How to Bypass GamStop – Most and Working Methods

The GamStop self-restriction system does not allow those who have been banned themselves or by court order to play. The Casinos not blocked by GamStop allow you to register and play, even those who have been banned. And it is these citizens who are primarily interested in how to bypass the program and gain access to gambling and betting.

Why Bypass GamStop

The GamStop system was designed to be voluntary. The idea was that players who felt an excessive attraction to gambling would inform the service themselves if they wished to temporarily give up betting and slots. The casino, accepting the data, puts the guest’s name on the list, thus informing fellow players of such a desire as well. As a result, if, in the morning, the user suddenly decided that he had overreacted, he could no longer enter the room. According to the regulator’s decision, the self-lock can only be removed after a certain minimum period.

Not all the ideas of the authors of the program came true. According to casino executives, the decision to make the system fee-based and to add persons to the list of restrictions following complaints from relatives or colleagues was a mistake. Due to the sluggishness of the system, not only those who applied under the influence of a momentary impulse but also the unsubstantiated ones were blocked. Moreover, the blocking of GamStop affects all the projects connected to the system, which means that the list of available halls becomes very limited. This prompts the idea of trying to bypass the blocking.

How GamStop Works

In casinos that work with the GamStop system, verification is mandatory. But the same practice works in all licensed gambling halls. If a player is on the stop list, the casino has no right to give him access, but don’t expect the restriction to work at the moment of registration – in almost all casinos, and it takes several days to verify. He ends up registering, funding his account, and submitting documents for verification – and only after a couple of days, when the sport gets to his profile, will access be blocked.

How to Bypass GamStop - Most and Working Methods

In this case, the player will not always even be informed on what grounds his access is denied. It may turn out that by this time, a court decision has come into force, or the user has been recognized as a welfare beneficiary, and he will not be able to play for money for a long time.

One thing is certain – if one casino with the system GamStop received a denial of access, it is useless to register in the second similar with the same data. All projects are connected to the same database, and the last name will also be detected during ID checks.

Workable Methods of Circumventing the Self-limitation System

The first way is to register using someone else’s details. It makes sense if the person whose details are planned to enter the base is really close. Do not forget that the casino administration at any time may ask to verify again, and the verification format may even be in person – the system is constantly evolving and being finalized. Before withdrawing a large amount of support may ask to make a video call or send documents again. If the data of a complete stranger is entered, it will be difficult to pass the verification. Verification using someone else’s documents will not allow you to gamble in face-to-face rooms either – they are also obliged to check those who enter through the register.

How to Bypass GamStop - Most and Working Methods

An attempt to simply enter someone else’s details, too, will not work. If a casino does not require verification of a form, it means it does not have a license. And cooperation with such a casino is dangerous. The easiest way to bypass GamStop – is do not to play in the casinos that support the system. There are a lot of good projects without restrictions, and refusal to connect to the base does not affect the quality of the casino. Many well-known gambling brands have not deliberately become involved in this idea.

How to Choose a Casino Without GamStop

A gambling hall should have a license in any case. This is a guarantee of fair returns and observance of customers’ rights. It does not matter which authority issued the document – there are casinos without GamStop, even in the UK. You can also see a list of Malta casinos not on GamStop. Offshore halls have almost all abandoned these rules, although they do allow self-blocking at a particular site through its helpdesk. It’s also worth looking at the following:

  • The range of machines and providers;
  • The number of bonus programs and the chances of wagering on them;
  • The variety of slot mechanics and games;
  • The availability of a live format or BC within the casino;
  • The quality of the support team and the regularity of news updates;
  • Limits and timing of withdrawals.

If all the criteria meet your own wishes for a gambling hall, the absence of GamStop can be considered irrelevant. If you want to stop, you should only write to technical support to have a temporary ban imposed on your account. But in this case, you always have the right to register on another site and play, controlling the degree of your attachment to gambling on your own.

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Brett Shapiro
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