Guild Wars 2’s Flashpoint is free as players welcome WoW refugees and debate End of Dragons

Guild Wars 2’s Flashpoint was recently released as a free-to-play event, offering players a chance to try the latest PvE content in the game. The Flashpoint serves as a way for new players and veterans alike to explore the world of Tyria in a new way, with new locations, new enemies, and new bosses to fight. While many players have enjoyed the event, the community has also been discussing the future of the game’s PvE content, with some even wondering if the game even needs a full release after the upcoming Dragon’s Guild update.

Guild Wars 2’s Flashpoint is free as players welcome WoW refugees and debate End of Dragons


Guild Wars 2 is one of the MMOs that stands ready to welcome you in with open arms if you need a vacation from the latest Blizzard debacle. It has been unlocking previous live narrative episodes for free during the spring and summer so that players who missed out may give them a try and veterans can play them again to earn new accomplishments and legendary parts. Season 3 episode 5 Flashpoint is this week’s freebie, and it takes players to the Draconis Mons zone, which is yet another of the living world’s most intriguing landscapes.

Existing gamers on Reddit have been discussing the quality of the End of Dragons announcement for the last several days. While the sentiment on the sub was first hostile, gamers are now claiming that the EOD was more daring than previous expansion reveals, showing confidence in ArenaNet’s ability to take something pretty commonplace in MMOs and make it much better. One highly upvoted post states, “The reason gliding/mounts are so adored today is because Anet took a dull feature from other MMOs and made it fucking amazing.”

In any case, it’s an exciting moment to be a WoW refugee in Guild Wars 2, and those refugees aren’t shy about expressing their excitement. One newcomer said this morning, “If only I’d spent the past ten years here instead of [World of Warcraft].” “From the outside, it seems that [ArenaNet] is unappreciative of what they have.” Damn.

Finally, GW2 dataminer @that shaman informed us that the game’s 32bit version is set to be removed at the end of August.


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