How to Get a Forex License in Mauritius

Mauritius is widely recognized as a top financial hub because of its liberal company law framework, robust securities law framework, and advanced trust law framework. Do you wish to open a brokerage and facilitate the trading of CFDs, currencies, stocks, bonds, commodities, etc. for your customers via managed and independent trading accounts? You should set up your shop in Mauritius as soon as possible.

The advantages of setting up a shop in Mauritius include cheap corporation tax for foreign exchange enterprises; reasonable licensing timeframes; reasonable licensing fees; and competitive minimum capital requirements.

If you are not already licensed as a forex broker and want to join the market, you must do so before you can legally provide your services to the public. In order to conduct foreign exchange trading in Mauritius, you will require a Mauritius forex license, and the information below will guide you through the process.

How to Get a Forex License in Mauritius

Obtaining a Mauritius Investment Broker License

Foreign exchange licenses may be broken down into a few different categories under the Mauritius Securities Act. Allowed actions, required amounts of capital, and statutory assessments vary by category. However, the Mauritius Investment Dealer License is the most typical owing to the flexibility it provides and the low minimum capital requirements.

The FSC (Mauritius Financial Services Commission) issues the Mauritius Investment Dealer License, which authorizes the holder to set up a trading platform in Mauritius and engage in securities trading and associated activities on their customers’ behalf. To accept client assignments, administer client portfolios, and provide advice to customers on securities transactions, you need to get a Mauritius Investment Dealer License.

The Benefits of a Mauritius Foreign Exchange License

The Mauritian forex license has the same respectability and openness as the rest of the country’s monetary infrastructure since it is itself the outcome of such stringent regulation. Moreover, there is a very low company tax rate of just 3%, as well as privacy and asset protection, advantageous compliance requirements, and fair regulation.

How to Get a Forex License in Mauritius

The operation of a legitimate dealer offering a complete suite of products and services For the most flexibility in serving foreign clients, a Mauritian dealer license is the best choice. Full-service A dealer licensed in Mauritius to operate as a go-between in securities trades on customers’ behalf. The licensee of a Mauritius Full Cycle Dealer License is also authorized to:

  • Invest one’s own money in securities with the intent of reselling such assets to the public;
  • Provide investment guidance as a sideline to main operations,
  • Handling client portfolios and underwriting or distributing securities on the issuer’s behalf.

Procedures for Obtaining a Securities Broker License in Mauritius

  • Applicants seeking a full-service dealer license in Mauritius (other than an underwriting license) are required to show that they have access to at least 1,000,000 Mauritian rupees (or an equal amount in foreign currency) in the capital at all times.
  • This license requires a Category 1 Global Business (GB) Company. Mauritius people may use GB Companies to conduct business abroad. Mauritius GB will benefit from Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements and a 3% tax rate.
  • There must be at least one shareholder and a minimum of two directors if board meetings are to be conducted in Mauritius. Those involved might be of any ethnicity or country of origin.
  • Qualifications and Accounting: All workers must fulfill the Securities Act’s Minimum Qualifications Level. Quarterly reports in Mauritius need a local auditor.

Within six months of the conclusion of the fiscal year, the company must produce audited financial accounts. Additionally, required are service providers and localized operational hubs. Do you need fintech legal advice or acquire the required permits in Mauritius? Then, connect right now with Fintech Harbor Consulting.

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