Guild Wars 2 offers Rising Flames for free, previews next week’s legendary armory launch

We’ve already revealed the next Guild Wars 2 Legendary Weapon, the Avalanche, which will be free to all players on June 20th. To be honest it’s a bit of an anticlimax since we promised something more exciting, and, well, it’s an online game. But there’s still the matter of the new Champion of Flame, which will launch alongside the legendary armory on June 26th.

The free weekend event for Guild Wars 2’s newest expansion has been extended for one more day, and you can get your hands on the next legendary weapon if you haven’t yet. If you’re not a subscriber, you can still pick up the free weapon (which is called “Rising Flames”) for the next 24 hours from the event page.

ArenaNet today announced a new way for Guild Wars 2 players to get an early taste of the next legendary armors they’re going to play with when Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns is released early next year. The “Rising Flames” update introduces a new item to the game: the Flameseeker Prophecies rare Legendary Skin and the Flameseeker’s Decoration furnishings.

Guild Wars 2 – Fans are still reeling from the revelation that End of Dragons has been delayed until next year and that Colin Johansson has taken the creative helm, but ArenaNet has no intention of holding up the game’s release this summer. Today, for example, the third episode of Season 2 is available again, and players can pick up Rising Flames for free if they haven’t already, as well as play the new achievements.

But veterans will want to check out the game’s latest developer blog, which reports that Legendary Arsenal will release next week, on July 13. Your entire team of impeccably dressed level 80 characters will have free and easy access to unlocked legendary weapons, armor, back items, trinkets, runes and sigils – without breaking the bank, the studio promises.

ArenaNet says that after the release of the patch, all legendary items linked to your account will be transferred to the Legendary Armory for free, while unlinked legendary items will remain in your inventory. Once your material is imported, all your eligible toons can use it.

Each piece of equipment in your legendary arsenal is treated as a unique item, just like in your inventory. If you want to customize your equipment template by placing the legendary sword Bolt in two weapon slots, you must obtain two copies of Bolt and link them together. The maximum number of copies of an item in your legendary arsenal is determined by the number of equipment slots it can occupy. This restriction exists so you don’t have to worry about accidentally unlocking more copies of a particular legend than you can equip. Since a character cannot own more than four swords at once, your legendary armory will contain up to four copies of Bolt and up to four copies of The Shining Blade. There is only room for two sticks in the equipment model, so your legendary arsenal will include a maximum of two copies of Bifrost and two copies of Nevermore.

Yes, and for those who have multiple copies of the same legend? ArenaNet plans to work with you to solve your infinite wealth problem.

The team is also reworking other legendary mechanics: Cooldowns for legendary items no longer need to be disabled, certain legendary items get a visual effect switch, it becomes easier to switch equipment and make models, and unlocking legendary items is even better: By linking a caption to your account, you can get more information about the type, origin or previous owners of your item.

ViewAs we inch closer to the start of the next expansion, and the release of the legendary armors, ArenaNet is announcing another way to try the game out for free: the “Rising Flames” campaign. Starting Tuesday, July 25th and running until launch day, players will have up to three days of free access to the game, including access to all current and future content (including the legendary armors). This introductory period will be followed by a free trial for the expansion, which will be continuous and available for the remainder of the month.. Read more about guild wars 2 free expansion and let us know what you think.

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