How to use Wii Controller on Switch [Guide]

This article is for all the Switch owners who love playing games while couch potatoing but don’t want to fight with unwieldy controller or control pad. If you are one of the gamers who love playing games while watching TV or with friends; then you’ll also want to know how to use Wii controller on Switch.

Wii U and the Nintendo Switch are similar in that they both use the same controller, known as a Wii Remote. This wireless dongle plugs into the console and enables gamers to use their Wii Classic Controller, Wii Nunchuk or Wii Classic Controller Pro on the Nintendo Switch. The Wii Controller might look a little different, but it still works just the same, and is compatible with hundreds of games designed for the Wii.

You should have already gotten the idea from the title, but I will anyway. I am not really a fan of using the Wii controller on the Switch. I shouldn’t really say that because I am a huge fan of the Wii U and the Wii. I do enjoy using the Switch, but it’s mainly because of the portability it offers. I don’t really like using the Switch on the TV. It just feels unnatural. But that doesn’t mean I can’t use it for gaming. In fact, there are some games that only support the Wii U controller onSwitch.

Starting with the enormously popular Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES, the Nintendo brand has been a household name since the early 1980s. Nintendo has been producing gaming consoles for a long time, with each one proving to be a huge success. Inter console compatibility was the only thing that was left. And one of the most frequently asked questions is if you can use the Wii controller on the Switch. You’ll find the solution to your query below, as well as a tutorial on how to utilize a Wii controller with a Nintendo Switch.

The Wii was a popular Nintendo game console that came with these revolutionary motion-sensing remotes called Wii Remotes. These were popular because some sports games, such as tennis and badminton, required you to utilize the remotes as rackets in the game, allowing you to swing them. If you look at the Switch Pro Controllers and Wiimotes, you’ll notice that they feature the same functionality as the Wii Remotes and Wii controllers. Continue reading to learn how to connect a Wii controller to a Nintendo Switch.

Is it possible to utilize the Wii Remote on the Switch?

You must have already figured out the answer to this question, which is Yes. This is self-evident, as this is where you’ll find instructions on how to connect your Wii Controller to your Nintendo Switch. If you want the good old controller and Nintendo games right on your system, this is an interesting guide. Let’s begin by going over the prerequisites.

can you use Wii controller on Switch

What you’ll require

  • Wii Remotes or Wii Controllers
  • A Nintendo Switch is a portable gaming console.
  • Bluetooth USB Adapters from 8BitDo (2 if you have 2 Wii controllers)
  • USB Type-C Hub

If you have any old Wii controllers laying around that are still functional, that’s great; otherwise, you can get them on Amazon for a reasonable price. The 8bitDo USB adaptors will be available for purchase on Amazon or at your local Best Buy store. If you have two Wii Controllers, you may need two of these adaptors because each adaptor allows you to pair up to one controller at a time. You can also find the Type C USB Hub on Amazon for a reasonable price.

8bitDo Dongle has been updated.

It’s great if the dongles are running the most recent software to provide the best performance.

  • You can utilize the upgrading tool, which is available for download here.
  • Connect the dongle to your computer, press the Sync button on the dongle, and then launch the upgrade tool, which will check for updates and download them if any are available.

Wii controllers should be connected to the Switch.

This is where you’ll start the process of connecting your Wii controllers. It’s straightforward and simple to follow.

  1. Use the regular procedure to charge your Nintendo Switch. Make sure the battery is charged to at least 50% capacity.
  2. The Type C USB hub should be plugged into the Switch.
  3. Plug in the 8bitDo dongles now that the USB Hub is attached. When the dongle is turned on, you’ll see a red flashing light.
  4. On your 8bitDo dongle, press the Sync button.
  5. Make sure the Wii Remotes have batteries in them if you have them. Remove the battery cover and hit the remote’s Sync button.
  6. The USB dongle will instantly recognize and sync with the Wii Controller, making it ready to use.

You may now easily utilize the Wii Controller on the Switch. However, instead of using it vertically as you would normally, the buttons have been remapped, forcing you to utilize your Wii remote horizontally. You may now check if the buttons on the Wii Remote are providing input or not. Simply do the following to test the inputs on the Wii Controller.

On the Switch, test the Wii Controller Input.

  1. Select System Settings from the Nintendo Switch Home Screen.
  2. Scroll down to Controllers and Sensors on the left side menu and pick it.
  3. Select Test Input Device from the right-hand menu. How to use wii controller on switch
  4. Finally, select the test Controller Buttons option. How to use wii controller on switch
  5. Now push the buttons on your Wii Remote to check what input it’s sending to the Switch. How to use wii controller on switch
  6. To quit the input test, simply press and hold any button on the controller.

They will be the same ones that will be utilized in any of the games that you play, based on what input the button is shown on the test screen.

If you have the Wii U Pro or Classic Controllers, you can simply plug them into the Wii remotes’ USB ports and they should work well. You can also test the input to determine if the buttons on the controller have been altered or remain the same.

The 8bitDo USB dongle for the Nintendo Switch has some unique capabilities.

Having a dongle like this to utilize old controllers is great, but you’ll miss out on certain functionality for some of the Nintendo Switch titles. This USB dongle has the following functions.

  • Support for vibration in X-input mode
  • On Switch, there are 6 axis motions.
  • Switch mode with a twist
  • Upgrades to the firmware are free.
  • Input with no lag


You can use the Wii controller on Switch or any other console or device thanks to dongles like the 8bitDo. Of course, the controllers will not work flawlessly, but they will do the job and provide a sense of nostalgia when using older controllers on modern systems. When using Wii controllers with the Nintendo Switch, you will be missing out on HD rumble and motion control because the controllers’ hardware is somewhat old, and the Switch does not have certified backward compatibility.

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