Lenovo expands its Go wireless accessories lineup

First off, the new accessories add support for the new Nvidia Shield Android TV, which means that Lenovo’s new wireless keyboard and mouse are also compatible with the set top box that Nvidia’s Shield already comes with. The two new accessories are the Lenovo Wireless Mouse and Keyboard, which will be available in October priced at $150 for both accessories. The mouse is available in black or silver, while the keyboard is available in black, silver or red.

If you aren’t familiar with the company, Lenovo (known as Legend until 2015) is a multinational computer technology company with a focus on smart devices, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and wearables like fitness trackers. Since joining forces with Google in 2005, Lenovo has been building out a variety of Google products and services, including the Android platform, Google Play, and Google Music. Now, Lenovo is making a push to expand its portfolio of Go wireless accessories (which are also compatible with iPhones, among others).

Lenovo is announcing a new wireless accessory line that features new headphones, a new charging dock and a new wireless mouse. The new SoundWear headphones are wireless Bluetooth earbuds that feature a microphone for taking phone calls and voice assistants like Siri, Google and Alexa. The earbuds also connect to a companion smartphone to enable voice calls and listen to music. The new docking is a wireless charger that can charge two devices at once. The mouse features a long battery life and includes an accelerometer for motion control.. Read more about lenovo go usb-c laptop power bank and let us know what you think.After announcing its Lenovo Go sub-brand last month, Lenovo on Wednesday unveiled several new wireless accessories under that brand. Accessories include a wireless laptop charger, many different wireless mice and keyboards, powerbanks and headsets.

The Lenovo Go wireless charging kit is the showpiece of this show. It can convert virtually any Windows or Mac laptop and connects via USB-C. The company claims the kit can charge most 13- to 14-inch non-touch laptops with a maximum power output of 65W and an efficiency of 93%.

A wireless USB-C mouse, wireless vertical mouse, split keyboard and wireless number pad are also included. It also unveiled two powerbanks for laptops and a range of wireless and wired ANC headphones and headsets, as well as a wired speaker. The company also offers an organizer for technical accessories.

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The Go wireless charging kit works with Energysquare’s patented touch power technology. It’s basically a 3.2mm metal charging mat that you can plug into a wall outlet and place on your desk.

Then attach the included wireless charging receiver to the back of your laptop, connect via USB-C, and you’re all set. The touch power standard is not as common as Qi, but it works very effectively if Lenovo is to be believed.

In addition to the wireless charging kit, there is also a USB-C power bank for laptops with a 20,000 mAh battery, and a wireless power bank for phones with a 10,000 mAh battery is also in the works.

Product Release date Price
Go USB-C Laptop Power Bank (20,000 mAh) July 2021 €80
Go Wireless Mobile Power Bank (10,000 mAh) January 2022 €69
Go Wireless Charging Kit October 2021 €139

In addition to the Go Wireless multi-device mouse announced last month, the company also announced the Go USB-C wireless mouse with up to three months of battery life and a blue optical sensor. Also announced is a vertical wireless mouse that sits in the natural hand position, has a resolution of up to 2400 DPI and six programmable buttons.

In the interest of ergonomic aesthetics, the Go Wireless Split keyboard has also been announced. The keyboard has a vertical slope and a negative slope to reduce strain on the wrist. If you’re looking for something smaller, a wireless numeric keypad has also been announced.

Product Release date Price
Go Multi-Device Wireless Mouse July 2021 €49
Go USB-C Wireless Mouse July 2021 €36
Go Wireless Vertical Mouse August 2021 €49
Wireless shared keyboard Go October 2021 €89
Go Wireless Numeric Keypad October 2021 €49

There are also a number of innovations in audio equipment. First of all, it’s a wired speakerphone that’s compatible with Microsoft Teams. If you’re looking for something where no one can hear what’s going on in your meeting, you can also choose between wired and wireless ANC headsets.

The corded headset works via USB=C or USB-A and the corded headset works via Bluetooth and offers dual pairing, meaning you can pair up to two devices with the headset at the same time. Note that these headsets are also compatible with Microsoft Teams and the audio can be customized through the Lenovo Go Central software.

Finally, there are in-ear headphones with noise cancellation. The headphones allow the user to switch to ambient mode, where noise reduction is disabled and you can hear what’s going on around you. They are also designed to work universally with any USB-C device.

Product Release date Price
Go Wired ANC Headphones November 2021 €99
Go Wireless ANC Headphones November 2021 €159
Go ANC In-Ear Headphones November 2021 €79
Wired hands-free kit Go October 2021 €99

To top it off, Lenovo also introduced a Go Tech accessory organizer, designed specifically for Go accessories and featuring contoured compartments and spill-resistant zippers. The Organizer will be released in September 2021 at a price of 45 €.

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