I am bored what can I do on the internet

Have you ever opened up google looking for something to keep you entertained and just had no idea what to type in the search bar? Are you bored of scrolling through the same 3 social media platforms, trying to find something else to waste your time on?

Being stuck at home for weeks on end is a pain for everyone. Sometimes it feels like even the internet gets boring, even though there is practically no end to it. There are endless things to look at, read, watch, and play, from youtube to online streaming sites, to even random face swap games. You just need to extend your search outside the box and you’re bound to find something to pass the time.

Continue reading to find out just how much the internet has to offer purely for your entertainment.


The YouTube rabbit hole

YouTube is a fantastic online platform that allows you to watch practically any video you could ever think of. If you want a tutorial on how to build a robot, a day in the life of a celebrity, how to bake an apple strudel or just watch people react to watching another online video, you’ll find it on youtube. Try clicking on a random video in your recommended and let it take you down the rabbit hole. You could start on an informative tutorial video and somehow land on a giraffe giving birth. The possibilities are endless and along the way, you might learn a new skill or find a channel you quite enjoy.

Chat with Cleverbot

When you’re bored and your friends are ignoring you, having a chat with the Cleverbot is a brilliant idea. Not only can you have a conversation with incredible, new age, Artificial Intelligence technology but you might even end up having a pretty surprising or wacky conversation that is completely not what you would expect. There is no doubt that you will have a good laugh at what the Cleverbot has to say.

Google yourself

All the time you hear about famous celebrities’ googling themselves and finding out, either exactly what they have told the world about themselves, or completely false news like someone is pregnant or that someone slept with this person or that person.

Now as a regular old citizen, it’s unlikely that Google will have much to say about you but something will definitely pop up, it will probably be quite fascinating. You might find out a fun thing or two about your name or you could find out which celebrities have the same birthdays as you.

Start an online course

If you already have a lot of time on your plate, why not invest it in your education? There are a plethora of online courses that can expand your list of skills and future career possibilities. For instance, being prepared and acting quickly in emergencies can save someone’s life. You can attend a First Aid and CPR online course with instant proof of certification. This is a valuable skill and can qualify you for more job positions in the future.


Ever wondered what your dog would look like with human eyes and a human mouth? Petswitch is a facial recognition website that allows you to swap faces with your pet and give them the most ridiculous looking faces. You don’t even have to exclusively switch faces with your dog, you could try your hamster, cat or chinchilla too.

Kingdom Rush

If you are looking to play a comedic yet extremely entertaining game, look no further than Kingdom Rush. It is a tower defence game in which the player needs to build towers in order to stop the advance of enemy waves. Not only does it involve a hint of strategy, which will challenge your intellect, but winning rounds is also very satisfying.

Face your Manga

Think Sims, but then take away the gameplay element and make it Japanese manga-style characters. If you wonder what you would look like as a manga or anime character, this is the site for you.


If you are into predictions and mind-reading, Akinator is definitely the site for you. Through a series of questions you need to answer, Akinator will be able to guess any character, real or fictional, and get it correct over and over again, without a single mistake. It’s creepy how accurate it is.


One of my favorites. If you’re fed up with being stuck and home and are desperate to go traveling around the world, Geoguesser is an affordable way that you can do this from the comfort of your own bed by you in a location on its website and you have to guess where in the world you are by making out your surroundings and associating it to what country it might be.

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