Is Hyperbaric Therapy Safe?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is gaining acceptance globally due to its effectiveness and reliability. Projections indicate that more people will opt for HBOT in the future.

However, there are still some reservations and concerns about the safety of oxygen therapy. Many individuals worry about risks and even the possibility of losing their lives during the process. This hesitation makes it challenging for them to fully grasp the concept of HBOT.

So should you be worried about hyperbaric therapy like some people speculate? Read on to discover in depth information.

Can HBOT be Considered Safe?

In general, there is no need to be scared when it comes to hyperbaric therapy. All things being equal, HBOT is a procedure that should not cause any harm.

Does this mean that the therapy is completely free of risks? No, there are risks associated with undergoing oxygen therapy.

To ensure transparency, the next section will discuss some of the side effects that may occur when using an HBOT chamber. This information will assist you in assessing whether or not this therapy is safe for you.

Some individuals who utilize hyperbaric oxygen chambers have raised concerns about experiencing injuries to the ear. This can occur due to the pressure disparity between the interior and exterior of the HBOT chamber. Typically the pressure inside the chamber is two or three times higher compared to the pressure. It is this increase in pressure that may potentially cause middle ear injuries for users. However, this should not deter you from utilizing these chambers. By adhering to the manufacturers instructions you can prevent injuries or side effects. For instance, it is important not to exceed the recommended duration of time spent inside.

Another side effect reported by some users of HBOT chambers is nearsightedness, also known as myopia. This condition affects ones ability to see objects that’re close by. The reason behind this phenomenon is fairly straightforward. According to experts it occurs due to changes in the shape of the lens caused by pressure, within the chamber. The altered shape of the lens leads to sightedness.

Don’t worry there’s no need to be afraid because all users who raised concerns, about this have also mentioned that their vision returned after spending some time outside the chamber.



Barotrauma simply refers to the collapse of the lungs caused by pressure. A few users have reported experiencing this condition after using the chamber. While it is quite rare it seems to be more common among individuals with preexisting health issues those related to their lungs. That’s why its always recommended to consult a healthcare before undergoing any HBOT therapy. They are in the position to advise you on whether or not it will be safe for you.


There have been reports of seizures occurring in some instances following the use of HBOT chambers. Although the exact cause is not completely understood, some speculate that it could be linked to an excess of oxygen. Typically individuals, inside a hyperbaric therapy chamber are exposed to an amount of oxygen. The air they breathe inside the chamber consists entirely of 100% oxygen. This supply of oxygen works wonders within the body as it ensures that tissues receive an amount of oxygen.

Excessive consumption of anything can be detrimental. Manufacturers of HBOT chambers caution against inhaling an amount of oxygen as it may interfere with the brains functioning by infiltrating the central nervous system. This condition, known as oxygen toxicity can be prevented by adhering to the prescribed time limit, inside the chambers.


Low Blood Pressure

Scientists and researchers studying hyperbaric oxygen therapy are still uncertain about this side effect. Some individuals who use insulin to manage their blood pressure have occasionally reported a drop in their blood sugar levels beyond what’s necessary. The hyperbaric oxygen chambers directly impact users blood sugar levels, which can be advantageous, for adults seeking to normalize their blood sugar range. To mitigate these side effects, most medical experts recommend eating before entering the chamber.

The Risk of Fire Outbreak

This aspect differs slightly from the discussed side effects as it pertains more to hazards.

The risk of a fire occurring near a hyperbaric oxygen chamber is a concern due to the oxygen levels inside. It is crucial for users to be mindful and avoid bringing any objects to the HBOT chamber at all costs. Taking precautions to minimize the chances of a fire outbreak is essential. Other than that you can confidently utilize your HBOT chamber for a period without worrying about the possibility of a fire.

In conclusion, like any emerging therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy still faces challenges in gaining acceptance despite being an advancement in modern medicine. This revolutionary treatment has been instrumental in saving individuals who haven’t responded positively to approaches. This article has highlighted the side effects of HBOT. Its evident that most of these occurrences are incredibly rare. This overall impression supports the notion that HBOT can be considered a procedure.

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