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How to View a Private Instagram Account – Key Approaches

You should see someone’s private Instagram, be it your spouse’s, child’s, or someone else’s. However, it’s hidden from your view for some reason. This begs the question: Can a private Instagram account be viewed? Yes, there is! We’ll tell you how without further ado.

Private Instagram Accounts: How Do They Work?

A private Instagram account is when a person changes their privacy settings¬†from public to private. With a public profile, people can see everything a person shares – their Instagram photos, stories, etc. It can sometimes feel like you’ll find everything with a public account.

Meanwhile, private Instagram accounts have everything locked down. The second you open their profile, you’ll only see their profile picture and bio. Their photos, videos, and more are hidden. The only way to view the private Instagram is to send the person a follow request. If they accept it, nice catch!

You may need to figure out what to do if they reject the request or keep it in limbo. Some people prefer to use private Instagram accounts because they don’t want to be stalked. Other times, it’s just better to have a private account to keep a better filter on the types of people who look at your content.

Why Would You Need to View a Private Instagram Account?

There are many reasons why you may want to view private Instagram. These reasons include:

  • You have a minor child who you believe is up to no good on a private Instagram.
  • Your significant other has one, and you suspect they are cheating.
  • You’re a boss and want to see what your employee posts on their work phone on this account.

No matter the reason, you want to view a private account on Instagram. Is there a way? Let’s tell you some proven methods to help you view private Instagram and get peace of mind.

How to View Someone’s Private Instagram – Non-Hitch Ways for Free

If you want to get into an Instagram private account, here are some proven ways.

Send a Follow Request

The simplest way to view private Instagram accounts is to send a person a follow request, as that’s all you may need to do. Some accounts are private for reasons such as bots or being victims of harassment. These accounts may be much more likely to accept your request if they see that you’re a real account.


However, many accounts are also different from this. They are private for a reason, and they may only accept a follow-up request if they know this person or feel safe revealing their information. Some people also might immediately spot the red flags, as in the case of cheating or a child being spied on by their parents. So, how do you view private Instagram in this case?

Use an Approved Follower’s Account

If you want to see someone’s Instagram posts, one way you can view their Instagram private account photos is to use the account of an approved follower.

This method is less likely, as most followers would want to maintain their trust if you ask. However, there could be situations where the person following would be okay with you if you do this. For example, if you explain the situation to them and your explanation convinces them. However, by default, you cannot view followers of private Instagram accounts, making this method challenging.

Google Search

Another way to view a private Instagram account in 2023 is to Google their handle. Google won’t reveal all of their information, but you may find archived photos on their images. Also, you may view a cached version of their account before they went private.

This tip only sometimes works; you may not see anything. However, if you want to view a private Instagram, Google may be an option to try.

Create a Fake Account

Another way to view a private Instagram is to create a burner account and attempt to follow them. This step is ideal if you do not want your handle attached to your follow or the person you are trying to follow precisely doesn’t want you to do so. It’s so simple to make a fake account. However, if your account blatantly looks like a burner, the person you’re trying to follow may not accept your follow request. Then, you just wasted your time.

A Third-Party App to View Private Instagram Accounts

Finally, use a third-party app to view private accounts. Some apps allow you to view private Instagram stories with them, knowing when the app is discreetly installed on their phones. If you have physical access to a person’s phone or install it via their iCloud, see what’s on their accounts.

Also, some sites let you view Instagram stories anonymously and check out tagged photos and other posts without following the person. That said, those tools will require you to pay a subscription fee.

The Leading 5 Instagram Viewer Apps

Now that you know that third-party apps are an excellent way to view someone’s posts, let’s look at 5 apps that can work for you.

Glassagram – View Private Instagram Stories

If you want to try a private Instagram viewer app¬†that works, Glassagram is right for you. Many people love Glassagram because it’s a website that lets you view personal Instagram without human verification. You can see people’s photos, download a story or reel, and more anonymously.

The site is so easy to use as well. You don’t need to install anything; choose whether or not you wish to view a public Instagram or a private account or decide later. Then, please enter the link to it or the username. After creating an Instagram viewer app account and going through the setup process, you should be able to see everything. Accessing and syncing information from a public account takes up to 24 hours, while for private ones, it may take about a week.

Glassagram is not a fake Instagram viewer app; you do not need to download software, install spy apps on someone else’s phone, pass surveys, etc. While it may not be able to view DMs of a private Instagram account, it does monitor a lot and saves information for up to 3 months (deleted stories, comments, likes, tagged photos, etc.), and for that, it’s deemed as one of the best websites around.

PrivateInsta – Instagram Viewer App to View Private Instagram Accounts

Next, we have PrivateInsta, a website that promises you can see private Instagram photos. As you see from the picture, it’s a very minimalistic site. There is nothing fancy here; enter the username and search.

When you type in the username, you will be prompted to complete a survey due to human verification. This process is prevalent in many websites. It may turn off some people, but remember that this is how the website keeps its lights on. If you want something quick and easy, this may be your website to view a private Instagram account. Otherwise, read on to see what else we got.


Another app to view private Instagram you may want to try is InstaStoriesViewer. It’s another website that could be more complex in its presentation. To use InstaStoriesViewer, you only need to enter the username of the person you are trying to view. Once you do so, you will see their stories and publications – click on them to download them easily.

Instagram viewer app is not effective for private accounts. But for public accounts, it lets you preserve content without making an account of your own. Best of all, there are no catches. You don’t need to enter a survey or create an account to use it.


Next, we have Gwaa, another website claiming to allow you to view private Instagram stories without them knowing. You click on the button, then enter the username. Once done, the site will ask you to verify and pass a survey to avoid robot entries. It looks suspicious since offers to complete are not even in English.

Once again, it could be more pleasant, especially with too-good-to-be-true offers like winning $100 gift cards. However, if you can get past this, it may be an option to try.



Finally, we have IGLookup, a site that looks quite official. As soon as you enter the account, you will be given a log screen that shows the page’s data being extracted, and it even gives you the current time zone you’re in.

But as soon as this Instagram viewer app claims it has the data, you’re accused of being a bot and entering a survey. Oh, so frustrating, we know. If you are okay with passing it, it can be a good site; otherwise, you may want to look elsewhere if you feel uncomfortable using it.

Final Thoughts

These are just several websites you may use to figure out what someone’s private Instagram contains. Some sites feel more legit than others, so exercise caution. If they don’t work, try more covert methods, like making a burner account or installing a spy app on someone’s phone. It is possible to view private Instagram with Glassagram and stay safe without extra hassle.

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