Handicap: What is it in the World of Sports Betting?

Online entertainment, including sports betting, is a really popular pastime among many people.

Lots of bookmakers and online casinos, such as https://bettiltindia.in/, offer their users a wide selection of types of bets on various sports. At the same time, not everyone understands the intricacies of sports betting, terminology, and nuances. In particular, today, we want to talk about such a concept as “handicap.”

The term “handicap” has gained a lot of popularity in sports betting recently, but many players still do not fully understand what is at stake.

While this is a perfectly normal term, it will be with you throughout your journey as a player, so we want to help you understand it.

What is Disability?

In general, a handicap is nothing more than a difference that is applied to one of the teams even before the start of the competition.

With several options available, handicapping is a market where you can “wrongly” add or subtract goals to a certain match result.

This is done to create more attractive moments in games where, in theory, there is a greater imbalance between the two teams on the field.

So you can believe in this difference and offer a better handicap to your favorite team, or if you think that, in theory, a weaker team can balance it, offer a positive handicap.

There are generally two ways to apply to handicap, and knowing how to play these lines will be extremely helpful in controlling the risk of your bets. This ability to “play” the odds involved can increase your chances of winning.

Asian or European Handicap?

When we talk about handicaps, we have to consider that they have two different categories, almost like two “international” handicaps.

When it comes to these two types of flaws, the biggest difference lies in their complexity. The European Handicap is the most used and the simplest, while the Asian Handicap is a bit more complicated as it offers more alternatives.

Asian Handicap, unsurprisingly, originates from bookmakers further east and has become one of the most attractive betting markets in recent times.

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Despite some similarities, the truth is that the big difference between the European Handicap and the Asian Handicap is that in the Asian Handicap, you are not “stuck” on just two outcomes, losing or winning everything.

This Asian Handicap opportunity to win or lose only a fraction of your investment has proven to be a great alternative for players.

Therefore, it is important to note that the Asian Handicap works with decimals, which is extremely important to the profit you can make.

One of the Most Important Factors to Note is That There are Three Types of Lines in the Asian Handicap, namely:

  • Negative Lines
  • Zero Lines
  • Positive Lines

Because these types of lines are so different, we’ll explain why each one is important to your betting process and to avoid making the wrong assumptions.

negative lines

As you can see from the name, this is a way to use disadvantageous goals against your favorite team, and with a practical example, everything is easier.

zero lines

When we talk about zero lines, we are talking about the Asian zero handicap or draw handicap, which is very similar to the famous phrase “A draw voids the bet” that you are sure to find in bookmakers.

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This zero handicap means that in the event of a draw, your bet will be refunded, and you will only lose if the team you bet on loses.

positive lines

When it comes to positive lines, the thinking shifts completely to negative lines, and you add a lot of advantages to (usually) the weakest team on the field.

By betting on a positive +1 handicap line, you are giving a “theoretical advantage” of one goal to the team with a smaller advantage, which can help your bet.

One of the best ways to predict these types of lines is through statistical analysis. This is something that will definitely help you find some patterns related to a certain team or competition.


Sports betting is not always an easy field to explore, especially when you start to delve into areas that seem more complicated at first, such as handicapping.

Overall, you should take into account some very important aspects regarding the two disadvantages presented.

First, there are some differences between the two, and you should be aware of these details on different platforms.

Next, don’t forget that different handicaps bring different odds, and you need to know how to play them.

Last but not least, these are extremely attractive ways of trying to “balance the game,” and there are always surprises; otherwise sports betting would be an exact science.

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