Is AI the Next Big Thing?

Artificial intelligence could not have come at a better time than this. Most industries are on the brink of automating their services, and one of the missing links that make this process seamless is AI. Aside from making work move faster, there are also other benefits of using this technology, such as saving time and better understanding data.

If you are wondering why there’s a fuss around the use of artificial intelligence, here are the top reasons that make it a go-to solution for companies with an online presence.

Data analytics

For a long time now, companies have been using human understanding to comprehend the data they collect. While this has worked tremendously to help organizations grow, there has been a weak link when it comes to determining trends and decision-making processes.

The algorithms embedded in AI make it easier to unearth hidden patterns and trends among the online community. AI is responsible for providing clients with results that resonate with their previous inquiries while projecting to their current potential needs.

In the case of online stores, for example, it can provide the latest information on discounts and preferred products to the clients. For gamers, it can also offer relevant recommendations regarding the most popular games, best online casinos, no deposit casino bonuses, and cheapest games to play.

The accuracy in AI’s ability to decipher hidden data makes it a must-have for a business’ growth.


Humans and robots have always had a bittersweet relationship, with the former fearing that they may lose their jobs with the introduction of automation processes. On the contrary, AI helps to ease the workload, especially when it comes to roles that are redundant.

One of the most prevalent ways that AI’s presence is noted in automation is purchase and order approvals. Most online companies rely on AI to procure these processes. Marketing, sales, management of orders, and customer experience are also some of the departments that benefit from this technology.

The most critical area that heavily relies on automation is workflow. Rather than sitting behind your desk and waiting for the right time to hit a send button, you can use automation. Simply schedule the robot to post or send emails to particular individuals at a specific time, then continue working on other duties and let the machine do the task on your behalf.

Customer experience

It is futile to run a business that does not consider the needs of customers. A smooth customer experience is one of the aspects of an online business that contributes to its success. Everything from easy access to the website, seamless navigation, quick pay-outs, and stellar support services are part and parcel of this docket.

Take, for instance, the customer support team. Members in this department have to respond to similar queries all day long, a task that can easily become tedious. With the introduction of artificial intelligence, companies delegate such roles to robots, which are quick to respond to inquiries. The quick response to queries helps in making clients’ experiences on a website much more enjoyable.

Deal and call tracking

 Sales are becoming dynamic in the way sales individuals manage clients. A while back, you would have to schedule calls and meetings physically. Today, AI, in conjunction with other software such as CRM, makes this task easy. They do all the heavy work for you, leaving you with the task of conversing with the potential client.

And when you want to follow up on deals, the same applies. You only have to write down an email, select the individuals in your contact list that you would want to send the messages to, and pick a time. The robot will deliver just as you program it.

Jess Shaver
Jess Shaver
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