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How to Choose the Right Games for You

Casino games come in various designs, colours, options, rules, bets, jackpots, and hundreds of other aspects. Therefore, this diversity makes your decision pretty tricky and confusing.


And on top of that, even if you make up your mind, then comes the challenge of choosing an online platform you can trust. It’s essential to get to know some simple rules that will help you along the way to make the right decision for you and your preferences. Ultimately, the goal is to have fun and enjoy your leisure time in the best way possible.

Get to Know Yourself

When deciding what makes you happy, first, you should get in touch with yourself and understand what you need, want and enjoy. This will give you a hint about which games will meet your requirements.

  • Slots are fast and dynamic, with simple rules, bets start from very low amounts, and there is an enormous variety. So, if you are looking for a game full of sounds and colours that doesn’t require a lot of practice and learning complex strategies and yet gives you a chance to win big by hitting the jackpot, try the slot machines.
  • Card Games – if you are more into deep thinking, calculations, mastering strategies, reading tips and best practices, then you are better suited for card games, where you can apply your strategic thinking and brainstorming. And if you find it interesting to explore the opponent’s behaviour, choose Poker, Blackjack, or Baccarat.
  • Live Games – nowadays, you can find all kinds of games you can play live, and we recommend this type if you enjoy human interaction and would rather play against actual human beings. Many players need to catch up on the social aspect of online casino games, and live games are a fantastic solution.
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Return to Player

Don’t underestimate the importance of this metric. Return to Player refers to the percentage you will receive back from what you initially funded in the game. Most of the best online casinos Canada┬áinclude this information on their website, so every player can get familiar with the odds and decide which game to choose. Your chances of winning are higher when the house edge is lower; less than 5% is a significant house edge that gives high hopes.

Minimum Bet

Before we discuss the minimum bet, let’s take a closer look at your budget. If you are willing to deposit high amounts, consider the chance of losing them. So never gamble with the money you need for routine daily bills, rent or food. By investing a lot of dollars, you probably are not worried about the size of your bets.

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But if you are on a tight budget, consider choosing games with a low bet. Check the minimum bet to calculate how much money you will invest in this game. As soon as you cross your limit, it’s advisable to stop playing and move to another game. Don’t try to win back what you have lost; this is the dangerous path of becoming addicted and in more considerable debt.

Choosing the Right casino

As we mentioned, choosing the right casino is as important as selecting a suitable game for you. The best Canadian casinos like Lucky Days Casino will offer you security for your data, encrypted connection, diverse games, safe payment methods, an extensive list of software providers and professional customer support 24/7. It’s a good idea to check online feedbacks and feedback from players with experience with online casinos.


The best casino game is the one it feels right for you. There is no recipe because it’s up to you and your preferences, desires and habits. But some aspects are beneficial for you to consider before making your choice – try a few types of games, so you can get to know them; test with the demo version without making deposits with real money; this way, you can learn the rules peacefully. There are many options. Take your time and enjoy the process. Happy gambling!

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