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For various reasons, many small enterprises and freelancers require multiple IP addresses. This is where proxies come into play. While VPNs assign you a single IP address for your connection, proxies assign you hundreds or even thousands of IP addresses. Proxies are a crucial tool in your tech arsenal whether you want to undertake competitive study, price research, or SEO work.

While there are hundreds of proxy providers available, the reality is that only a few are truly worth considering. When it comes to reliable proxies, residential proxy providers are among the top choices. Residential proxies offer a level of trustworthiness and security that other types of proxies may lack.

This article will highlight the finest proxy providers, explain why you might require proxies, and address some of the most often-asked questions from consumers looking for a dependable proxy service.


NetNut is an Israeli proxy provider situated in Tel Aviv. It gives customers access to authentic residential IPs via real end-user devices. These rotating residential IPs allow you to avoid CAPTCHAs and keep your IPs from being blocklisted.

Notably, https://netnut.io/static-residential-proxies/ automatically rotates the proxies you use during each session and may be integrated into any browser. Its rotating IP Proxy Network allows you to access any web page while masquerading as a regular home web user.

This makes it handy for various applications, such as SEO monitoring, ad verification, pricing comparison, and brand protection exercises.

In addition to real rotating IP addresses provided by end-user devices, you can pay for static residential IP addresses obtained from ISPs. A static ISP-provided IP address allows you to utilize the same IP address longer. It also provides single-hop connectivity at high speeds.


IPRoyal is an enticing low-cost proxy supplier that provides a broad range of various proxies. The company refers to nearly 2 million residential proxies from 195 countries as “ethically sourced.”

Its support services are excellent, and its user interface is simple, even for new users. Notably, IPRoyal stands out as a top provider of proxy services with various subscription options and some of the lowest pricing we’ve encountered.


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Get VPNBook if you’re looking for the best free https proxy server. Unlimited internet sessions and dedicated IP are features of the service. As if that weren’t enough, there is a web browser to enhance it.

It’s simple to get started using this product. It provides an online proxy browser, similar to HMA. The quickest server is yours to choose from. Additionally, you can choose a preferred region from the data centers drop-down menu. A sticky bar is always available for quick website switching throughout sessions.  

Regarding security, VPNBook ranks first on the best proxy server list. It uses AES-256-bit data encryption to allow SSL browsing. WebRTC is in place to keep your IP address from leaking. It also disables additional scripts that websites employ to track user activity. It does not maintain your history if you cover your tracks.

But hold on; there’s more.

Finding a solution that works with all devices is a difficult undertaking. VPNBook works around this issue by loading websites in iFrames. This functionality mixes HTML and CSS to accommodate all screen widths. You’ll have a pleasant browsing experience on mobile devices.


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Oxylabs is one of the top proxy servers for businesses. It provides global coverage and a pool of over 100 million IP addresses. Its services are appropriate for various proxy-driven tasks, such as marketing intelligence.

It boasts a vibrant dashboard that is simple to use. You can utilize it to view user statistics. There are other sections for billing and ordering new services.  

Proxies cannot be managed from the dashboard. However, Oxylabs’ products integrate well with proxy-supporting software. Oxylabs even provides a Google Chrome addon that allows users to test proxies and access the internet. Proxies also operate nicely with third-party proxy managers like FoxyProxy.

There are several sorts of server proxies for diverse purposes. SOCKS5 Proxy is helpful in utilizing proxies with bespoke programs or protocols.

Bulk scrapping is handled through residential proxy pools. They offer an infinite number of concurrent connections for circumventing IP bans online. Geo-targeting is also possible up to the city level.

Bright Data

Bright Data is one of the top free proxy service alternatives available online. It provides powerful information-gathering tools. This vendor is presently trusted by over 10,000 professionals worldwide.  

You’ll be greeted by a stylish dashboard. It includes a quick review of the various services. Each feature also gets a preview snippet.

Furthermore, the console allows you to manage the online proxy server services. This is because it provides pay-as-you-go (PAYG) programs. Bandwidth, IP pool size, and network ports are easily assignable here.

It’s a bed of roses in terms of characteristics.

With enhanced anti-crawling technology, data unblockers open websites. You also gain access to over 72 million real-user IPs to boost its effectiveness. In addition, the company only bills you for successful requests.

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The proxy service provides numerous possibilities. For starters, it includes a search engine crawler. It collects data in real-time by scraping Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and other sites.


Today’s market is flooded with providers offering a different proxy. When selecting the best proxy for you, look for geo-restriction bypassing, browser extensions, unlimited bandwidth, and a big proxy pool.

Significantly, look at the server locations and speeds if speed is a priority; if security is a priority, look at the encryption strength of the service. Finally, consider whether the pricing models of the proxy are appropriate for your requirements.

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