Important Tips To Hire The Right SEO Freelancer

There are several situations in which a business will decide to work with an SEO freelancer instead of an SEO agency. This is usually because of budget-related concerns. While the work that is done by the freelancer cannot rival that of the strong SEO agencies, it is still a very good option for small businesses that have to grow and have limited funds to invest in marketing.

Fortunately, there are numerous very good SEO freelancers with affordable rates you can hire. But you have to know how to find them. This is why you should always remember the following tips.

Evaluation First

Everything starts with the job description you post. If it is generic, there is a good possibility you will end up hiring someone who will do generic SEO work. It is always important to at least know the basics of SEO before you even consider hiring a specialist. This will aid you in finding someone for a specific purpose.

As an example, you might want to get more organic search engine traffic to your main landing page. Or, you might want to generate more leads. These are expectations that have to be mentioned in the job description you post since you can always ask for specific information about similar work done in the past.

Finding The SEO Freelancers

To find the best, you should always explore different venues. You can start with job posting sites like Upwork, the largest freelancing platform in the world. Such an approach is great since the websites often have a review system in place, so you can read about the past experience clients had with the considered SEO freelancer.

You can also consider LinkedIn since most good SEO freelancers have a profile there. Just use the search bar to look for qualified SEO specialists. Look at the considered candidate’s network, recommendations, and professional experience. Usually, if the profile is well-rounded, you are looking for a serious, experienced professional.


While you can always learn about the SEO freelancers you consider, most of the information you will get comes from them. This is why you need to always verify references and claimed results. Try to locate those who had verifiable results in the same niche as you operate in. Do not hesitate to contact businesses that helped in the past. A simple discussion with references can give you a lot of information about the work the SEO freelancer does.

Allow Time For Results

The last really important tip you need to remember is that SEO takes time. You can only be successful when you use a strategy that covers a really long term. Dedication and patience are required.

Unfortunately, many small businesses want results really fast. This is a mindset that can only lead to huge disappointment. Also, it will always impede progress since there is a strong possibility you will end up cycling between SEO freelancers and not allowing them to do the work they have to do.


When you expect a quick win, there is just too much pressure put on the SEO freelancer you hire. Let them execute strategies and focus on measuring impact. Always discuss realistic milestone and timelines before the project starts.

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