Before or with our Gundabad expansion, the hooks consolidation upgrade should take place.”


Following their recent housing improvements and hook consolidation work, and the appearance of the first new housing item since last year, LOTRO devs The Cracks of Edoras have been talking about the housing economy in general.. Read more about lotro forums and let us know what you think.

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