Hackers who disrupted Apex Legends to complain about Titanfall issues ‘achieved nothing of value’

Over the weekend, Apex Legends players across the world experienced a major outage that disrupted gameplay on a number of platforms. It was eventually fixed, but not before the offending hackers made their way over to the Titanfall subreddit to complain about their Titanfall games not working. As it turns out, the hackers were completely wrong.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game that launched last week, and it was designed to be approachable to new players, despite its dark fantasy setting. Titanfall fans complained in the game’s forums that Apex didn’t include Titanfall’s traditional “best of three” battle royale mode, and it could be argued that the hackers who effectively took the game offline for several hours achieved nothing of value for the effort.

During the Independence Day weekend, Apex Legends players fell victim to a very specific hacking attack carried out by disgruntled players of the Titanfall online mode game. Playlist notifications have been replaced by an ad for the Save Titanfall site, which claims that Respawn Entertainment and EA are ignoring the piracy problem Titanfall.

While this attempt to draw attention to the problem with Respawn’s Other online shooter may have garnered sympathy, the hack also prevented Apex players from playing, which likely closed many hearts and minds to the problem. In addition, Ryan Rigney , director of communications at Respawn Entertainment, responded to thestunt by saying that the hack did little more than make developers work through the holidays to fix Apex.

I was holding my newborn baby in my arms when I discovered the Apex hack. I had to take it back, go to work and miss a day with my family.

The team has never stopped working on solutions to combat DDoS, and fraud prevention is just a never-ending whack-a-mole war. As for DDoS, we will solve this problem. If we do, I promise you it won’t be because hackers are cornering us and ruining the holidays. They have achieved nothing of value.

Rigney also reported previous recognition problems Titanfall. Awareness is not the problem. The problem with DDoSing in particular is that it is difficult to solve. Very difficult, he writes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Apex legends hacked right now?

Apex Legends is not hacked right now.

Did apex fix the hack?

Apex fixed the hack.

Why does apex say save titanfall?

Apex is a third-party app that allows you to save your progress in games.

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