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Latest Crypto Gambling Trends – Should You Play Crash, Plinko, and Other Crypto-Exclusive Games?

Ever since cryptocurrencies were introduced into online gambling, developers have been quick to become creative with exclusive games that offer a different approach to online gambling.

However, are these games worth playing, and do they offer fair chances of winning?

Some do, while others – not so much. In this guide, we will break down the most popular crypto games and whether you should play them or not.

Let’s dive in.

Crash Gambling

Without a doubt, the most popular form of crypto gambling is crash games. But what exactly are these?

The gameplay is really simple. On the game interface, you have a plane or a different object that is flying as the game’s multiplier increases. The object can crash at any moment, and your goal is to cash out before the inevitable crash occurs.

If you successfully cash out, you will win. If the crash happens before you cash out, you will lose. The multiplier can go as high as 1000x, but it’s very unlikely.

Due to the nature of the gameplay and the ability to place multiple bets each round, you can use plenty of crash gambling strategies to mitigate your risk while playing and increase your chances of winning. The RTP of most crash games ranges between 97% and 99%, which is among the highest on the market.

So – is this game worth playing? It definitely is.

If you don’t know where to get started, you can check out this guide to learn more about the top crash gambling sites.

Plinko Gambling

Plinko is a pure game of chance that offers a massive winning potential – but also a huge risk of quickly losing your money.

This game works by clicking a button to release a ball that goes through obstacles until it falls into any of the sockets below that will determine your payout. The further the socket is from the center – the higher your payout.

All Plinko games have different risk levels, allowing you to select how much you’re willing to risk with each wager. The highest-risk mode has more obstacles, and the furthest socket at the bottom typically pays out 1000x of your bet.


This game’s RTP is 99% when played in low-risk mode, and it’s especially popular among streamers.

The bottom line is that this game is suitable for players who like to go big. Low-stakes players should avoid Plinko for the most part.

Penalty Shootout

Penalty Shootout is a game by Evoplay that’s exclusively available in crypto casinos. It’s similar to mobile games where you need to shoot a penalty and score a goal, except that there’s money involved this time.

You can choose from 6 areas to shoot the ball, and you can either score a goal or miss. The goalie can also make a save. With your first score, you will get a 1.92 multiplier; with each following score, the multiplier will double.

You can choose when to cash out (only possible at the end of a round). Scoring 5 goals in a row means you can cash out at a 30.72x multiplier.

This game is fun for those who like soccer, but the prospect of winning a lot of money is unlikely because if you push the multiplier, you will likely lose.

Penalty Shootout suits casual players because of its slower gameplay and lower winning potential.


The super-popular game when Windows 98 was a thing – minesweeper, now has a gambling version you can play at crypto casinos.

Once you start a round, you will get a block with five squares on it. The goal is to select a square that doesn’t have a bomb.

The more bombs you manage to avoid from each block, the higher the game’s multiplier will be. The maximum multiplier is 14.28x if you successfully avoid the bombs 12 times in a row. There’s only one bomb in each block of five squares, so the chances are okay.

That being said, after playing for a while, we’ve discovered that this casino game doesn’t offer as much of a winning chance as the others. Even with just 1 bomb, you have a 20% chance of hitting it, so getting to the last block to get the 14.28x payout (which isn’t even high) will be hard.

Of course, you can cash out for a lower payout whenever you want to.

Strategies to Play These Games

Most crypto gambling games allow you to use money-management strategies. Let’s look at a few.


The most popular of all betting strategies is the Martingale System.

The way it works is that you double your bet each time you lose and then reset back when you win. This strategy can only work when you’re cashing out at least 2x multiplier. If you’re cashing out on 1.5x, you will be at a loss.

The advantage of using this system is that you will, most of the time, walk out a winner. The downside is that a series of losses can wipe out your account. Therefore, if you decide to use it, always know that 10+ losses in a row could mean wiping all the money you’ve won for months.

You can read more about this system here.


The Paroli betting system is the opposite of the Martingale, and it works much better, in our opinion (there’s little-to-no risk of wiping your account’s money).

With this strategy, you choose an initial stake that you double after each win on a 2x multiplier. When you win 3 times in a row, you reset and start betting again. Each time you lose, you must reset the stake to normal.


This system allows you to spend more time playing your favorite games rather than making huge profits. The big advantage is that since you’re not doubling the stake after losing, the risk of wiping your account is minimal.

New Crypto Gambling Games – Bottom Line

Which crypto game do you want to try out the most? Here’s a recap of the games we reviewed in this guide the types of players they will be most suitable for:

  • Crash – ideal for all kinds of players
  • Plinko – suitable for high-rollers who are not afraid to take risks
  • Penalty Shootout – ideal for casual, low-stakes players
  • Minesweeper – great for everyday fun (small chance of winning big)

Thanks for reading our guide – we hope we’ve helped you learn something new today!

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