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How to Ensure The Mushroom Farm’s Profitability Through Good Equipment?

A mushroom farm’s overall profitability depends on many factors, including the equipment that’s used on it.

Selecting the right equipment can lead to increased profits thanks to more efficient (faster, less tiring) picking, for example, but also in many other ways.But how to select the right equipment and avoid some common mistakes? Here are the most important features that should be considered when making such a selection!

An Efficient Mushroom-picking Trolley is Essential

High-quality mushroom picking trolleys allow for higher harvesting efficiency per hour, which in turn means higher profits. How do they achieve such results? Automated movement of the platform (both up and down and left and right) thanks to remote control is key to more efficient picking. It’s a much faster, more reliable, and less tiring solution than having to manually turn a crank in order for the platform to move. What’re more, good lorries ensure easy picking from the top and bottom shelves of the shelving, which might otherwise be hard to reach, especially for shorter pickers.

Other features to look for when choosing this essential piece of mushroom farm’s equipment are optimal battery capacity and an automatic stoppage system, which will pause the movement of the trolley if it detects any obstacles in its path. Optimal battery capacity allows for a few days of continuous work and makes it, so the pickers don’t have to pause picking mid-shift in order for the trolley to charge.

Battery-powered Mushroom Scales are The Most Reliable

Mushroom scales have many versions, but it’s best to choose battery-powered models. Ones that use charging cables can easily get damaged, especially considering the harsh conditions present in mushroom-growing farms. Battery-powered scales are more reliable, and there’s no need for frequent battery replacements – they only need to be replaced once every few months. Other than durability (not only when it comes to high temperatures and humidity, but also punctures from knives and so on), precision should also be taken into consideration, as well as the presence of an adequately large screen.

The Lighting of Mushrooms has to be Durable

Proper lighting is yet another important component of a well-functioning mushroom-growing farm. Just any lighting won’t do. However – the aforementioned harsh conditions, such as high temperatures and humidity, are hard for lower-quality lamps to withstand for longer periods of time.

As such, mushroom-growing farms should be equipped with more durable lamps that meet the IP68 leakproofness condition. There are several types to choose from, depending on the circumstances, such as fluorescent lamps and LED lamps. Good equipment means, above all, smart solutions – both electrical (automated platform movement of the trolley, watering with one press of a button) and non-electrical (such as mushroom picking trolley doors that open inwards). Modern, well-made mushroom farm equipment can be purchased from reliable suppliers, such as GROW TIME.

Jeremy Edwards
Jeremy Edwards
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