How to Make a Disposable Vape Not Taste Burnt

You’ve certainly read this just about everywhere already, but one of the biggest features that vaping has compared to smoking is that it tastes infinitely better. E-liquids use an enormous variety of food-grade flavorings to achieve an almost endless array of flavor profiles. A cigarette, on the other hand, can only ever taste like a cigarette. So, needless to say, it’s a real problem if your disposable vape tastes burnt because you should really expect nothing but the best flavor quality when you vape.

Here’s the bad news: When a disposable vape tastes burnt, it’s often a permanent issue and could even indicate that it’s time to replace the device. In other words, it’s not usually possible to make a disposable vape not taste burnt. What you can do, though, is set your expectations correctly and make sure you’re vaping in the right way to ensure maximum flavor quality.

So, why does your disposable vape taste burnt, and what can you do about it? This simple guide will discuss these questions.

Your Vape May Be Out of E-Liquid

One drawback of using a disposable vape is that most devices have opaque shells. Since you can’t see inside the device, you cannot know when it’s out of e-liquid except by paying attention to the flavor. Some modern devices are starting to use digital displays with e-liquid meters, but that feature hasn’t become extremely common yet. If your disposable vape doesn’t have a screen, the flavor will tell you when it’s time to replace the device.


When a disposable vape is almost out of vape juice, the flavor will taste muted and almost plasticky. You’ll also notice that the vapor production will drop at this point, even if the device’s battery is fully charged. If your vape starts tasting burnt after losing its flavor quality and vapor production, you can be sure that it’s out of e-liquid. At this point, it’s time to get a new vape.

Your Nicotine Strength May Be Too High

Most of the disposable vapes sold in the United States have a nicotine strength of 50 mg/ml. That’s the ideal nicotine strength for most people because a small vape provides about the same nicotine delivery per puff as a tobacco cigarette. It might not be the ideal nicotine strength for you, though, if you’re an infrequent smoker or have already switched from smoking to vaping on a full-time basis. If none of the other tips in this article seem to apply to your situation, it’s possible that you need to switch to a disposable vape with a lower nicotine strength. Lower-strength disposables aren’t easy to find, but they do exist. You might also want to consider using a refillable device instead since it’ll allow you to use any e-liquid with any nicotine strength.

You May Be Chain Vaping

If you experience an intermittent burnt flavor with a new disposable vape that should have plenty of e-liquid left, you should pay attention to the way you’re vaping. Does the device produce a good flavor after you’ve put it down for a while, only to begin tasting burnt again after you’ve puffed on it several times? If so, you’re probably chain vaping.

Chain vaping refers to the act of puffing heavily on a vaping device over and over without ever pausing and putting the device down. Chain vaping is a problem because of the way most disposable vapes work. Inside the device, there’s usually a fabric wick wrapped around the heating coil. The wick is saturated with e-liquid. When you puff on your vape, the heating coil vaporizes the e-liquid inside the wick. The vape juice then redistributes itself through absorption; the vape juice travels from the outside of the wick to the dry inside next to the coil. This takes a few seconds.

If you use your device again while the vape juice is being redistributed, you’ll get a burnt flavor. In this case, though, it’s very easy to make your disposable vape stop tasting burnt. All that you need to do is pause a bit longer after each puff.

The Flavor May Not Be Right for You

We’ve mentioned the fact that the enormous flavor variety is one of the greatest things about vaping. The variety, however, comes with a bit of a downside in that flavor is subjective, and not every flavor is going to be right for you. At some point, you may even encounter a disposable vape with a flavor so incompatible with your personal taste that it seems burnt or harsh to you. If you’re trying a new brand or flavor for the first time and find it extremely unpleasant or harsh, this might be what’s happening. Taste is subjective, and some devices simply won’t work for you. In this case, you shouldn’t feel bad about tossing your vape and getting another one.


If you’re new to vaping and find that every device tastes harsh or burnt to you, the nicotine strength you’re using is too high for your needs as we discussed above. If you’ve already tried using a lower strength, though, it might be worthwhile to try a disposable vape flavor with “Ice” in the name. These flavors contain menthol, and you may find that they’re less irritating to your throat as a result.

You May Be Using a Fake Vape

If you’re dealing with a brand-new disposable vape that tastes burnt right out of the box, it’s worthwhile to consider the possibility that the device you’ve purchased is counterfeit. Fake vapes aren’t as rare as you might imagine. The millions produce them, and many end up in convenience stores, gas stations and other retailers worldwide. A fake vape could have almost anything in it, and the experience certainly won’t be as good as what you’d get with an authentic device.

To avoid fake disposable vapes, it’s always a good idea to buy devices that have verification codes on their boxes. That way, you can go to the manufacturer’s website and type the code to confirm that the device is authentic. Don’t use the QR code. Always visit the manufacturer’s site manually because the QR code on a counterfeit disposable vape may take you to a fake website.

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