How To Unlock Okami’s Amaterasu Layered Palamute Armor

Okami’s Amaterasu Layered Palamute Armor (also known as the Taka) is an armor set for Okami that was designed by Winged Cloud. The armor sets was created as a prize for the Best Art Design in Okami’s Art Contest, and can be unlocked by locating all of the pieces of the set in the game.

Okami is a role-playing game developed by Clover Studio and published by Capcom. The story takes place in feudal Japan in the year of 1645. The player takes the role of a Shinto priestess named Amaterasu, who is on a mission to restore the Sun Goddess’s power, which has been darkened by the evil Orochi. The game is notable for its painterly visuals and its portrayal of Japanese folklore and mythology.

Amaterasu’s armor is not easy to unlock, but this guide will show you how to unlock it in Okami using the following steps: Step 1 : Unlock the Amaterasu Spirit. Step 2 : Check the weapon inventory. Step 3 : Unlock the Amaterasu Armor.

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Monster Hunter Rise: How To Unlock Okami's Amaterasu

Find out in Monster Hunter Rise: How To Unlock Okami’s Amaterasu Layered Palamute Armor “Ammy Costume” in the Switch & later PC action RPG game.

To make your Palamute appear like Amaterasu from Okami, get a new layered armor. It’s part of the Capcom Collab 2 Event Quest, which will be released on July 30, 2021, for Monster Hunter Rise.

In Monster Hunter Rise, how can you obtain Okami’s Amaterasu?

On July 30, 2021, Monster Hunter Rise launched the Okami Event Quest. Visit the Courier, choose the “Add-on Content” option, and press A to obtain the “Event Quest: Rising Sun!?” permanent quest. Then, at the Gathering Hub’s Quest Counter, go to the Event Quest option to accept this Okami game-themed special quest by selecting the “Event Quests” menu, selecting “Low Rank” difficulty, and beginning the quest. — Within 20 minutes, locate and deliver 21 Sun Goddess Picture boxes to Senri the Mailman in the Shrine Ruins area to complete the task. If you bring your Palamute, it will go faster. On your mini-map, the box locations are even indicated with green dots. — After that, head to Buddy Smithy and use the “Special” menu’s “Forge Layered Armor” option to assemble the Amaterasu armor. This costs 1080 z, but you will get 2160 z as a prize for completing the task.

Monster Hunter Rise Okami Event Quest: How to Get AMATERASU Layered Palamute Armor

Note: Equip this to alter your Palamute’s appearance and bark! It will also provide you with one of each of the Divine Instruments: a Reflector, a Rosary, and a Glaive!

Tip: While riding your Palamute, the effects may vary according on the location! Even Ammy’s faithful travel buddy, Issun, will make an appearance!

Official Trailer for Monster Hunter Rise – Okami Collaboration

Don’t pass up this one-of-a-kind layered armor for your Palamute!

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The Palamute is an outfit that only a select few can use, and only when you complete a specific task in Okami. The Palamute Armor is a layered set of armor that will take you through the game’s story. The Palamute Armor is split into three separate pieces: the Head, Breastplate and Shin Guard. Each piece has a different look to it and comes in a variety of colors.. Read more about monster hunter stories 2 and let us know what you think.

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