How Much is an iPhone 5s at Verizon? Find Out The Price Now!

how much is a iphone 5s at verizon

If you’re wondering about the cost of an iPhone 5s at Verizon, let me break it down for you. The price of an iPhone 5s at Verizon can vary depending on a few factors. Verizon offers different pricing options such as purchasing the device outright or opting for a monthly installment plan.

As for the specific price, it’s important to note that prices are subject to change and may differ based on any ongoing promotions or discounts. It’s always recommended to check directly with Verizon or their website for the most up-to-date pricing information.

When considering the cost of an iPhone 5s at Verizon, keep in mind that other variables like storage capacity and condition (new or refurbished) can also affect the overall price. So be sure to compare options and choose what suits your budget and needs best.

How Much is an iPhone 5s at Verizon

When it comes to the pricing of the iPhone 5s at Verizon, there are a few factors to consider. The cost of the device will depend on whether you choose to purchase it outright or opt for a monthly payment plan. Let’s dive into the details.

Outright Purchase

If you decide to buy the iPhone 5s outright from Verizon, you can expect to pay a fixed price for the device. As of my knowledge, the current price for an unlocked iPhone 5s starts at $149.99.

Monthly Payment Plan

Verizon also offers customers the option to purchase the iPhone 5s through their monthly payment plans. These plans allow you to spread out the cost of the device over a set period, typically ranging from 24 to 36 months.

The exact monthly payment amount will depend on various factors such as your credit score and selected plan. However, as an estimate, you can expect monthly payments starting around $6 per month with eligible trade-in and new line activation.

Contract vs. No-contract Options

Verizon provides both contract and no-contract options for purchasing devices like the iPhone 5s. With a contract plan, you may be able to get discounts or special offers on your phone upfront but will be committed to a specific term agreement.

On the other hand, choosing a no-contract option allows more flexibility as you are not bound by any long-term commitment or early termination fees. Keep in mind that prices may vary depending on whether you select a contract or no-contract option.

It’s essential to note that these prices are subject to change over time due to promotions or market fluctuations. It’s always best practice to check with Verizon directly or visit their website for up-to-date pricing information before making any purchasing decisions.

In conclusion, when considering how much an iPhone 5s costs at Verizon, it’s important to weigh your options between an outright purchase or a monthly payment plan. Prices can vary depending on whether you choose a contract or no-contract option. Be sure to research and compare the available deals and promotions to make an informed decision that aligns with your budget and needs.


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